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Kelvin Ng comments

Posted in: Q&A: A look at Japan's contentious security legislation See in context

If Abe, LDP and Komeito really respect the principle and spririt of democracy and the want to heed the voices of the Japanese people whom they have sworn to serve, they would have held a national referendum on the vitiation of Article 9 of the Constitution, as any responsible government of a 'democratic nation' would have done. After all, it is the first major amendment of the Consituion in 70 years. But instead, these dirty poltical crooks chose the easy but unconstituional way of ramming the vitiation through the Diet where they held majority votes, despite nationwide protests and condemnation by the Japanese people. This is 'democracy' in Japan!

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Posted in: One Japanese man tells why he wanted to fight in Syria See in context

Japan's bullying tradition has become the fertile breeding ground for jihadis volunteers!

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Posted in: Japanese swimmer expelled from Asian Games for stealing camera See in context

Stealing camera from journalist? Did he really need that camera do badly?

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Posted in: Foreskin clip joints take unwary males for a ride See in context

These doctors are probably all avid Japanese AV fans. They want to make sure the AVs that they are going to buy are all 'neat and tidy' in 'ship-shape', and, whenever possible, 'beautiful and gorgeous' through collagen and enhancement procedures, while reaping windfall gains. What a way to kill two 'birds' with one stone!

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Posted in: Abe starts 3-day visit to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka See in context

'As Japan and Bangladesh compete for a non-permanent U.N. Security Council seat for the 2015-2016 term, Abe and Hasina will discuss how to defuse any dispute, local media reports said.' 'Japan is ready to provide patrol boats to help Sri Lanka bolster its maritime guard, according to the reports.'

UN Security Council seat vote buying and military weapons sales are what this visit is all about. But can't Abe just leave it to his foreign secretary, rather than doing by himself. Is he a better diplomat?

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Posted in: Gov't advises citizens to stockpile toilet paper See in context

Actually, if they already have piles of those freshly off the print much depreciated yen notes, then they should be OK. No need to stockpile toilet paper separately for the sake of it.

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Posted in: Japanese politician's drug trial ends in China See in context

'He was handed a suitcase by two African associates in Guangzhou, in southern China, and was asked to give it to the wife of one of them in Tokyo, according to the reports.' A 70 years old politician still fell for it? I won't fall for his story that's for sure.

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Posted in: Honeymooner pleads guilty to punching flight attendant See in context

'After crew members restrained him in his seat, “Okamoto apologized for his actions by repeatedly saying ‘I’m sorry’ and bowed down on his knees and placed his head on the floor,” the complaint said.' Why he had to disgrace his country after he had disgraced himself already?

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Posted in: Abe's reform plan leaves tough questions unanswered See in context

You have said it already - the toughest questions remain unanswered! But if Abe could answer them, he wouldn't had to step down in 2007 in the first place. Unfortunately, the Japanese people have been tricked into believing he has transformed into another person, an economic genius. It's the same old corrupt bullshit Abe and LDP, no more, no less.

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Posted in: Abe's new plan to beat deflation: more baseball teams See in context

Actually, what Abe intends to play here if dodge ball, rather baseball. He is out of his depth and wit a long time ago to come with a third whisker (not arrow). So he simply dodges.

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Posted in: Japan's working poor left behind by Abenomics See in context

Abe and Awawnomics are for the filthy rich and powerful but paid out by the poor and not so rich. There s no trikle down, not even a yen!

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Posted in: Consultant urges 'one-of-a-kind' immigration policy for Japan See in context

Read the report carefully. They just want your body and labour, not your residency. You are only allowed to stay until your usefulness to the Japanese society runs out. You will not be allowed to become a permanent resident, not to mention a Japanese national. It simple terms, they want to cream you off and kick you out when you turn sour! Very smart strategy for the japanese. But will there be enough stupid foreigners to take up the bait and are willing to sacrifice/waste their youth and time just for the good of Japan, and be willing to be escorted out of japan when their talents dried up or no longer required? Just look at Singaore now you will know the problem as well as solution is not that simple.

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