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Posted in: Japan pledges $14 bil in aid to Africa over 5 years See in context

Japan's support is different from other countries. Japan would like to guarantee the safety instead of sending a technician. It does not issue immigrant from Japan. I inherit it teach the technology of Japan, in the country. It is intended to determine the coexistence. With the exception of Korea and China, Asia like Japan. I do not know it either well in Africa. Calls for assistance in Japan from Africa's size it certainly is. It does not work the military.

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Posted in: Japan deflation persists; industrial output falls See in context

Summer bonuses were revised upward. Works in earnest it is next year. Japan has orders for many of the plant and transportation in the world. It does not come along soon. Japanese do not feel the fear anything.

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Posted in: Defiant Hashimoto says U.S. troops abused women during occupation See in context

chucky3176 Koreans say that in Japan you must correct the Raitaihan of Vietnam! Japan I will not have such force hauled comfort women!

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Yen was a cheap. Exports is recovering rapidly product of Japan. However, it is that of March or later. I have a lot of big orders and train plant. It's sales next year. It is more than 20 trillion in dollars and cents. It will take several more years until the surplus.

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Posted in: Fish survives 8,000-km journey from Japan to America on boat washed away by tsunami See in context

The fish is parrot fish. I do not quite catch even among angler. It will be 70cm and larger. Thank you for protecting. From Japan

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Posted in: Abe's biggest test on economy still to come, analysts say See in context

Japanese are looking optimistic half, and half fail. I am optimistic. This is because there are two new energy in Japan. Methane hydrate, nuclear fusion technology. All these changes if it is practical. It says that the United States also do not need the 2030 nuclear power generation by nuclear fusion. America, too have been studying together for fusion. I think the United States and Japan future is good. Agriculture will develop the vast land, cheap electric bill, if you use them. Of course, transport also changes in the electric train. Various industries will develop at the same time one speech at all! Japan can be developed with the United States should have developed. State of 51 th America I because it Nippon? But instead of looking ahead a little, are you investing in destination more also I recall.

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Posted in: Nuclear Regulation Authority changes 'safety standards' to 'guidelines' See in context

I forgot the link. sorry.

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Posted in: Nuclear Regulation Authority changes 'safety standards' to 'guidelines' See in context

Accident at Fukushima is not dead even one person. Two people died in a nuclear power plant is due to tsunami. Meltdown happened because the power was cut off by the tsunami. It is because he is also shed further emergency power.

If you want to read this book if you can read Japanese. It is a story of the people who work in the corresponding plant. I think I can read the mind of the Japanese mind and to protect the country.

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I have not received education only really put out the history. This is a textbook of Korea in 1889. I hope you got an answer!

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Posted in: S Korea unhappy with Japanese textbooks See in context

Takeshima is not Korean territory and was decided in the San Francisco Peace Treaty. Act to ignore it is to ignore the agreement in the form of the 45 countries in the world. Japan has ordered a ban on WASH activities of ultra-nationalistic ideology by government agencies. Silent until now have not only a result of that.

I cry Korea and stop me and say to appeal to the United Nations. However, South Korea has landed in an army Takeshima. Korea cryptic behavior.

Why do not we make it noisy trial at the UN! Japan has been the more people who think so.

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Posted in: S Korea, China fault Japan on 'comfort women' at U.N. See in context

Japan had cracked down on the comfort women. There is also evidence. However, I do not report because the citizens of Korea collapses give this evidence. The fuss that it is a good Korean in Japan. Japanese is not a Korean in Japan Watanabe came to Japan the other day.

Here is the evidence

Being caught in prostitution in the United States would be a little Korean. Japanese are not most people have to do such a thing. Japanese respect for morality!

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