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Posted in: Tatami rooms don't agree with G-8 visitors See in context

Keep in mind that the people we're talking about are NOT tourists, they're government officials here on business. While most of them probably want to take in a few sights while they're here, I'm not terribly surprised that they want comfortable sleeping arrangements, and for them, sleeping on the floor does not qualify.

They're not here to camp, or to rough it (and for many of them, sleeping on a floor of woven straw falls into that category). They're here for an international summit.

For me, while I no longer mind sleeping on the ground, I still have a hard time spending my time sitting on the ground. I imagine that the lack of chairs and desks in tatami rooms is a big part of the problem, since many of these people probably have work to do in their rooms, and expecting everybody to be okay with just working on the floor does not seem realistic to me.

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Posted in: 25-year-old wife arrested for selling nude photos of herself See in context

Given that it's illegal in Japan to sell nude, uncensored pictures and video, even to adults, that would seem likely to be the law being broken here.

(For those who don't know, all pornography in Japan applies a blurring or pixellating effect to the genitals of both men and women, so they are not clearly visible. Pictures and video that are not censored in this way cannot be legally sold in Japan)

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Posted in: Beware those 'zero-calorie' labels See in context

I think this article is also being pretty disingenuous.

As Aziraphale and others have mentioned, if you understand the labelling, and read the fine print, there ARE diet beverages and other products that provide major cuts in calories and/or fat.

Yes, a lot of "Calorie Off" products are still pretty high calorie (sports drinks being a good example). And true, the "Zero" calorie drinks have more than zero calories.

But a Pepsi Zero still has about 1% of the 200 or so calories in a regular 500ml Pepsi. That's pretty significant in my book. Sure, it doesn't mean that Pepsi Zero is "healthy", but if you're somebody (like me) who craves sweet drinks and used to take in a HUGE number of calories from them, and who finds it hard to be satisfied for more than a day or two on water, green tea, or other healthier low-cal alternatives, replacing a 200 calorie drink with a 2 calorie drink seems desirable to me.

If there's some OTHER reason that I shouldn't be drinking Pepsi Zero or Coke Zero let me know, but the fact that the calorie count is actually very slightly more than zero is not much of an argument.

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