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kdotson1965 comments

Posted in: Why doesn’t the U.S. adopt the metric system? See in context

Being an American myself the answer is very obvious - the average age of Congress is so far above the median that they do not want to see any change from how things were when they were children - see Roe vv Wade & the other backwards steps they have forced upon us. I actually had a conversation a few days ago about this very thing with a friend of mine.

It is unfortunate that logic and reason has left this country in favor of self-serving & greed. One would think that the field of Science would be universal in how it operates, yet several years ago in a joint US & UK Mars lander mission that was an epic failure simply due to the US doing everything in our standard calculations while the UK used metric - the multi-billion-dollar failure made history.

But this is just my opinion.

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Posted in: Japan torn over whether to test all on cruise ship for coronavirus See in context

Everyone should be aware of the complications surrounding this sort of decision. It seems like every couple of days they discover another two dozen or more infected on the ship. Having 3,700 people in such close quarters may actually be helping the virus to spread; maybe not as quickly and efficiently as on a plane, but there is going to be contact regardless of the precautions taken. Even here in the States people are being quarantined in camps to limit the spread - we have been lucky so far and have very few confirmed cases in just a few states. So remember it is easy to yell from the sidelines crying foul when you do not have the full picture available. We should do what we can to assist and support not only the victims, but the ones looking after them and the ones that have to make the difficult decisions that will affect their lives both for the short term and long term.

Do not forget the price that the doctor that reported the danger from China and the price he finally paid for his honesty and forth rightness of action to warn everyone.

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Posted in: Human-hunting film set for release after Trump 'racist' row See in context


if it causes the POTUS cry-baby to get his panties in a twist - I am wiling to give it a shot.

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Posted in: Were foreign visitors' wild brawls at Shinjuku's Golden Gai a taste of the Olympics to come? See in context

During my two brief stays in Tokyo while on vacation (each two weeks) I only met maybe five foreigners (fellow Americans, etc.), but knowing how out of control people get here I would expect the worst and pray to the ancestors for the best. Fortunately these will not be college basketball fans that have been know to turn cars over, put a sofa out front of their home and ignite it (and the overturned cars sometimes). Things have changed here a great deal in a very short time and it seems to be getting worse every year.

We can hope that the people that will journey there will be of a more "grown-up" group that what we normally get for regular sporting events.

Just a few rambling thoughts from an atypical American

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Posted in: U.S. upset by ASEAN's 'effort to embarrass' Trump via partial boycott See in context

Being a concerned and I think responsible American citizen; I feel it is time for Donny J to get over himself; put on his big boy pants and act like an adult instead of a belligerent, spoiled, self serving 10 year old and stop his temper tantrums. The world does not revolve around the office of the President or any other government entity.

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Posted in: Main buildings of castle at World Heritage site in Okinawa destroyed by predawn fire See in context

I am no expert, but for it to have burned so hot, spread so fast, and burn for so long; I will be very surprised if it is ruled an accident instead of arson. I too am saddened by it loss, this is a place I very much have liked to visit on my next trip to Japan.

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Posted in: Singer Ayumi Hamasaki criticized by fans for 'inappropriate' Instagram picture See in context

Make that BEING YOU

small keyboard on phone and large fingers

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Posted in: Singer Ayumi Hamasaki criticized by fans for 'inappropriate' Instagram picture See in context

Its nice and refreshing to see that my favorite artist is still human and knows how to have a little fun. Makes her that much more worthy of my admiration for her. KEEP BEONG YOU!!!!! We need more people like Ayumisan to keep us properly grounded.

Ken Dotson

USA Fan for life

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Posted in: American man gets 8 years for killing, dismembering body of woman See in context

8 years is an insult to the girl and her family; a local would be looking at life or death. If any murder case warrent killing the offender it is one like this. Being a foreigner should not grant an animal any sort of special consideration within a civilized country.

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Posted in: Big Mac sauce now comes in a jar from McDonald’s Japan See in context

Try Thousand Island Salad Dressing - same thing and much less expensive

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Posted in: Hiroshima woos tourists with Google-style street view... for cats See in context

I think that this is very cool - the only thing that would make it more interesting would be to put collar cams on a few free roaming cats to get the real cat's eye view of things. You could even offer some real time broadcasts like they do with the traffic cams.

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Posted in: Sept 1 sees more teen suicides than any other day See in context

Very sad statistics, but I have to wonder if the somewhat lower rates are more indicative of the overall declining population figures. I can relate to those kids as I too was not one of the popular kids throughout school and even into college. Another important thing for parents to watch for is a child that starts to isolate themselves from friends and others - especially if they say they are studying but their grades either do not change or decline.

The signs of depression can be very hard to spot as those of us that suffer from it become experts at showing a false face to those around us, and it is one of the most difficult things to do when it comes to reaching out to someone, no matter how close you are to them. There are experiences from my life that no one in my family is aware of even now, and I had my first diagnosis of extreme depression 30 years ago, and it went untreated for many years both before and after that.

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Posted in: 3 Indians get 20 years in jail for raping Japanese student See in context

Finally something good coming to the forefront - but I think those that aided the animals should get more than a slap on the wrist.

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Posted in: Mindfulness therapy as good as medication for chronic depression See in context

I can testify from personal experience that this method does not work for everyone. For those like myself you can spiral into a heavy depression with little or no warning, and when this happens there are no coping skills that can help you - all you can do is try and ride it out not unlike a small ship in a big storm. And, if you have never been there, you really cannot understand it

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Posted in: Hayashi countermands Okinawa governor's halt order on base work See in context

You need to read the passage again

"The drilling was stopped for environmental reasons, so it makes sense for Hayashi to act."

The drilling was stopped for Political reason, nothing more

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Posted in: Youth gets 5-9 years in prison for killing Mie schoolgirl See in context

I agree with the girl's father, 5-9 years is not a jail sentence for this serious of a crime. Either life or execution would be fair.

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Posted in: Parents of schoolboy liable for Y15 million after wayward soccer ball leads to man’s death See in context

I think that this quote says it all:

but it would certainly seem that the liability ought to fall on whoever decided to put a soccer goal right in front of a school entrance gate.

And here I thought that only American courts were this messed up

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Posted in: YouTube prankster on the run after police issue arrest warrant See in context

IT will be very interesting when reality hits him full in the face and he faces charges as an adult

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Posted in: Frequent flyer programs revamped to drive profits in tough times for airlines See in context

"Beset by low air fares and relentless competition, airlines around the world are waking up to the value of their frequent flyer programs and realising they can boost profits as well as brand profile."

I do not understand this - all the airlines have done for the past several years is raise prices and add on more surcharges while cutting flights. What year was this supposed to have been researched?

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Posted in: Kerry demands whoever shot down MH17 be brought to justice See in context

I am sure that Putin and his party are fully aware of exactly who is responsible, but I think it unlikely that the rest of the world will ever know.

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Posted in: Get the most out of your visit to Japan with these tourist-only deals See in context

Very nice and useful information - I wish I had know this for my first visit. Can anyone provide other links to things that might show-off more of Japanese Culture?

I am returning to Japan in mid-September this year, but I just have not settled on where I want to go yet. I am thinking possibly Osaka or Kyoto this time

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Posted in: Sasebo girl says she wanted to see what it was like to kill someone See in context

Can you say sociopath?

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Posted in: U.N. calls for immediate truce as Gaza death toll tops 500 See in context

Due to the Hamas Terrorists being cowards they use innocent people as shields for their weapon caches and launch sites - choosing schools and hospitals seems to be a favorite tactic of theirs. Israel knew this going in and has issued warning for the innocents to vacate the area, Hamas is preventing many of them from seeking safety. So the real cause of the innocent deaths are at the hands of their own leaders - the cowardly Hamas are little more than a pack of rabid dogs.

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Posted in: Global anger intensifies over downed Malaysia Airlines jet See in context

AN interesting statement "The shooting down of civilian aircraft is extremely rare, and if proved the case, the downing of the MH17 would be one of the deadliest yet." I do not think that there is anyone that has any doubt that the plane was shot down.

I also think that Putin should be held accountable as it was his decision to invade and cause the troubles in the Ukraine and he should be treated as any other war criminal - he is proving to be no better than Hitler by allowing for this attack on innocents.

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Posted in: 7-year-old Japanese girl mauled by 4 dogs in New Zealand See in context

I have two rather simple questions for the Authorties

"Police said the dogs were put down and they were considering laying charges.

Local Government Minister Paula Bennett said authorities would look at tightening dog control laws in the wake of the attack."

Considering Charges?? It is clear to anyone with a minimum of common sense that the animals' owner did not have them properly restrained and should face the full weight of the law and be responsible for the child's rehabilitation and additional damages to the family.

The Minister saying that authorities would look at tightening controls - is a cop out and shows zero initiative or any concern about what has happened.

In my city we have ordinances about dangerous animals - ie: any large and dangerous dog. Most of these type of animals were bred for aggression and fighting ability, not as cuddly pets for people - they exist to kill or maim and little else

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Posted in: Snowman milk mugs See in context

Very Kawaii I wonder if they would ship to the states

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Posted in: Magazine’s checklist for ideal girl has whopping 23 points See in context

OK - I can see a few matches to my ideal girl - I also like long hair on a girl, and think that Asian women have a nice, even intoxicating scent; but lets get real for a moment. If this is your ideal girl guidelines - get a robot!! I have told friends of mine that I compare women to Ayumi to get the perfect girl, but this is based on how I "Think" she might be, not on anything that is real. Everyone wants the perfect partner, but let remember that it would get very boring if that partner met every single tag you set for them, there would be no surprises, no mystery, nothing to discover about them.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber charged with assault in Toronto; White House to consider deporting him See in context

WOOO WHOO!!! Deport, burn his passport and ban him from the civilized world!!

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Posted in: Food in the sky? Highrise farming idea gains ground See in context

The man is indeed a true visionary - his concepts could also easily translate to Space Station Freedom with little change - at least once it is finished and can actually create a sustainable gravity well of its own

I would love to live in such a building

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Posted in: Woman gets 8 years for fatally beating 11-yr-old daughter with golf club See in context

EIGHT YEARS - How about life, hanging and/or sterilizing her so that she cannot have any more children

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