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Posted in: Court rejects retrial for man on death row over 1961 killings See in context

i completely agree chloe, most countries could do away with the death penalty and there is an extreme minority of them that i think should maintain it, but Japan should seriously reconsider their death pentaly and justice system first . their methods of extracing a "confession" is extremely illogical and useless because the "confession" alone should not be enough for a conviction, much less a death penalty.

i am neutral when it comes to the death penalty as it is the situation that determines whether the defendent should be placed on death row or a life sentence or even being aquitted.

i am sorry this man spent so long in solitary while there was such doubt of his guilt... hopefully in death he will find peace

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Posted in: 5-year-old girl run over, killed by mother See in context

this mother... my heart goes out to her. this is going to haunt her every waking moment for the rest of her life and it pains me to see such misery.

R.I.P young girl, you will be missed

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy falls from 3rd-floor apartment during eclipse See in context

poor poor child... i am praying for you little buddy please make a full recovery. you haven't lived long enough yet

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Posted in: Paralyzed woman drinks coffee with thought-guided robot arm See in context

will wonders never cease? just last year some new braces were unveiled to help older people or peopl with leg problems to move on their own and now we can get robotic limbs assist those who need it as well.

if we keep this up eventually we will be able to develop organs and limps for the needy and they wont have to take a billion antirejection pills just to live. =)

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Posted in: Elderly man attacked by bear in Yamanashi See in context

i would prefer they tranq it and relocate it to an area with little or no people to prevent a reoccurance.

its better than killing the thing.

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Posted in: Couple go on trial over starvation death of son See in context

in regards for the well being of others i am glad i live in another country than Japan, or i may be facing charges myself for beating the fudge out of these neglectful parents. it sickesn me how they squander the life of an innocent and i would love to show them some righteous justice of my own...

however being so far away the best i can do is cry for a long prison sentence for both the parents.

being in an abusive relationship where the mother is being controlled by the husband is no excuse to let the child starve to death. she had the power to up and leave if she wanted and yet she did not. regardless of whether he was older than her or not.

i could sympathize with her over the relationship with the man, but by staying in the relation, she killed off her child by letting him wither away and die.

R.I.P young child, may you be happy... where-ever you are now

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Posted in: Tokyo Disney Resort eases rules on same-sex weddings See in context


in the article is states that Japan widely accepts homosexuality, but it is not openly discussed, but this is completely opposite to america where many of the higher ups dislike homosexuality and won't stop battering it long enough to get anything productive done.

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Posted in: 3-yr-old boy, left home alone, falls to death from 11th-floor balcony See in context

when i read this i almost threw up. not from the irresponsibility of the mother, nor from the fact he fell 11 floors to the ground below, but from the fact he was still alive when they took him to that hospital... to be just 3 years old and in that much pain... its unbearable to say the least.

this kind of negligence is UNACCEPTABLE

it tears my heart up every time i see a story like this.

children are supposed to be the light of every paren'ts life, a precious gift that needs loving attention to nurture it into a good person, but sadly this 3 year old will never make it to adult hood..... rest in peace little one..

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Posted in: Tokyo Disney Resort eases rules on same-sex weddings See in context

Japan has actually progressed farther in learning to accept Gays and Lesbians more than America has. Good on you Japan! if anything else, we can count on you learn from the mistakes of others and better from it

cough amendment one cough cough

while i am not saying Japan is perfect, you have to admit that in some areas they beat out all others.

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Posted in: Active fault may run beneath Mount Fuji, say researchers See in context

they are figuring this out now? this is ridiculous, i mean the entirety of Japan practically lives on fault lines, it is what causes them so many destructive earthquakes and severe tsunamis

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Posted in: 3 perish in house fire in Tokyo's Setagaya ward See in context

I am unsure if it does or not, but it should. burning to death is possibly one of the worst ways to go especially if you were conscious when you were burning.. the pain is excruciating. It hurt like something fierce when i got a 2nd degree burn on my hand i can only imagine how much it hurts to be competely engulfed in fire..

R.I.P poor family, may your death have been swift and painless

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Posted in: Police say killer of 23-year-old nurse may have held a grudge See in context

I'm not sure if i can make a decent opinion on the man when there is very little information here, but it doesn't look good for him. I will however give him the benefit of the doubt as all the cards are not on the table so to speak, there is simply not enough evidence to clear him or convict him and i will therefore keep my opinion neutral until more evidence comes to light

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Posted in: Gunman kills 4, including child, in Phoenix suburb; commits suicide See in context

another day... another senseless killing. no matter where you go death will follow =(

R.I.P innocent people who got killed

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Posted in: 90-year-old woman dies after being attacked by dog in Yamanashi See in context


I can empathize with your story because i lived a very similar encounter myself, of course i was a small child and it was MY mom who defended me.

When i was a little more than 4 i was playing with my mom in the autumn leaves in my front yard when my Neighbor's dog ( it was a mixed, i'm not sure what it was specifically, only that it was very aggressive) came charging across the road and straight into my yard towards me and my mom. Naturally my mom's paternal instincts made her scoop me up in her arms and try to run, but not before the thing tore a gash in her leg before she kicked it across the face and ran inside.

Another incident was when i was less than 2 years old and my mom was pushing me in my stroller for a walk in the neighborhood of our first house when a neighbor's pitbull flew off his porch and attacked me and her. she got scratched pretty badly while she shielded me and she screamed and screamed for help for several minutes before someone passing by in a car chased the dog off. The bad thing was the neighbor had that beast OFF its leash while it was on the porch. we did NOT enter his uard nor go near the dog, it attacked us because it saw us as prey.

that kind of thing IS NOT OK. in both instances both animals had been put down, but my mom is still haunted by those memories. these kind of animals should be illegal as housepets as they are a threat, not only to the owners, but to every single person around them.

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Posted in: Boy steals from high school chemistry lab to make explosives See in context

i don't get why this is such a big deal.

This kind of thing happens all the time, kids will be kids and that will never change.

i remember when i was younger i made a couple home made "fireworks" if you count that exploding in different colors counts as fireworks.

Suffice to say that did not make me a criminal or give me the urge to kill anyone with it.

it was something fun to do and it looked amazing

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Posted in: Japanese man sentenced in LA in turtle smuggling case See in context

“I am extremely ashamed and remorseful about my actions,” he wrote.

he is only ashamed because he got caught. if he were truly remorseful then he should have simply not smuggled

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Posted in: Facebook-Yahoo! patent battle heats up See in context

i don't know who to vote for.... so i think i'll take the neutral approach and say both are being stupid and should drop charges on both sides.

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Posted in: Gov't holds meeting with Oi residents to discuss restarting nuclear reactors See in context

its ridiculous that they are STILL trying to force nuclear energy on the local residents.. this isn't going to stop until either Godzilla becomes a reality or it has a meltdown and poisons the land for many miles around.

seriously if they wanted to make a difference, they need to dismantle this nuclear disaster waiting to happen and build a clean energy plant like giant wind mills.

if they are so keen on nuclear energy how about building it somewhere that it cannot hurt the local human population and their crops.

i'm still reluctant to import stuff from Japan because of this mess

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Posted in: Rie Hasegawa pregnant by boyfriend See in context

I forsee problems in their future.

Marriage due to pregnancy is a sign of unstable relationship and can result in divorce or worse if not treaded carefully.

While i'm glad they are having a child, they need to seriously consider their feelings for each other first. If they end up getting divorced they are making the child suffer as much as them and that isn't right

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Posted in: Minivan hits group of children, killing 6-year-old boy in Chiba See in context

R.I.P poor boy in Chiba i hope you didnt suffer.

He was dragged underneath the vehicle for about 25 meters...I think it is safe to assume he suffered greatly

he was already dead when they took him to the hospital so i am hoping that he died almost immediately after being pulled under the vehicle and did not suffer the pain of being dragged for 25m across the ground

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Posted in: Woman murdered by ex-husband; killer's parents had warned police See in context

it is reasons like this that i will NOT be visting Japan any time soon. at least in America i can count on the police to check on the situation and do followups. they take all reports very seriously unlike these dimwits. ( no offense to anyone in particular, but its very frustrating when they don't do their jobs) How do the Japanese even survive day to day? its obvious that a great many of their police are either disturbed, perverted, or just plain lazy or selfish.

R.I.P Yuko Wada... i would like to say the police would learn from this, but i am not going to hold my breath

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Posted in: Minivan hits group of children, killing 6-year-old boy in Chiba See in context

R.I.P poor boy in Chiba i hope you didnt suffer.

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Posted in: 4 teenagers arrested over death of acquaintance See in context

that poor poor child...... What kind of scumbags would do such a thing.. when I get mad i don't go beat someone from my school to death just because they were trying to avoid me. Unfortunately the Japanese court system is very flawed when dealing with killers who are minors.

i have only seen one court case in which a minor recieved the death sentence it was when he murdered a woman and child and was convicted for several years until after he was an adult then the husband of the deceased woman reopened the case by appealing for a death sentence in which he was and the sentence was approved. this was one case in how many hundreds upon hundreds over the years?

I'm not saying they should dish out the death sentence for every murder, but gosh darn it there NEEDS to be discipline pushed back into Japan. the school's are not enough to teach these kids boundaries or limits.

it is not as if the school can say " oh you beat up that kid, no video games for you for a month" that is the PARENTS jobs not the school's to teach this stuff, However quite a few parents decided to kill their kids than deal with the responsibility. If your not going to act like a parent... DON'T HAVE CHILDREN

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy dies after being hit by train at crossing See in context

that poor mother... having insensitive people jump down her throat because for an instant she lost sight of her child. I can almost imagine that the ones blaming the mother have never had to raise kids of their own yet. it is an extremely exhausting job and toddlers are quite the explorers, they often get something set in their head that they want to do something, even if its something wrong.

Don't blame the mother for this, she loved her child and will be haunted by this for the rest of her life, because no child could replace the one she has lost

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Posted in: Mind-controlled cat ears hitting shelves in Japan See in context

Nya i would love a pair of cat ears it would make it a lot of fun to be petted with cat ears :P to press my ears against my head in appreciated and relaxation :D

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Posted in: Stung by gasoline prices, Obama seeks new oil market crackdown See in context

i find this ironic when one of his financial advisors actually wants the prices to raise to the same price as that in Europe which is i believe more than double what it is in some states currently

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Posted in: Chiba police ignored stalker report and went on trip to Hokkaido See in context

this is almost exactly like when Makoto Hirata turned himself in and the police thought he was some guy just joking around and pointed him to another precinct. <.<

NPA chief Yutaka Katagiri told a news conference that he has ordered an investigation into the case, which he said has damaged public trust in the police, TBS reported.

how can you damage something you never had? its ridiculous that the police actually think that after all the times they have royally messed up that we actually have some trust left for them.

" oh even though the police have messed up on so many occasions, i'm going to blindly trust them not to botch up something i need help with"

seriously people they need to fire those police officers that are slacking~ .. oh i'm sorry i mean

busy with “more urgent cases”

this is unacceptable

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Posted in: Father and son killed by drunk driver while heading to shrine See in context

for goodness sake!

its getting to the point where i don't ever feel like visiting Saitama, whether is murder, arson, assault, or drunk driving Saitama seems to be rapidly going downhill in terms of violence. I love Japan i really do, but i mean come on a father and son can't even go on a walk without being run by some jerk who thought it would be okay to drive tot he store for some cigarettes even though he was plastered.

RIP father and son.... what a horrible way to start off the new year.

I hope the family will be able to get past this

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Posted in: Epileptic crane driver gets 7 years for deaths of 6 children in Tochigi See in context

no... no... NO! i think this man deserved nothing less than a life sentence or DEATH.

seriously! he got leniency for "regretting what he had done and wanting to atone"??? what kind of baloney is that! this is not some simple " oops i ran over your dog, I'm really sorry" this was the deaths of SIX CHILDREN! there is no regret or attempts of atonement ( short of death or life behind bars) that could EVER come close to helping the 6 families he RUINED forgive him.

this SHOULD have been put to a stop after his FIRST epilepsy accident!

if he had learned from his mistakes and moved on these 6 kids wouldn't be dead!

lets go over his list of crimes

he FULLY AWARE of his condition, lied and deceived the people who gave him his crane permit about his epilepsy he has had several other accidents that have occurred ALSO because of his epilepsy, which he also failed to mention when applying for this permit he Murdered 6 children!!! ( and no its not "accidental" its murder when he was fully aware of his condition and chose to ignore it anyways for his own selfish wants)

what is wrong with the Japanese court system?? 7 years for the murder of 6 kids. think about those grieving families who lost their kids to that monster

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Posted in: Woman arrested for putting plastic bag over 3-year-old son's head See in context

what is wrong with this woman. i mean scolding the child for not listening to you is one thing ( and in this particular situation is what she should have done), but putting a plastic bag on her son's head and dragging him across the floor... that is just plain idiotic.

But she denied any intent to kill the boy

i don't buy this for one second. if she really did not intend to kill him, the worst she could have done was spank him, not suffocate him until he lost consciousness.

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