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Ken comments

Posted in: Japan's elderly workers suffer as pandemic closes businesses See in context

Third biggest economy,Senshinkoku,GDP etc are just words that keep being thrown around and do not mean anything when it comes to an individual level

I have lived here for a long time and so have many foreigners but to be honest,life in Japan is very harsh for most Japanese people I've known over the years and it will get worse in the years ahead.

A few people in corporations get a good pay but that applies to every country but majority are in SME's,Baito,keiyaku shain,and whatnot,surviving on cup ramen and onigiri year in year out,drinking happoshu,saving nothing and dreaming of takarakuji.

If you do not have plan B esp as a foreigner here,your future is doomed.

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Posted in: Noise complaints on rise in Tokyo as stay-home campaign drags on See in context


I completely agree.Cops here or rather most Japanese people are very biased and assuming when it comes to judging foreigners.

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Posted in: Noise complaints on rise in Tokyo as stay-home campaign drags on See in context

I can hear my neighbor fart,snore, shower,talking on his phone,moving around his apaato, everything.Infact it's as if we live in the same room.Only a thin cardboard type wall separates us,I suspect it's either made from cartons or just papers and the rent is way up.

When I first moved in,some cops showed up and asked me about my car and my gaijin card and then told me that I should not have parties since gaijin are known to have noisy parties.They then told me that since the building and neighborhood has some young girls,I should keep my hands off them.WTF..

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Posted in: Japan launches new unit to step up defense in outer space See in context

Why take conflict to space?Find peace right here in our daily lives and no need to waste money on expensive and egoistic ventures leading to nowhere.

There are people right here in Japan who earn about 1000 per hr and some even less than that.If this is not poverty,tell me what it is.Deal with reality on the ground.

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Posted in: China aims to boost ties with Japan amid spat with U.S. See in context

When Daddy and Mummy throw hands to each other,son or daughter come in handy.

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Posted in: Olympic inclusion a boost for climbers, says Britain's Horrocks See in context

I think the Olympics should in future include every aspect of our sales people,best students,best carpenter,best teacher,best housewife,husband,best managers,best anything..

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Posted in: Businesspeople to get priority when Japan opens borders: Motegi See in context

Japan has not been doing enough testing like other countries,so how do they want other countries to reciprocate?

Im sure they will want to shove the narrative that they've had fewer cases down the throats of foreign countries.But because they've not been tested how would they know?

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Posted in: Man arrested for robbing bar says he needed money after losing job See in context

@wowyz IMO I think they will have to aggressively start locking them up more like america.

So America is the benchmark?Very low crime rate in the U.S....

Hmmm..I see..

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Posted in: 72-year-old man arrested for spitting at convenience store employee See in context

Most likely this old man was recently released from the slummer and wants to go back.

They get free food and a place to sleep.

There are so many cases like this esp amongst the old.They intentionally commit petty crimes so that they can be arrested and hauled in.Once released,they rush to commit another petty one.

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Posted in: Twitter says many employees may work remotely 'forever' See in context

I mean is the way forward.

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Posted in: Twitter says many employees may work remotely 'forever' See in context

Working from home or teleworking in the way forward.

Will save corporations a lot of money in office rents, wasted commuting time and transport fees and employees can have enough time with their families.

One day if future when this happens people will look back and ask themselves,what were we waiting for?

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Posted in: Educational support for children of foreign descent hit by virus See in context

A bad workman quarels with his tools.

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Posted in: Lower house passes bill allowing delayed pension payout See in context

Dead end.

said it before and I will say it again,from slavery straight into your grave.Forget your nenkin.

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Posted in: In Japan, pandemic brings outbreaks of bullying, ostracism See in context

Apart from fear of infection, experts say the prejudice against those even indirectly associated with the illness also stems from deeply rooted ideas about purity and cleanliness in a culture that rejects anything deemed to be alien, unclean or troublesome.

Prejudice against those not viewed as mainstream or “pure

The above paragraphs sums up the mentality of most Japanese people.If they can discriminate against their own including the very nurses and doctors who risk and put their lives on the line to save the sick,what about you as a gaijin?

For those gaijin that look into retiring here after years of paying into the pension scam,good luck with that.Wait and see if there'll be anyone to take care of you.


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Posted in: Japan approves remdesivir for coronavirus treatment See in context

This drugs are good for the older people but for younger generation they are not advisable since they can affect fetal as is written up n the article.

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Posted in: Coronavirus forces evacuation of Japanese humanitarian aid workers See in context

Japan is not much different

It is hugely different, obviously you have not experienced what is life in a refugee camp in Uganda. Try to get some information about their situation before making such obviously mistaken statements.

At least we agree on one thing.Japan is hugely different.

Hugely and completely are two different worlds.

BTW,I have worked with refugees and I know the situation.

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Posted in: Coronavirus forces evacuation of Japanese humanitarian aid workers See in context

Fujita San,

Are you sure you would get assistance if you become sick in Japan?

Refugee camps definitely need help but how is Japan fairing on this front?Gvt and hospitals here do not have enough personnel and equipment.Testing is complicated because of lack of sufficient personnel and equipment.

There are cases of medical personnel being forced to wear trash bags to a point where the governor had to plead for rain coat donations.

Before pointing fingers at the dire needs in the refugee camps,look what is happening right here.

Japan is not much different.

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Posted in: Gov't suggests schools reopen for some grades See in context

Limited number of students spread over several classes would probably suffice.I think the final year students who are about to sit their exams are the most in need so as to lessen the burden to lessen the numbers further.

As for Japan attracting foreign students,the entire thinking has to be changed.When foreign students graduate from Japanese universities,,Technical colleges,etc..they are left on their own and are left to ponder on their own future without support for getting employed here.That is what happened to me.I was the only foreign student at my institution.All the Japanese students already had a job decided by the final year,infact others were even choosing from one company to the other if it didn't suit them even before beginning.Meanwhile,I was left on my own,my visa was about to expire and no job.Japanese mainstream companies do not want to hire gaijin graduates.The lucky ones get jobs in gaishikei.(Foreign owned companies)That is what happened to me and is the case with many foreign graduates to date.The others have no option but to pack up and leave.The only ones who Japan keeps are the"Kenshusei"who are brought here under the guise of trainees ,who slave in the farms and construction industry,and these ones are completely different from foreign students.

Most of my friends left Japan after graduation and have much better jobs in other countries and are promoted to higher levels.In Japan I have yet to see a "gaijin kacho"at a Japanese company.

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Posted in: Farm, hotel sectors help each other during pandemic See in context

The entire article sums it all up.They are in desperate need of laborers.

ANA,JAL pilots and cabin crew,travel agents are idle,you could ring them up.

Just change the name of the visa from "Foreign Trainees" to "Laborer visa"

BTW,what kind of technical knowledge do they take back to their countries?How to mix cow dung?

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Posted in: Flight reservations for Golden Week holidays dive more than 90% See in context

@Ken: You may or may not be right on that. As for me I am just focusing on the issue that this rule separates families and one spouse has the ability to take an international flight back to Japan while the other spouse does not have this ability. Both members of the family would have had equal exposure to the environment to which they traveled as well as exposure to each other continuously. I have yet to hear a logical argument as to why one spouse would pose more or less of a risk when re-entering the country (or flying for that matter) than the other spouse.


Thank you for the response.I feel for you and fully understand the predicament that befalls one in such a scenario and I really hope the gvt could reconsider their actions in such situations.

It is really sad that after living here for so long,one gets such treatment.That is why I made the above comment about PR status,though it has already been deleted.I have also been here for more than 2 decades,graduated from a Japanese school,university and married to a Japanese national,can read and write Japanese language,holder of N1 and speak fluent Japanese but I still get treated like I landed yesterday.

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Posted in: Uninfected crew members on cruise ship in Nagasaki to be sent home See in context

What are teens doing on a cruise ship?They should be in school.This is child labor.

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Posted in: Low-tech Japan challenged in working from home amid pandemic See in context

A few days ago I pointed out on this forum of how I was frustrated by Japanese companies including a major bank simply because I did not have a fax machine.

Again,Japanese education system and tradition of group mentality needs to be overhauled.Japanese people have been molded to think and reason collectively and cannot make independent decisions.

When you ask a Japanese person a simple obvious question,he/she will in most cases ask another Japanese,who will again ask another Japanese and the simple question becomes a conference.

As a gaijin,I have been asked the exact same question over and over by almost all Japanese people I meet for the first time.This aspect alone gives you an insight of how they've been they've been molded to stick, think and work as a group.

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Posted in: Virus forces 1 in 13 students in Japan to consider quitting: survey See in context

When I came to Japan,I had to pay for my college doing all sorts of part-time jobs to afford fees and pay for my survival.Part time jobs were limited to about 4 and half hours per day.And as a foreign student,getting baito was not easy.I almost dropped out for lack of fees till my sch decided to slash some of my fees and a was lucky gvt subsidy for poor students.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor asks residents to grocery shop only every 3 days See in context

The size of houses or rather *apaato/mansion** *here is too small to accommodate sizeable fridge and groceries.

Your fridge is in your bedroom,next to your uniito baasu which magically transforms into your living and dining/kitchen after folding up your futon.

Where do you store 3 days groceries?

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Posted in: Abe says Japan at crucial stage for lifting of state of emergency See in context

A government expert panel recommended Wednesday that people do non-urgent shopping, consult doctors and hold business meetings as well as drinking parties online to attain the 80 percent cut in human contact.

What does drinking parties online mean?

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Posted in: Unemployed foreign tech interns in Japan to be allowed to switch jobs See in context

while industries such as agriculture and nursing care face labor shortages as new technical intern trainees cannot travel to Japan.

The agency, together with other public entities, will try to match out-of-work foreigners with farms and nursing care facilities in need.

Why not just let these human beings do whatever they can during this period instead of moving them from one hole into another.

They will be designated to specific activities up for up to a year now that no more slaves are coming in soon enough.

From the article,they have no otherwise,it is not an option.

This country never ceases to amaze with it's viscous cycle of "use and dump".

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Posted in: As coronavirus infections mount, Japan at last expands testing See in context

There has been a lot of under reporting and this has caused mass brainwashing within the Japanese society that everything is under control.

Again,many Japanese people tend to religiously just follow what their media and gvt tells them without trying to find out by themselves.

The scenario that is always played is of how safe Japan is.As a foreigner in Japan,I have on various accassions seen Japanese people run away from me or change their path so as not to meet on a direct path with me because of their belief that foreigners are the primary carriers.

My sister is a specialist at a hospital that specifically deals with Covid-19 patients and I get first hand information from her on a daily basis.When I see the behavior of Japanese and how they think it's business as usual and that foreigners are clueless..I just look back at them wish them luck.

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Posted in: Record 700 kg of cocaine seized at Yokohama Port See in context

Local customs authorities suspect that a large international smuggling syndicate was involved 

Always blame the foreigner and never admit guilt.There's no way this haul could have made it here without the local ring.

In Japan,if Japanese are arrested for drug possession and asked where they got the drug,the usual response is they got it from a gaijin on the streets and they do not know the gaijin,never met before and do not know where the gaijin went after that.This saves them a lot of investigation trouble.

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Posted in: Osaka asks citizens for raincoats amid shortage of protective gear See in context

When did the rain start pounding?

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Posted in: Kumamoto marks 4th anniversary of deadly quakes See in context

No Business

One of the worst experiences of my life.

Sad to hear that.I was a student in Kumamoto for some years.

Typhoons were quite strong though..

I still have a few friends there and fond memories.

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