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A little history lesson from the book Yakuza written in the 1970s about the Japanese underworld. It seems that during the occupation of Japan after WWII, that the American GIs didn't much like the small breasts of the Japanese prostitutes, so the Yakuza pimps began injecting electrical grade silicone obtained from the US Military on the black market into the breasts of the unfortunate young women that worked for them. This had the short-term effect of increasing their bust size and making the women more popular with the but unfortunately the stuff not being inside an implant would migrate.

This practice is still in use in Mexico in unlicensed cosmetic surgery clinics and people who work out of their garages. It probably takes place in other Asian countries still today. I recall seeing a Vietnamese Stripper in Houston Texas that caused me to almost jump out of my chair when she took her top off. She had the knarliest set of boobs, I've ever seen in my sixty-seven years. She had been butchered by raw silicone injections.

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