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Posted in: Should Japan have its own nuclear weapons as a deterrent against security threats? See in context

Yes and no. No first. The 1960 security treaty between Japan and U.S. in which U.S. commits to guaranteeing the defense of Japan means it does not need its own nuclear weapons. Also, if Japan makes nuclear weapons, South Korea would likely follow. But yes, if this guarantee is ever removed or reduced. But I don't think U.S. would ever do that, because that would start a nuclear arms race in East Asia.

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Posted in: Japan to watch WHO probe of director's alleged racism, abuse See in context

Having had worked for a U.N. agency, I can say that this kind of behavior is not uncommon. Rarely does anyone in top management position get disciplined or fired for their bad behavior - unless there is enough media coverage and public outcry.

And even then it could take a long time to actually do something. In part because everything has to be investigated thoroughly - or at least appear so. And opportunity given to staff to revise their recollection in case they want to continue to have a career in the U.N.

I would not be surprised if Dr Kasai lands a cushy post elsewhere within the UN system or Japanese government.

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Posted in: Studio Ghibli theme park to open in Japan in November See in context


Yet another thing to add to my ever growing bucket list :D

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Posted in: The crisis of super-aging – how can Japanese society cope? See in context

The answer, I think, is quite obvious; but society and government do not want to face reality. Recently I read about Germany planning to attract more skilled foreign workers. They are realists and therefore will probably see economic benefits. Too bad Japan is not more like them :(

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Posted in: China's Xi rejects 'Cold War mentality,' pushes cooperation See in context

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” ― Maya Angelou

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Posted in: Hong Kong police switch to goose-stepping 'to show patriotism' See in context

Well that didn't take long. And people wonder why Taiwan doesn't want anything to do with the so-call "One country, two systems" BS. @Mat ... Same. :(

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Posted in: Hong Kong to create more national security crimes See in context


Good bye, HK. :(

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Posted in: Djokovic admits 'errors' in urgent fight to avoid deportation See in context

@ian ... I think only the U.S. does this. Many years ago I flew from U.K. to U.S., and had to go through U.S. immigration at Heathrow - if I remember correctly - and then again once at JFK. It was super weird.

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Posted in: Australian judge overturns Djokovic's visa cancelation See in context

@Stewie ... Exactly. Border Force screwed up by jumping the gun. I wonder why they did, though? They couldn't have waited a few more minutes?

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Posted in: Baldwin says he is complying with 'Rust' shooting investigation See in context

@ulysses ... What about criminal negligence? I think a strong case can be made for that, no?

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Posted in: Mask mandates imposed by governments and employers: Persecution or protection? See in context

@Addfwyn ... I think you're right. It's all about money. Just look at CDC in the U.S. They changed their isolation rules from 10 to 5 days to appease businesses (who are the real bosses of the country).

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Posted in: Sony to launch firm to explore making electric cars See in context

@OssanAmerica ... Just not with a French company. Look at how that turned out. :D

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Posted in: Do you think the world will be rid of COVID and all its variants this year? See in context

The best case scenario we can hope for is that C-19 becomes like the flu - seasonal, highly contagious, but not so deadly. And annual vaccinations should be enough for most of us. But I think we are still a long way off from that. Probably we should worry more about what the next virulent global pandemic will be and when. :(

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Posted in: How A.D. and C.E. took over counting years See in context

Yes, CE is basically AD with a yellow sticky note. But, come on, we need a common system and this one serves its purpose. Otherwise it would be too confusing if everyone just used their own calendar exclusively. Just imagine the world using dozens of different measurement systems because someone doesn't like the fact that the French came up with it first.

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Posted in: U.S. Senate confirms Emanuel as envoy to Japan See in context

The sad reality is that most countries use political appointees. People are selected not because of their particular diplomatic or cultural skills, but rather for their political connections. Just look at the recent past five appointees going back to 2000. None of them were trained diplomats prior to becoming ambassadors. But they all had political connections.

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Posted in: Australia will not send officials to Beijing Olympics: PM See in context

Kudos, Australia. Thank you.

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Posted in: Anime tie-up with Japanese onsen town causes public outcry See in context

The asinine twitter war aside, using these particular anime characters to promote onzens just gives off an unsettling vibe for me. Gross.

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Posted in: Would you support airlines refusing to admit passengers unless they have proof of COVID-19 vaccination or immunity, as a condition for international travel? See in context

Airlines will likely not have a choice - they will likely be required by international law to refuse passengers who are not vaccinated. This is already the case for many communicable diseases - e.g. TB, Yellow Fever, etc. - when coming or going from certain countries. Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Certificate_of_Vaccination_or_Prophylaxis

Up until 2020, I used to do a lot of traveling for both work and leisure. If you're coming into Japan from certain African countries or are traveling to those places from Japan, you need to show a vaccination certificate to be allowed to board. That's not the airline's policy - that's international law.

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Posted in: What is the safest way to get some exercise without exposing yourself to the danger of being infected with the coronavirus or infecting others, in case you unknowingly have it? See in context

These are pretty good ...



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Posted in: 78% think 1-year delay of Olympics appropriate: poll See in context

@1glenn ... Also, it seems hosting the Olympic Games has no long-term positive economic impact, and can actually have a negative impact. Maybe just cancel it altogether.

Source: https://www.cfr.org/backgrounder/economics-hosting-olympic-games

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Posted in: Japanese airlines could see ¥1 tril revenue fall on virus pandemic See in context

@Tom ... It's normally discouraged in large businesses to hold on to cash, because it's seen as wasteful and a missed opportunity to not use that money to make more money or to reward shareholders. Thus senior management and board members are incentivized to not hold on to cash. For example, a large majority of JAL shareholders are individuals (43%) and foreign companies (24%). Like with other major airlines, JAL has been spending a lot of its annual profits to buy back shares.

Source: https://www.jal.com/en/csr/report/pdf/index_2014_20.pdf

Source: https://www.jal.com/en/investor/library/results_briefing/pdf/fy2019q2_1031en_detail.pdf

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Posted in: Diamond Princess quarantine critic says Tokyo Olympics should be halted See in context

This doctor is just an infectious disease expert. What does he know. (Sarcasm)

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Posted in: COVID-19 and beyond: World 'nowhere near' ready, expert says See in context

@quercetum ... What about the principle of Occam's Razor? All the past coronaviruses (e.g. MERS, SARS) came from animals, so the simplest explanation for COVID-19 is that it also came from animal transmission to human.

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Posted in: BOJ ramps up risky asset buying, doubles pace of ETF, J-REIT purchases See in context

@wtfjapan ... Yup. This move by the Feds will put pressure on the Yen to increase in value. So BOJ will likely have to do something to devalue the Yen to counteract the American effect. But I just don't know how much else BOJ can do - I think they have just about done everything that they could already. Combined with greatly reduced tourism, a greatly reduced export due to a strong Yen is going to result in a lot of economic pain for everyone. :(

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Posted in: Postponing Olympics may be good for Japan's economy See in context

Here's a thought: Postponing will be good for the economy because, you know, people will actually turn up for the Olympics instead of staying away. And also fewer sick or dead people.

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Posted in: Smartphones also spreading coronavirus? Oh no -- say it isn't so See in context

Too much paranoia. There are literally tens and hundreds of thousands more people dying every year from many other things, including car accidents, smoking, obesity, etc.

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Posted in: If you live in Japan, have you been going out to your local restaurants and shopping as often as you usually do to try and help those businesses get through the coronavirus crisis? See in context

I'll change my habits when there's a zombie outbreak like in World War Z. :D

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Posted in: Tokyo Marathon limited to elite runners over virus fears See in context

Could this be a sign of what's to come with the Olympics? In other words, even if it is not cancelled, only a few athletes and even fewer spectators show up.

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Posted in: Japan announces basic policy to fight spread of coronavirus See in context

From the Atlantic magazine ... https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/02/covid-vaccine/607000/

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Posted in: Japan's hay fever season to start early due to warm winter See in context

@limosine ... I've seen a doctor in India do this in a Netflix documentary (face palm).

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