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Posted in: Japan to start 4th vaccine shots for elderly, at-risk groups from May 25 See in context

Next it's gonna be the 5th,6th,shot and so on and do end in sight.

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Posted in: Japan to double Ukraine aid to $600 million See in context

They hope to get a share of the contracts to rebuild Ukraine's infrastructure that has been flattened by Russia when the conflict is over.They'll be in for a surprise..

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Posted in: Man arrested for spending mistakenly sent ¥46.3 mil in COVID funds See in context

Average Japanese maker around 20 man per month.

Subtract taxes and you take home around 15 to 16man man,subtract rent around 5man and you have 10man,subtract utility bills and you have around 7man,subtract keitai,wifi and you have around 5man,subtract food and you have zero or negative plus unpaid bills.Basically,most live hand to mouth,that's why they can't leave their parents house and will never ever save money.

Taguchi San,stick to your narrative and stand your ground.After a year or so of eating free food and free room,you'll be out and you can go dig out your haul and off you go to freedom.Gaman shite.

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Posted in: Japan to trial small group tours from 4 countries See in context

Weird decision that doesn't make sense.Japanese nationals have been visiting my country and others for business with no restrictions.

Infact one Japanese girl who is visiting right now sent me her picture with no mask and was telling me she feels so free and is dreading coming back to Japan because of the many unnecessary restrictions.

Meanwhile,I'm in Japan with my mask on everyday despite the gvt saying people it's not a must to wear mask outside.But when I try that,people stare at me with murderous faces.

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Posted in: NPA urges police to avoid impression of racial profiling in questioning people See in context

Japanese cops are racist,xenophobic and lack common sense.They still live in the 16th century.

I've been stopped several times and I never use soft or kind words to them whenever they stop me.

I outright tell them that is discrimination.Before I even give them my gaijin card,I ask them why are they stopping me and how do they differentiate a Japanese and a non Japanese?Color?Physical appearance?I speak fluent Japanese and this gets them off guard.In my country there are many Japanese who live and work there and I ask them if they want these Japanese nationals who live in my country to be treated the same.Some don't even look at my card for a second or ask a question after I bombard them with these questions. They just hand it back embarrassed.

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Posted in: Japan, EU agree to step up sanctions against Russia, focus on Indo-Pacific See in context

The leaders are maskless including the Japanese PM.

But try walking around your neighborhood alone and with no one near you.People stare at you with eyes that can lynch you.

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Posted in: Curfew in Sri Lanka after day of deadly unrest See in context

Cost of living is high in every country including Japan.Just go to your local supermarket.

All politicians need to go.

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Posted in: Christian Smalls, the unlikely union leader who took on Amazon See in context

Labor unions are the only hope for workers.

BTW,does Japan have labor unions?

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Posted in: Kishida to visit Southeast Asia, Europe to discuss Ukraine crisis See in context

There're so many conflicts around the world but this particular conflict between Russia and Ukraine seems to keep Japan busy.What is at stake for JP?

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Posted in: Tokyo police arrest video game YouTuber for marijuana possession See in context

Years back,I once met a Japanese person who was bold enough and confided in me that whenever Japanese nationals are arrested with illegal stimulants,the easiest way out is to say that they got them from a gaijin and that they can't remember the gaijin and don't know where the gaijin went afterwards.If they admit that they got from a fellow Japanese,they'll be forced to take the J cops to the said Japanese and that will get them and their networks in serious trouble and revenge for snitching.

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Posted in: Japan considers 'quasi-refugee' status for people fleeing conflicts See in context

The prime minister stressed the envisioned system would not discriminate against certain countries.

At least the PM has acknowledged that there's been discrimination yet there're diehard sycophants who have sworn never to accept the bitter truth.

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Posted in: Japan extends residency permit term for coup-hit Myanmar diaspora See in context


The critics are japanese nationals.

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Posted in: Gov't welcomes Ukraine evacuees with eye on int'l recognition, election See in context

@Fighto,the truth hurts,accept it.@Antiquesaving pointed out the truth.Japan is selective in choosing whom to give refugee status.Very discriminative.

Besides,there are people that are already in Japan who've been applying for refugee status for years and they've never been granted.Some are in detention centers to date while others have died in detention and others forced to board planes in handcuffs.Pure racism and discrimination.

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Posted in: Japan to allow up to 10,000 arrivals daily from April 10 See in context

Nihon Tora,go for a PR.

Don't go for a spouse visa.If you ever break up with your J wife while on a spouse visa in Japan,you are screwed.

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Posted in: Hayashi to bring back 30 Ukraine evacuees to Japan from Poland See in context

Out of curiosity,there have been so many refugees from different parts of the world that have been fleeing their countries over the years,why hasn't Japan been taking them?What is so different with Ukrainean refugees?Not saying that they should not give asylum to refugees from Ukraine.

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Posted in: Companies revive in-person ceremonies as new recruits start work See in context

I wish them the best.They probably need prayers as well.

Work till 75 if you'll still be alive,then claim your pension which might not be forthcoming by then.The few lucky ones who join Oote kigyo and rise up the ranks might start getting a sustainable pay by around 40s..but they have to kiss their sempai's butts before then.The rest of the crowd will quit at some point and continue to live hand to mouth.

Ganbare,gaman shite.

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Posted in: Kishida, U.S. ambassador visit Hiroshima See in context

All countries that have nuclear should get rid of them.ALL COUNTRIES.

Kishida San please tell that to the ambassador before end of today's ceremony.Let's start from there.

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Posted in: Japan to ban luxury car exports to Russia See in context

Will this hurt the Russian economy or the exporter in Japan?

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Posted in: Kishida calls for aggressive wage hikes in push for wealth redistribution See in context

Hitori gurashi in a cheap area

Apaato 7 man yen monthly

Tabemono 7man yen monthly





I need to fly back to see my aging parents



Wife and kids

Phew,I'm looking for an exit from Japan but I can't afford an air ticket.

Sinking deep into the unknown future.

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Posted in: N Korea test-fires new long-range cruise missile: KCNA See in context

The arsenal race continues.Now South Korea and Japan should make the mother of all that can travel a million miles all the way to heaven and hell as a show off to N.Korea because negotiations never work in some parts of the world.

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Posted in: Japan cosmetics maker to exit S Korea amid anti-Korean post protest See in context

"Pure Japanese"

You want to trade with foreign countries,export and import but still discriminate?Well,let's see where that will get you.Make your own bed and sleep in it.

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Posted in: British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth makes 1st port call in Japan See in context

Covid has completely disrupted social life.

I remember pre covid years when navy ships made calls in Nagasaki and there would be a stampede of J girls flooding to Sasebo looking for prince charming.

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Posted in: Afghan Paralympian beats the odds to compete in Tokyo See in context

Japan will not let him stay and if they do,it will be after a veeeery looooong fight involving lawyers,human rights activists etc..and he'll only get like a 2 month provisional/temporary permit to stay,maybe renewable for a month or two after another loooong and exhausting fight,then maybe even locked up in between and finally deported.

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Posted in: Japanese man says 'I’m a Vietnamese' while pointing knife at convenience store worker to rob her See in context

Pointing at gaijin whenever anything out of the ordinary happens has long been a tradition a Japanese national is arrested with illegal drugs,all they need to say is that they got them from a gaijin on the streets and they would be let off with a slap on the wrist.Naming a Japanese would mean that he/she would have to take them to the Japanese pusher/dealer.

Meanwhile,the J cops would raid the named streets and harass any gaijin they come across.

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Posted in: Taliban blame U.S. for airport chaos See in context

The U.S.should take all the refugees.

They went into Afghanistan 20 years ago and now that the strategy has hit a dead end,it's time to pull out and abandon things,give asylum to only a select few and tell other countries to take in the rest and clean up the mess?

I know there are people who support the U.S on this forum whether the U.S.does good or bad but the whole world can clearly see that this is a complete mess and the U.S.gvt should take full responsibility.

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Posted in: Woman with COVID-19 loses baby after being forced to give birth prematurely at home See in context

I've said it before jhat being industrialized is not being developed.You can have as many factories as you can but that does not equate to being a developed nation.There're snd many countries that do not have the same number of factories but have much happier societies.This woman and her baby should have been saved but instead they denied her help.What kind of society is that?

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Posted in: M7.2 magnitude earthquake hits Haiti; at least 304 killed See in context

Hope Haiti get's adequate assistance.Numbers will definitely climb.They should use lighter material for construction IMHO.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 82-year-old mother after laundry argument See in context

Very sad.After living in Japan for more than 24 years I've observed somethings in the society.

1.Cup is very clean on the outside.But inside..?By this I mean Japanese people mind a lot about outside appearance and will do anything to protect that but on the inside,there's a huge problem.

2.Gvt and media have done an excellent job brainwashing the populace that Japan is the best country in the world.Many Japanese people keep on asking me whether I love Japan etc expecting me to reply that I love everything about Japan,but when I reply that there are things I like and things that I don't like,they get surprised.

Many Japanese people think that they live a good life but when I compare to many of my friends overseas,life here is miserable.Life here is a virtual robot,die sad,alone and miserable or get killed by a family member who is tire of taking care of you.

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Posted in: Immigration agency admits to mistreatment of Sri Lankan before her death See in context

What's the difference between Japanese system and North Korean system?NONE.

Japan has been trying to mobilize the international community,the U.N.and even pleading with the sanction North Korea for abducting and mistreating Japanese nationals but the Japanese are doing exactly the same.They murdered Wishma and and the only purnishment the officials get is a reprimand?Unbelievable.

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Posted in: Belarus runner used quick thinking to avoid being sent home See in context

Out of curiosity,if she had no other option,would Japan have given her asylum?Or would they have bundled her onto the next flight?Or would she have ended up like the Sri Lankan lady?

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