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@burning bush

No matter how hard you try, you aren't getting access to my body.

I bet you’d give them access to your body if you presented to the emergency room unable to breathe after catching COVID.

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If you click the link in the article it will take you to the official released figures including number of tests.

Tests conducted on 8/29 (the day reported) were 3,112. It's all there, linked in the article

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@Ashley Shiba

 the majority that are in ICU are in their 20's, 30's and 40's

Where are you getting your information? Please link your sources.

Toyokeizai give very different statistics for people in serious condition or in ICU:

80s+ - 88 people

70s - 151

60s - 115

50s - 99

40s - 48

30s - 2

20s - 0

10s - 1

under 10 - 0

You can find all this information yourself here:

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The patient is not displaying severe symptoms

If they are not displaying severe symptoms then why are they being hospitalised ahead of locals who are being refused admission left, right and centre?!

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Man tried to light a fire using salad oil. Seriously doubt he’d be able to make a bomb

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This is going to be a never ending story for the time being

It’s either never ending or it’s for the time being. It can’t be both lol

Your post sums up the intelligence of most of the post on this site, self-contradicting drivel!!

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Positive cases from private clinics do not count to the official daily tally.

Genuine question, not doubting you are correct but, what’s your source on this information?

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