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Posted in: We are entering an era when we will definitely have to rely on the help of robots. See in context

Ghost in the Shell... soon in real life :0

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How about changing it to “make em laugh” contest?! You need more skills to make a baby laugh rather than make him cry... (plus, it's obviously better for the babies. I'm sure the “evil spirits" won't mind).

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Posted in: IS hostage exchange demand a bid to sow dissent See in context

Giving Jordan economic incentives in order to convince them to do XYZ for ISIS is like giving in to ISIS demands. This will only encourage ISIS to conduct more kidnaping in the future.

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I don't think that the fact that the emperor of Japan is "praying for world peace" will contribute in any way for world peace.

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ISIS was not really interested in Japan, yet. But this was just a matter of time. Japan is an important economic and militaristic ally of the US. On top of that they are infidels (religion-wise) in the eyes of ISIS. True, ISIS deals with bigger problems at the moment, but the existence of ISIS in itself goes against every important value in contemporary Japanese society. Freedom of speech, freedom of faith, equality between the races and so on. Just staying out of the picture and letting the others do the dirty work for you might be very convenient on the personal level, but it sure is aint moral.

Keeping your mouth shut in the face of obvious evil isn't the right choice.

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Wow. Blackberry phones still exist?

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Posted in: Are you in favor of legalizing casino gambling in Japan? See in context

scipantheist: I think adults should be able to do what they please if they aren't hurting anybody but themselves. I think it is foolish to believe this will prop up the economy, however...

The problem is that they do hurt others when they get addicted to gambling. Think about their kids, or about whoever needs to support them after their parents (father most likely) lost everything. Of course, people today can always gamble their life away online just as well, but legalizing it would just make it worse.

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Posted in: 6-year-old boy injured in hit-and-run; dump truck driver arrested See in context

Very misleading indeed. Better not to condemn someone as a hit-and-runner, especially since he returned to the place of the incident as soon as he noticed something was wrong (according to his statement at least).

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Regardless of the long time Article Nine managed to survive, it will probably won't survive much longer in its current form, and as the author suggested it seems that its new form will be much closer to the right.

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