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Posted in: Taste for luxuries suggests Japan's tax rise hangover fading See in context

All the people I know have a hard time to make ends meetAnd yes they are having jobs and familyNot one has a salery invrease to make up for theSales tax aloneWhat I am concerned I go better do something otherwise it over and outIn this nice land for me at leastWhen paper money becomes no more than a sheet of foodstamps!

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Posted in: Nightmarish scenarios of the coming financial collapse See in context

Will make sure that my daughter chooses a different university

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Posted in: Firms plan to build floating wind farm off Fukushima coast See in context

5 kilowatt a household

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Posted in: Harley-Davidson Japan See in context

The HD are great bikes. Just hate to pay 2x the retail. (US) in japan I was told in an official HD shop You pay for the image ..... Guess it is for special customers only who are.....

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Posted in: Parents arrested over death of 7-year-old son See in context

****What is the ultimate penalty here for

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Posted in: Japanese women, fans savor World Cup win See in context

****A shame that none of the so called movers and shakers were attending the final. 1,000,000. Yen for each player is an insult to injury, all of them deserve a great deal more

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Posted in: Man attempts to withdraw money with dead woman's bank card See in context

****He is an honest murderer

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Posted in: Kyocera starts operation of 230kW solar power generating system at Fukushima plant See in context

****Go kyocera Go All new constructions should be fitted with solar power by law

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