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keitai comments

Posted in: Foreigners in Japan face significant levels of discrimination, survey shows See in context

Japanese can be the most hypocritical. They exclude non-Japanese from many things, especially apartments. I experienced this several times. i made more money than Japanese at that age, permanent residency, married to a Japanese, etc. just because i was non-Japanese.

but when they visit or live in other countries, they think that it is acceptable for them to not be discriminated against. After having 2 mixed children, i moved my family back to the states. so happy i did that. Ill never live in Japan again.

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Posted in: Mexico fumes at 'hostile' Trump immigration rules as U.S. talks loom See in context

I dont understand why anyone is mad with Trump's decision to secure the border... ALL countries enforce their borders to know and protect their citizens. Mexicans enter the states legally and have worked very hard to get to the states, yet democrats and liberals claim that its okay for those who cross the border illegally. Im from Texas and know for a fact that the majority of those who cross the border illegally want to get American dollars, not pay tax, get free education, healthcare and then run back to Mexico to live like kings. Those who cross legally actually want to stay in the states. Another pointer is that war veterans who fought in wars still pay for their healthcare around $500-1,300/m for their families yet they are just a shy above the poverty line...they struggle. yet illegal immigrants get paid under the table or enter a fake social security number (yes, i have seen this many many times) but never pay for taxes and therefore qualify for free healthcare. and they do not want to learn English. and those liberals, democrats, mexican officials, illegals (thank god hillary didnt win the presidency) say that by America securing its border is a racist act!? Are you serious?

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Posted in: Would you support a complete ban on smoking in public places in Japan? See in context

i dont smoke (actually quit) but the whining and complaining is more of a nuisance than smoke. Jesh, if you dont like where you are, move. You have no right to tell another human how to live. Take a look at yourself and see that there are things that others may not like about you, but they dont say anything cause...its not their right. But smoke-haters are whining. grow a pair and move on.

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Posted in: Message for Trump See in context

obama did this. jimmy carter as well. then Trump does this and the left-progressive nuts go ballistic. This is just a ploy which the left-progressives paint those who disagree as racists. note to left-progressives: protesting will only do nothing but make you look hypocritical and dumb. Go back to work and let the big boys and girls do their jobs.

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Posted in: In view of all the terror attacks that have hit Europe and countries in other parts of the world in the past two years, do you think the global security situation will get worse or better when Donald See in context

it will be better. Trump is hardcore, mean, in-your-face type of president....and you can make my post negative all you want but the fact that is that as enemies respect that type of leadership. Terrorists bomb places because they can without any consequences. America is no longer the weak, progressive country. Its now a powerful and diverse, mulit-cultural country consisting of patriots...not p***ies anymore.

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Posted in: In 2015, Japan accepted 27 refugees, including three Syrians, after some 7,500 people from 69 countries sought such status in Japan, according to the justice ministry. Do you think Japan should take i See in context

Why? Fight in your country for your own rights if you do not like them. Do not run away. Fight with your fists and might. Dont want to? Then walk over to the other country who will take you. Why does the Japanese government have to pay for your flight to Japan?

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Posted in: Trump backers ask courts to halt or prevent 3 state recounts See in context

though i received -19 likes from this thread, media announced that they are not proceeding with the recount in Pennsylvania as there are not enough votes that would make the difference. now, im looking for a picture of a crying kid throwing a tantrum to represent killery's supporters. its done. Trump won. Youre welcome. You now have a normal country

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Posted in: Trump backers ask courts to halt or prevent 3 state recounts See in context

it's done. Move on. Nothing to hide. She lost. Deal with it. One can tell how horrible Killery was after she lost. Shes not for the people, she was for herself. If she cared about those who supported her, she should have shown up after the results. Did she? nope. She was throwing tantrums with the others. Now those of you who threatened to leave America...are you gone yet? If not, i can drive you to the airport. But since you practice Killery's cult and drank her Koolaid, you need to pay to play...er..i mean pay me to drive you.

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Posted in: Trump wins White House; Clinton concedes defeat See in context

now you youngn's will see how to run a country. The government isn't here to cater to your exact needs and feelings...its not the internet. The most sexist, racist and morally defunct candidate was Hillary. but when you become an adult, youll learn that you cant get everything you want. okay, go ahead and lay on the floor and throw a tantrum...thank God Trump won.

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Posted in: Who do you think will win the U.S. presidential election on Nov 8? See in context

don-in-japanNOV. 01, 2016 - 06:26AM JST keitaiNOV. 01, 2016 - 12:41AM JST KuroBune, actually, get used to seeing a democratic presidential candidate get arrested for corruption... And i agree, JapanToday should focus on Japan, not usa. why not focus on Zimbabwe presidential race?

You'd prefer a Republican president in a rape trial?

Excuse me? Have you been watching the news and reading up on the politics besides cnn? Trump never raped anyone. You are blind to the facts that the US government is corrupted...but its corrupted to benefit your sighted view. Besides you sitting behind your computer vaping and trolling while undermining yourself to make you look good to others, read up and get educated. Ah, better yet, watch the "They Live" movie... It will open your eyes.

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Posted in: Who do you think will win the U.S. presidential election on Nov 8? See in context

KuroBune, actually, get used to seeing a democratic presidential candidate get arrested for corruption... And i agree, JapanToday should focus on Japan, not usa. why not focus on Zimbabwe presidential race?

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Posted in: Apple adds keyboard touch functions to Mac See in context

the Magsafe is awesome. My dog running amuck, my cats freak out and take the cord with them and my son jets towards my mac book pro when i play games...now with no Magsafe...crash! but daddy likes!

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Posted in: 3 male governors in Japan experience what life is like for pregnant women See in context

Now lets let the girls grow hair, go to work and work overtime, deal with all the stress at work, and listen to their wives nag after they get home. lets see if they can manage that.

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Posted in: Japan tests air for radiation levels after N Korean nuclear test See in context

Tired of hearing governments, especially Japan calling for 'tougher sanctions'... what more sanctions are needed to become an actual 'tougher sanction'?? someone grow a pair and get rid of NK

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Posted in: Electronic Marlboro sucks smokers away from Japan Tobacco See in context

I've been using IQOS since October 2015 just to give it a try. gave it 2 weeks and tried going back to regular cigarettes... the regular cigarettes taste horrible. i cannot go back to regular cigarettes. Now that ive been using IQOS since 2015, i can breath better, my clothes smell better, i can walk and smoke without getting caught, its safer and theres no smell. I highly recommend getting IQOS for you regular smokers. Now smoking regular cigarettes is so...1970.

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Posted in: SDF on alert for possible North Korean ballistic missile launch See in context

This news is becoming like a weather report. Though NK fires a missile toward and over japan, Japan will not shoot it down.

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Posted in: Trump urges ban on immigration from countries with 'history of terrorism' See in context

do you liberals have any other ideas besides banning muslims!? Should we talk to them and tell them that their religion is wrong? and that it opens the doors to being an extremist? Should we welcome them with love? oh man, come on. Trump is not a racist, hes protecting your butts. If and when Trump becomes president, why not move to Syria? Why not?

so American citizens and residents currently in the united states come first. Any others will have to go through more scrutiny or prohibited from entering the states. My family comes first than a non-American immigrant.

If you had a row of ants going into your house and one of them bit you, would you just get rid of that one or get rid of all of them?

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Posted in: U.S. Navy slaps drinking ban on 18,600 sailors in Japan, ends liberty See in context

this is typical. they did this to us in bootcamp... 1 person causes trouble, and the rest of us do pushups while the one that caused trouble counts the pushups/

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Posted in: Should the parents of the 7-year-old boy who spent six days in a Hokkaido mountain forest after being forced out of the family car for misbehaving, face some sort of criminal charges? See in context

....i think thats punishment enough. any other punishment would be nothing to them.

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Posted in: Missing 7-year-old boy left in mountains by parents as punishment See in context

it doesnt make any sense.

what did they do? drive back to the forest, drop him off and drove away? A lot of effort for that punishment. if child was misbehaving, a slap on the rear takes less effort than driving back to the forest. If the child was dropped off by car (after throwing rocks), the child would follow the road/trail. kids that age are scared of monsters and would stay on paths family adventure picking up vegetables? yea, there are a lot of rocks out there. the stones (pebbles?) are not able to reach another passing car (velocity/wind) and a child that age if the cars were not moving, it is possible, but the parent could have gotten out, taken the rocks, spanked or scolded the child and be on their way.

but they decided to drive to a secluded area and leave him with nature, off of a trail? the parents would have to run fast and away to get the child lost. the child would have done everything to catch up with their parents.

unfortunately, this child is most likely dead given the information from the news.

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Posted in: Obama: World leaders rightfully rattled by Trump See in context

obamarama should not insult the voting of the American people or thrown candidates under the bus. Most Americans are tired of this political corruption and socialist belief - thats why Trump has made it to the nomination. So obamarama, when you mention "they", just refer to the democrats, not Americans as a whole. Democrats are surprised, not Republicans. Be careful how you mention "they".

Obamarama is such a hypocrite about bringing parties together yet he insults Republicans and doesnt show any respect to victims of Hiroshima.

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Posted in: Abe has no plans to visit Pearl Harbor; Obama offers condolences over Okinawan woman's murder See in context

Obama's body language when he was with Abe was disrespectful and embarrassing.

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Posted in: The very idea of a President Trump scares some, bolsters others in Asia See in context


Yes, it was taken as a racial slur. No, you cannot replace "Muslim" with "Catholic" as its the majority of extremists from that region that is creating all these violent attacks. Its not something you can edit like some word in a textbook by substituting one religion name for the other. Please go out into the world and learn a bit about life instead of eating from the socialists' hands.

You should just represent yourself and from unreliable sources instead of representing Americans. Actually, you should not say "Americans" as not all Americans are socialists. Just the minority who do not understand reality. Take a look at all the leftist news outlets who continue to cut Trump's sentences short and twist his words to make him out as some dictator. Let me remind you that you are eating from a socialist's agenda, much like Hitler and Stalin who were both socialists. Trump is trying to remove the masks from the crooked politicians faces so that the people can see the true corruption.

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Posted in: The very idea of a President Trump scares some, bolsters others in Asia See in context

"Trump’s call for a ban on Muslims entering the United States".

how many times must people and media twist this topic? Lets finish the correct sentence in which he said without the left taking things out of context:

Trump’s call for a ban on Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on,"

Trump was stating that the vetting of visitors coming into the country was weak. It threatens the security of the United States. The left took it as some racial slur.

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Posted in: Say sayonara to 'sayonara' – 70% of Japanese don’t use this word for goodbye anymore See in context

No one uses "sayorana" at work unless your placing your shoes on the edge of the top of the building. Other than that, you cannot escape work. its only "otsukaresamadeshita". In fact, i think men hear "sayonara" from their wives.

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Posted in: Trump, Clinton move closer to election showdown See in context

when Trump is wining, the liberals cry and call others names, insults...oh, that's what sore losers do. But Liberals take it up a level by acting violent. Trump said "some Mexicans are rapists". Liberals changed it to "all...".

(and here comes the unlikes...)

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Posted in: Most Japanese firms say Trump presidency would hurt trade ties, security aliance: poll See in context

CNN and other news outlets say that no one favors Trump. Yet the voters prefer him. News and minority groups insult him, choosing from his words and making new ones. Trump speaks the truth from his and voters' perspective. As for his stance on Chine and Chinese investors overseas, he is spot on. We see this in the Seattle and Vancouver areas recently. A lot of overseas Chinese investors have bought-up a lot of properties. Rent and leases have just skyrocketed. Trump knows opportunities and sees how investors and businesses operate. It's great that he has so far succeeded with voters. Now, those against Trump in this thread may take some of what i wrote and manipulate them in ways to make negative statements about Trump...

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Posted in: Facebook shows new ways to chat, stream video See in context

The whole premise of your post is ridiculous, oh please. If it's his company, should he create a political environment for all Facebook employees to sway to his political belief? Yes, he can do whatever he wants, but to speak of a particular candidate is not professional. Like i said, he should stick to Facebook. he should not create an environment where it would make some of his employees feel uncomfortable. How would you feel if your boss spoke all positive things about Trump and negative things about all the other candidates, you would not feel so comfortable, would you?

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Posted in: Facebook shows new ways to chat, stream video See in context

gaijintraveller, a presidential candidates job IS to prevent illegal immigrants from running across borders. And if you have not either been in the military, been to war or dealt with such evil people that are a big threat to peaceful citizens, you should not speak about torture. It is necessary to save peaceful lives. its been done in the past and has worked well. so lets return to the topic...

Zuckerburg expressing opinions about politicians should not be allowed. This creates a bad environment at his company as some may not agree. As i mentioned before, it is against HR policies to discuss politics at work. but since Zuckerburg is the CEO, does that give him an option to express his own opinion about politics against HR policies? He disallows his workers to discuss politics, but he himself is able to discuss politics AND insult another candidate? Seems threatening to those who work at FB.

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Posted in: Facebook shows new ways to chat, stream video See in context

He does influence, but to insult a candidate and having related (which there are no relationships at all) Facebook with the position of a party is pushing a belief and an opinion which is fabricated. Trump isnt preventing people from entering the states, he is preventing undocumented people from entering the states. Zuckerberg should just stick to Facebook and stay out of politics. And in my experience, that is discussing politics at work which HR should have prevented him from speaking about. If a Facebook employee were to speak in support for Trump, what would happen to that employee?

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