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Posted in: Toshiba returns to net profit; welcomes 'credible' buyout offers See in context

Toshiba has too many important technologies, I don't know if management is foolish to let it leak overseas. I don't support any buyout of Toshiba.

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Posted in: 1,799 suicides reported nationwide in April See in context

Thank god there is no lockdown, lockdown is more dangerous than infection as proved until now.

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Posted in: TV personality Bobby Ologun fined ¥100,000 for domestic abuse See in context

Don't be violent like a stone age animal. Jail for 5 years will be good for this dude.

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Posted in: Japanese prosecutors claim Ghosn said Nissan pay plan was not set See in context

It doesn't matter what criminals say anymore.

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Posted in: SoftBank sues Rakuten, ex-worker for using leaked 5G technology info See in context

SoftBank is just a useless anti-japanese spy company, so it doesn't matter how much technology is stolen from SoftBank. Go Rakuten.

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Posted in: Asian American health workers fight virus and racist attacks See in context

America the king bof violence and racism. But they preaches in comments of Japan the opposite.

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Posted in: Nissan to sell entire Daimler stake for $1.4 billion See in context

Remove Renault cross shareholding and then Nissan will rise again.

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Posted in: Japanese schoolgirl and karate teen subdue violent shoplifter See in context

Good job my boy.

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Posted in: S Korean fishermen protest See in context

Foolish K. Dangerous radicals.

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Posted in: Japan shipowner asks cargo owners to share Suez damage cost See in context

Since owner has nothing to do with accident, even if freight owners pay, owner should not pay, that German operator and Evergreen should pay. Also Suez canal should pay itself for giving useless captain.

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Posted in: Gov't advisers warn Japan's birth rate falling at more rapid pace this year See in context

^Japanese young men are not corporate slaves respect them pay more, stop there overwork and reduce 3 times higher suicide rate than women due to pressure or the country will perish.

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Posted in: Gov't advisers warn Japan's birth rate falling at more rapid pace this year See in context

No money with young men = no marriage, no children. Japanese government should raise salary of young men and support there unemployment to find good jobs that is the only way.

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Posted in: Japan approves world's largest trade deal including China, ASEAN See in context

As the above person says BICEP is a good name. This deal is good for Japanese industry but not good thinking that China and SK is kind of really untrustable country, same can be said for free trade deals with other countries like US and Europe, all outside countries are untrustable in this current era to steal from others.

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Posted in: Japan's exports post largest monthly gain since late 2017 See in context

Not satisfied more export gain and import decrease needed.

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Posted in: 4 die in fire suppression system accident in Tokyo parking garage See in context

Sad news, I hope proper training is given or equipment replaced or maybe a escape route be made. I hope never again this happens in future. I am very sad.

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Posted in: Matsuyama makes history by winning Masters See in context

Good job Matsuyama, proud of him, hope Japan will keep shining inll sports for years to come. I will keep supporting Japan.

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Posted in: Gov't to release Fukushima nuclear plant water into sea despite fishermen's objection See in context

Finally a good news.

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Posted in: Police report record number of cannabis offenders in 2020 See in context

Yes arrest wannabe weed smokers inspired and brainwashed by outside media. Good job, crack down all drugs to 0.

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Posted in: Gov't to ask all broadcasters to check foreign ownership compliance See in context

NTV, FTV, TBS out, anti-japanese biased TV's out. Asahi, Mainichi needs to shut down now.

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Posted in: Kofu City official gives speech telling new employees to 'play around' to fix birth rate issue See in context

Good motivation I support him, also need to pay attention to 1/10 haters and highlight it like majority. Masgomi

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Posted in: Kodansha promises worldwide prosecution of illegal uploaders of 'Attack on Titan' See in context

Good job kodansha jail all those American criminals.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec says automaker sought to hide Ghosn's pay See in context

Japan has done a good work in disposing racist foreign hijackers out from Nissan, hope for Nissan's success in future.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec says automaker sought to hide Ghosn's pay See in context

Looks like Ghosn the criminal forced Nissan to not disclose pay just to save himself from getting too much attention in Japan for getting extra salary which other japanese companies CEO are not getting.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for operating prostitution ring out of massage parlor in Tokyo See in context

Good work, hoping for more arrests of parasites and cockroaches in future.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic sponsors asked to pay more See in context

Japan should ask IOC to pay more or hijack there assets and organisation as a competition permanently if they refuse

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Posted in: Japan to buy 10,500 freezers for coronavirus vaccines See in context

Who are supplying the freezers? Incomplete news.

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Posted in: Toyota unveils revamped Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car See in context

Hydrogen is future and if japanese companies delivery new battery technology like solid state battery than EV is future otherwise not, in both cases Japan will have to lead. Other countries not capable in Fuel cell stack manufacturing at present but they will catch up Japan must keep there lead. Same case for new battery technology.

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Posted in: Nike ad addresses bullying and racism in Japan; riles up debate online See in context

Nike is generalizing all Japanese, so it is racist hatecrime against all of Japan and Nike should be banned from operating in Japan.

By the way Nike is in the forefront of child slave labour in all the poor countries and in China too.

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Posted in: Nike ad addresses bullying and racism in Japan; riles up debate online See in context

xtreme Anti-japanese sentiment shown , I hope japanese people stop buying Nike who abuses human rights in China. Japanese government should ban all anti-japanese propaganda organisations from operating inside the country.

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Posted in: Japan to loosen part-time work rules for foreigners stuck due to pandemic See in context

It will be good if Japan doesn't depend on foreigners even with labour shortage and reduce unemployment from 3.1% to 1% instead using some form of state government tracking policy.

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