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Zuckerberg's job is to stick with social media, not insult candidates. improving the American borders and immigration process is the presidential candidate's job. Actually by preventing illegal immigrants from running across the borders would help his business

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They have license plates on the back. Saw them driving in Hiroo and Shibuya and thought the same (how can these be street-legal)

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Protesters go to Trump rallies insulting supporters beliefs, yelling, insulting people, accusing them of being racists (though there are a lot of minorities at these rallies)... of course one will get punched. If a Trump supporter were to go to Bernies or Hillary rallies and call everyone racist, yelling 'all lives matter', what do you think those democratic supporters will do?

Regardless what belief a person has in supporting their candidate, it is unAmerican to call names, insult and protest against an opponent in a presidential race. Trump supporters respect anti-Trump supporters rallies, respect theirs. Anti-trump already have this notion that Trump is racist. He is not preventing everyone from entering the country, he is preventing undocumented people from entering the states. Thats not racist. thats being a country protecting the interest of its people. just like every other country, species, insects, everything and everyone protects the safety of each other.

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the protesters against Trump are behaving violently since the media has manipulated everything Trump says. The same video which the media edits shows innocent protesters, but if you watch the whole video on you tube, you see violence and intimidation. Most of these protesters are young, in college and think they know all the answers. I fear that Japanese seeing such media think the same about Trump. If one does their homework and actually do research outside of facebook, you tube, fox news, etc theyll see the truth that Trump is just like any other presidential candidate. The reason republican opponents and democratic candidates are attacking Trump is that they fear Trump will win and later expose all the corruption going on in our government. What i fear may be too late and there will be some type of civil war. obamarama has divided our culture and country so much that theres no coming together anymore.

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heaven-forbid that theres any non-political person becoming president. its going to get nasty in the coming months (cooking popcorn)

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the philipinne TSA (dont know they exact name) puts them there when people land in the Philippines. im quite sure it was overlooked when he went through customs, didnt go through his own bags when returning to Japan and then got caught. Not only does this happen to non-filipinos, but also Filipinos as well.

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its not a mistake. it is a scam thats been quite common in the Philippines. If anyone were to smuggle artillery, theyd go all in for a magazine or nothing at all

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Certainly those depending on the government wants to vote for that lady. Just like those who hoped for change with obama, it never happened. What progressed, you may ask? the destruction of our culture that during obama and democratic power, the American culture is dwindling and the right and left are becoming further separated. And it would be most appreciated if you would stop referring to Republicans as being 'stupider'. The right and left disagree but simply insulting the other party should not be acceptable here.

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