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KB Gardener comments

Posted in: Music industry begins global Friday release of new albums See in context

@Strangerland--No, that means that Japan (as well as all of Asia and Oceania) will get the releases of new international albums or singles first as the new day always starts at the International Date Line.

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Posted in: Are pop songs dumb? Study offers evidence See in context

I'd love to see the results for anything written by Donald Fagen.

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Posted in: The 10 best anime of the fall season, according to Japanese otaku See in context

Glad to see Sword Art Online 2on the list. I just started watching this series in the last week and I have fallen in love with it! I'm even good with the switch, now that I'm three episodes into the second arc. I can't wait to catch up to SAO 2.

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Posted in: The top 10 anime that people in Japan never tire of watching See in context

Continuing the theme, where is Clannad, Clannad After Story, Summer Wars, Rahxephon, Please Teacher!, You're Under Arrest!, and perhaps the best of the short list I have, Euerka Seven.

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Posted in: Hundreds of mascots face chop with finance ministry budget cuts See in context


I wonder how mascots will be evaluated. Will they have to take a test? ... Maybe they could run a "Japanese Idol" contest on TV and have people vote out the mascots they don't recognize.

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Posted in: Zushi beach ban on alcohol, loud music goes into effect See in context

YongYang, you seem to be missing the point that zichi is making. While it is true you said:

The guys who want to have a day at the beach, do beach things, no problem; enjoy your stay... you followed that with this:

BUT not those you wish to see impose on others with their 'steam release', in a young American male way, let them do that in... America, ie (sic)on base!

you also said the following:

give them a magaznine (sic) and keep 'em on base. Best place for that kind of 'steam'. Out in wider communities? No thanks

and as an adult you ask as to why military personal, young males, with that intent, should be kept away from everday (sic) communities? Really? YOU amaze. Where again and again and again they have proven themselves unable to behave

It has been pointed out already that you are stereotyping all American servicemen by the actions of a few. I have a feeling you would be pleased if they were further restricted--maybe even to the point of their no longer being stationed in your country. that's how prejudiced you seem to this American observing from here in Oklahoma.

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Posted in: Nurse's body was sent from Osaka to Tokyo in package marked 'doll' See in context

Amidalism, I would imagine the police are holding that information back for a reason. It probably has to do with their investigation.

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Posted in: M4.9 quake jolts Kanto area; no tsunami alert issued See in context

I hope and pray that everyone in the affected area is safe.

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