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Posted in: Shimada's retirement much ado about nothing See in context

I am a Shinsuke fan. I hope he takes up politics. He could do better than Higashikokubaru.

Well, he is a great talker, and a very wit and quick-minded one too. I have also appreciated his knowledge of things but as many said here he basically based his jokes on humiliating others which is not right. Higashikokubaru, indeed is a complete clown and Shisuke would obviously do better in politics with his shady political games experience, but don't think he would eventually do any good

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Posted in: Hugh Grant on relationships, cheating and the art of lazy acting See in context

Keith Richards was once asked in an interview -

We hear you have a drugs problem again? I don't have a problem with drugs. I can afford them.

Same goes for Hugh - he can afford being lazy and actually saying whatever he wants. Personally, I like the guy.

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Posted in: For you personally, what changes would you like to see the new DPJ government bring about in Japan? See in context

Higher speed limits (80 km on highways is ridiculous!), dual citizenship

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Posted in: Subaru pulls out of World Rally Championship See in context

What they did not mention are the new rules for 2010.

Wanderlast is right, money was not the only reason for them to pull out. Another point worth mentioning is that Prodrive hasn't been able to deliver any satisfying results for almost 4 years

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