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Posted in: Snowden sees no chance for fair trial in U.S. See in context

Personally I think that he should be charged with Treason and placed in a deep, dark hole someplace

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Posted in: ANA apologizes over racial stereotyping in new TV commercial See in context

Come on people - get a grip Being an American of European decent - I think that they hit the typical Surfer Dude perfectly. This is a very humorous commercial. Some people just take things too seriously and just need to lighten up. I say Go ANA!!

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Posted in: Ohio killer takes 25 minutes to die with new drug cocktail See in context

Personally I would skip the sedative and make the punishment fit the crime - let him suffer as much as possible while his light is extinguished. His victims and their families were given no consideration by this animal.

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Posted in: Drugs found at Bieber's home after egg-attack raid See in context

Bieber just keeps skating along - yet another case of money buying someone out of trouble. When will celebs learn that they are no better, and in many cases much worse than everyone else. He punk ass should be thrown in a real jail for a month or two to teach him some manners and respect.

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Posted in: Missing 12-year-old girl turns up in restaurant car park See in context

Here in the states it is common to file a missing person report on an Adult after 48 hours, but a child - never - as soon as they are noticed missing (regardless of the time) an Amber Alert (Missing child alert) is put out on the news line and every other public media. Why did the parents wait so long to report their little girl as missing. That is just crazy

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Posted in: Anger in New Zealand at 'close your legs' rape defense See in context

I am in favor of surgical sterilization of both the rapist and his lawyer followed by being treated just like the victim was

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Posted in: Female station attendant subdues violent passenger with judo throw See in context

Awesome in the extreme - congrats to the young lady!!

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Posted in: Couple injured after body cooling spray ignites in car See in context

More proof that you cannot teach common sense to people

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Posted in: Burger King's answer to summer heat: copious amounts of meat and garlic See in context

I wish we had these two options here in the US

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Posted in: In era of gridlock, Congress 'creates a monster' See in context

Sadly being from Kentucky as is Mitch - I have to say that he is full of crap

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Posted in: This is how the revolution will start in Japan - with 'Good morning' See in context

Thank you - we tend to forget too easily about the wisdom that is supposed to come with age

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Posted in: Man gets 12 years for starving baby son to death See in context

They should both get life in my opinion

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Posted in: Obama's bow to emperor causes outrage in Washington See in context

I would like to know why so many people are getting so bent out of shape for Obama showing respect to another country's leader - get a life people

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Posted in: Why don't Japanese speak English better than they do? See in context

I would like to add that the few Japanese that I personally know actually have better English than many of the Americans that I know.

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