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Posted in: Japan to give tax breaks for long-term foreign residents to attract financial experts See in context

@Sakurasuki,on point.

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@ Gary,The only reason they are brought into this island is,

1.To fill in the gaps left by the younger  

  Japanese who go for greener pastures.

2.They are expendable.Will be kicked out

  once the economic situation gets bad.

3.Low unsustainable wages,that's why the

  younger Japanese don't want to be there

  in the first place.

4.Last but not least.Once these young

  Vietnamese start having babies,reports of  

  cases will start appearing here on JT

  about abandoned fetuses,arrests and

  subsequent deportation etc.and categorized as criminals.There are

  conditions set.Can't have families.

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This is the 2nd case in two weeks.I really feel sorry for her and so many others facing the same situation.

Japanese system is so cold.These trainees are not allowed to have kids or even bring their families here.They are slaves under a system of use and trash.

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Society also needs to change.Nowadays,J women who are close to 40 still think they are still"Onnanoko"and want to continue partying.Yet at that age one is already"Obasan",and then rush to fertility clinics the last minute.

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Very true what your friend from India told you.

As a foreigner,knowing too much deep Japanese,you become a threat to their jobs.When I write my resume,they don't believe I did that on my own.

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Lot's of foreigners who lost their jobs due to corvid had no families to go back to unlike the Japanese nationals who had.They also had little to no support and there were no flights.

And Japan still wants to attract foreign workers.

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Posted in: Race to boost financial hub status intensifies among Japanese cities See in context

Japan will need to overhaul it's culture of how they think about foreigners.

I graduated from a Japanese uni,I speak fluent Japanese,have lived here for many years but Japanese people still avoid me like a plague.Getting services at Japanese companies is still a nightmare.Even making real Japanese friends is not easy.When I need to consult,the only people I can rely on are other foreigners.

Jobs for foreigners in Japan are very limited.Just call a Japanese company and try and get a job there.even if you have the qualifications,the fact that you have a foreign name rules you out.

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Japan has been very frustrating.

I am in the export industry and I get money sent to me from abroad.But the bank has been holding the money till I fax them invoices to prove what this money is for.

And after shipping I have to fax the shipment document to them or send a copy by post.They have known me for years and have all my details yet they still continue to do this and I am bringing in legal direct foreign money into Japan and not taking out.

I am now counting down and when I get another country with same products,I'm leaving Japan. 

One of my colleagues who is in a similar business but different products found a new source and is leaving this December.

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Infact the robots/slaves from South East Asia have also been rendered jobless.They cant even afford to pay rent and most have debts.Cant even afford to save anything.

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Posted in: The life of Ghosn: Fugitive tycoon to star in documentary and a mini-series See in context

A must watch.I read on another article that the prosecutors are now in limbo and do not know what to do with Greg Kelly because their main aim was to have their show with Carlos though they are still pushing on with Gregs case to save face.I hope this exposes the injustice plus many other areas eg the abduction of kids issue.

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Great observation.

I met one J woman at work who is almost 40 and still lives with her parents.Not that her parents need her help but because its convenient for her.

And she invited me for lunch.She takes me to a very expensive restaurant.After lunch,she proceeds to take me to a street that has a line of brands where the cheapest shirt costs more than 20,000 yen and brand bags costing more than 100,000 yen and when we got there she was acting like a kid on her first expedition and insisting to me to start a shopping spree.Of course I had no interest and didn't buy.

I took her outside the shops sat her down and asked her what she plans to do with her future.She seemed clueless and surprised that I even asked her that question.She told me buying brands.I got bored and told her I'm going back home.

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Posted in: Suga's pledge to boost fertility treatment won't reverse declining birth rate, say experts See in context

Lets do simple math.

The average contract or baito worker gets on average between 1000 yen to around 1200 yen.

Work 8 hours a day and and you have under 10,000 yen x 20 or 21 days a month and you have about 200,000

minus tax and your take home is about 160,000 yen.

Rent at a cheap apa-to in the suburbs about 60,000,food about 50,000,utilities,phone,households,miscellaneous,and you end up with zero or minus before the next pay.

Every woman I meet,the first question is,"Shigoto wa nani yatteru no?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for killing man with cassette gas torch burner See in context

At 45 she's not a chick but obasan.

Chick is for much younger girls.

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Posted in: Who is next after Abe? Potential successors See in context

In Japan,it is officially inheritance.Grandfather was a PM,son a minister,Grandson a PM..

That is the official trend.It is close to impossible for a commoner to reach the helm.Power is in the hands of a few families.

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Posted in: Trump: NBA has become like 'a political organization' See in context

Deflection tactics.Your house is on fire but instead of putting that fire out,you point to China.Just remember that the other three fingers are pointing back at you.

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Posted in: Fury from victims at 'devil' New Zealand mosque shooter See in context

His face is very scary and ugly.I wonder what he sees when he looks at the mirror.No wonder he suffers from inferiority complex.

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Vegetables and fruits have become so expensive.JA is in short supply of slave laborers.That is why Gvt sponsored slaves will be allowed in first and later self sponsored students.

A student is a student,what's the difference?Why the bias?

The rest of the PR's,Spouse etc who thought that after living here for decades,have families,some even own property and businesses & pay taxes would be considered...This should be an eye opener.You're on your own.You're just a Permanent Gaijin.Use and dump.

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Posted in: Japan's re-entry ban to contain virus unfair, Western business lobbies say See in context

I think everything should be reciprocal.

You close your door,I close mine.You open your door,I open mine.

I have already discussed this issue with my Embassy and waiting to hear the results.

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Posted in: Woman finds skeleton, possibly of her missing brother, while cleaning her house See in context

What?Very weird story..They lived in the same house and didn't realise he was dead all these years in his room?Just unbelievable.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 429 new virus cases; numbers up in Kanagawa, Saitama See in context

@Akula,What isn't stated here is that the rate of recovery is also quite high. There were over 1500 new cases in Japan but also well over 1100 recoveries. The number of active cases will start falling again soon.

Please note that these are only the known and reported cases.There are many more unknown and unreported cases, therefore talking of recovery cases does not help the situation much.

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Posted in: Saizeriya restaurant develops face mask to wear when eating See in context

Saizeriya is full of kids because it is a cheap eatery.I'm sure some kids came up with the idea and this clown thought it was a great idea.. unbelievable for an adult and more so the president to take up the idea and show it to the rest of the world..

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Seems by the end of this pandemic,I don't know when that's going to be,we'll be back to stoneage.So many bankruptcies worlwide.

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I always try my best to keep distance and when alone I remove my mask but since I have to go shopping and pass through crowded areas,I have to wear a mask,yesterday and day before I felt like Im suffocating and about to collapse.

I do not know how people are going to survive this summer in this masks.

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Posted in: Macron says aid to blast-stricken Lebanon won't go to 'corrupt hands' See in context

And how will it be accounted for Macron?

This country is full of cartels and within a short time,they will find a channel.

The NGO's etc will only help to some extent but these cartels always find a way.

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I guess by the end of the pandemic,the world will be back to stoneage.

All companies are now kneeling in front of gvt's.

I don't even want to think about airlines.Some or even most are already dead.

I saw news of Virgin Atlantic today on another article and just closed my eyes, didn't read it to the end.

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Posted in: Carlos Ghosn's house damaged in Beirut blast: report See in context

KentarogaijinToday  03:42 am JST

The hole where that criminal is hiding get damaged.. Mmmmhhhh...

Good morning everyone !!..

Never wish that on someone.You never know about the next where it will be.

I wish all the people of Lebanon a quick recovery.

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I think if this issue is pressed from outside Japan,then the J gvt can make changes.

I once tried to sue a private case in Japan.All the lawyers, judges were Japanese and all they saw in me was a gaijin walking in and out of courts and they all tried to discourage me and the lawyers just took my money.

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Heat wave season has just set in.

Combine that with Corona and it will be really stressful.

Wearing a mask in this heat.

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In this heat,I would probably wait if I was abroad.

Humidity and extreme temperatures plus a mask is not something to joke about esp in Tokyo and crowded trains.

Very difficult to breath.

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Posted in: Japan to grant re-entry 'gradually' to foreign residents stuck abroad See in context

I do not know who advices Japanese gvt but whoever does,has been doing a shoddy job.

People are watching and taking notes.Do they realise that this is going to have an overall and negative effect in future?

I have a relative who works at the immigration department in a different country and she couldn't believe when I told her what's going on here.

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