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This strategy only works sometimes and in certain regions. Carrier leaving the State would leave a large problem in its wake. More than 1000 unemployed people and the regional impact from that, which includes no more money spent on food, shopping, dining, entertainment, etc. It also impacts home mortgages, utilities and then tack on the cost of unemployment support and sadly, crime and other bad stuff. This is because Indiana is not a place that can easily be backfilled or absorb the unemployed. So giving a $7MM tax break is cheap, because other taxes will still be collected (state taxes, car registrations, etc., with lower costs for the local government).

In more metropolitan areas such as New York or Los Angeles, the market can absorb such shocks more readily, as the economy is more diverse and there are many other people to offset any losses, including tenants to take over real estate leases, buildings, etc. This explains why (partly anyway) that the City of Torrance did not drop its pants to keep Toyota in California. It wasn't worth it. Those types of jobs should be in lower cost cities like suburban Dallas and Los Angeles will likely quickly backfill with a new tenant and new jobs. It will probably be better than it is now as old economy business leave and new economy businesses take over.

Easy to criticize but very difficult to find a balanced solution depending on what part of the country you are in. At the end of the day, its not about Trump winning or losing or Pence....its about economics.

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They should leave the trash to build and build. The only way to force action from idiotic humans is the shame them into it. I am convinced that humanity is a failed experiment and that we will someday soon be wiped out so that another group of more advance "humans" can try their hand.

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This is the best thing Yokohama could come up with? Sounds like more Japanese consultants trying to tell other Japanese how to attract foreign tourists. Free Starbucks coffee vouchers probably would work better if you are going to go this pathetic route.

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My child is 3.5 years old and knows to ask "what is in this food?". He also knows to say, "I am sorry, I am not allowed to eat anything that my mother did not put in my lunch for me". He also knows to tell other kids that he has allergies. I suspect that in typical Japanese fashion (I am Japanese by the way) that other kids mock and bully those with allergies. I have told my son to not tolerate any bullying and if he has to punch out a bully, then he has my permission, so long as he feel it is justified. As his dad, I will deal with the consequences. I am not going to let other kids, whose idiot parents can't teach proper manners to dictate my son's life. So as far as teachers are concerned, I give full permission to the teacher, in writing to use the Epipen if needed. They also call me or my wife immediately if there is a problem. Reluctant to do what's right....thanks to the stupid lawyers, we live in a world like this.

My point is that all of this can be managed if parents take the initiative to take control.

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Posted in: Body of baby found buried in baseball field; 17-year-old woman arrested See in context

Its unfortunate that young girls in Japan think that this is the answer. In the U.S., there are many couples, particularly Japanese-Americans, that would love to adopt an unwanted Japanese baby. You have to blame Japanese parents and society as as whole for this problem. They don't provide a supports system at all for this type of situation. So now you have a dead baby and a young girl who will no doubt be incarcerated. The parent's fate will be much worse than had they simply helped the young girl deal with it. On top of that, they could have a grandchild that they could have called their own but being cared for by adoptive parents. My nephew is adopted from Japan and we love him as if he were our own flesh and blood.

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