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Posted in: Soccer fans knock back coffee, energy drinks after snore draw See in context

Greeks, Colombians, Ivory Coast..they all have bigger, broader man, Japan loses physically.

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Posted in: Cabinet minister visits Yasukuni shrine See in context


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Posted in: China denounces Abe for Russia-Crimea analogy See in context

Abe, shame of Japan.

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Posted in: Japan confirms $1.5 billion aid offer to Ukraine See in context

Wonder what the still displaced people of Fukushima will be saying to this. Very un-necessary and untimely gift.

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Posted in: Abe says there will be no change to wartime sex slave apology See in context

"Can we now put this topic to rest" Really? Why should the women who actually do it? Give me one reason.

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Posted in: Japan calls for Russia to open Crimea talks with Ukraine See in context

Crimia for Ukraine, Kuril islands for Japan??

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Posted in: Widower continues diving off tsunami-hit coast in search of wife's remains See in context

True love.All the best.

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Posted in: NHK chief vows impartiality after wartime sex slavery remarks See in context

This clown should be made to eat his words. Head of NHK?? what a disgrace to entire nation..

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Posted in: Germany urges Japan to deal honestly with WWII past See in context

I think what the countries that suffered Japanese occupation, invasion and atrocities want an 'honest apology', not just an 'apologies' that the Japanese claim they have done several times. If you can kill someone's daughter and get by after 'apologizing', then think again, that 'apology' is not going to satisfy victim. Japan should be grateful that China, South Korea and other Asian nations have not attacked it yet..

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Posted in: China says Abe not welcome after Yasukuni shrine visit See in context

China and US should work together to rein in Abe:

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