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Again, why report individual daily cases at this point. We don't do that for any other disease.

Many countries are only reporting actual hospitalised patients and ICU numbers. These are the metrics we should focus on. If those numbers are increasing dramatically then we should do something.

People in actual hospital beds, not anyone that's simply gone to the doctors nor someone staying in a hotel. Actually ill patients.

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Don't know why people are still focusing on case numbers. Australia has shifted focus to hospitalisations (Real ones, where people are inpatient and staying in hospital. Not calling every case a hospitalisation because someone saw a doctor once)

Some states in Australia have 50k active cases, but only 200 in hospital. Meaning for the vast majority of people it's not an issue.

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Why are there still doomers constantly scared of this? Can we not do like every other country is doing and learn to live with this. How long must we go on with this constant talk of imminent healthcare collapse and people dropping dead in the streets. Seems like people just get off on this fear.

It's not going anywhere. We can't just sit in our houses forever.

Yes take precautions and if you're someone that may be more susceptible or if you live with someone that could be more susceptible then take extra precautions. But don't expect everyone to put their lives on hold for a disease that has a 0.4% death rate in Japan (from Worldometers covid numbers)

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I'll patiently wait a few more days to see if I get my 4 tickets. Still looking forward to the event.

Wait for this to get downvoted into oblivion.

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I would have thought the larger stadiums with capacities of 40-70k would have allowed more spectators to attend with them being large outdoor venues with decent airflow.

Still hoping to be able to attend, I have 4 tickets.

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The numbers are getting better - everyone believes the government is manipulating the numbers.

The numbers are getting worse - they must be correct, everyone blames the government.

People will never be happy.

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The fearmongers would have you believe that every single athlete arriving in Japan has covid.

Can people just chill out for a second?

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@Zoroto If you read it, they're referring to the two sites administering 15,000 shots. Not nationally. There will still be other places for vaccines.

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@Kaerimashita Is this the same Cuomo that sent positive Covid patients into nursing homes, lied about the actual number of nursing home deaths and profited on book sales while being fully responsible for thousands of nursing home deaths?

Really good leader.

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Looking at the comments I must be the only person looking forward to the Olympics. If there's a solid testing protocol for athletes and staff it should be a safely run event.

Or we can all just cower in our homes for the next 2 years like some people here would like.

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I seriously don't understand some of the complaints here.

You say it's unsafe that athletes are travelling to Japan. Then you say it's bad that athletes are getting vaccines prioritised.

Surely having international athletes vaccinated prior to travelling would be something that everyone can agree on but people here just love to complain.

It seems like none of you will be happy until the Olympics are cancelled, Suga is gone and people are forced to remain in their homes for the next year and cower to coronavirus.

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