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Posted in: 67-year-old man arrested after body of his mother found at home See in context

Seems like a good idea for the national government to come up with some kind of information campaign to educate people on this issue.

Everyday at 16:00 our local city office makes an announcement over the public PA system reminding citizens of the ongoing COVID reduction measures in place. Maybe add a line or two about how to report a family death, the penalties for not reporting same, and the apparently not too obvious health issues associated with keeping rotting bodies in your home.

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Posted in: Dogs ride bullet train to Nagano See in context

I'd love to take my 40+kg GSD on a trip like this, but he's a bit too frisky and talkative to coop up in a train car with a bunch of other dogs. He, like me, would rather stay home in our little country village, take long walks a few times a day and go for a swim in the nearby river.

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for upskirt filming admits having done it on at least 150 occasions: police See in context

I have 4 granddaughters ranging from junior high to college.

These kind of perverts make my blood boil!!

I'd hate to think what my reaction would be if I caught one of these "men" doing something like that to one of my grandkids.

It would likely make the news here on JT.

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Posted in: 7-month-old boy dies from ruptured liver See in context


Today 09:40 am JST

Before we burn the mother at stake before knowing the facts, this could very well have been an accident, and we don’t have sufficient information

Well, that started off as a reasonable argument but then....

The liver is the most commonly damaged organ from broken ribs and trauma to the torso.

Boxers going down from a body-blow are literally fainting because the liver was compressed and released toxins into the bloodstream.

... we're talking about 7 month old baby. Not a boxer. And trauma sever enough to cause a damage liver would require a pretty serious 'accident', which probably could have been avoided if Mom had been paying attention. Of course, expecting her to properly supervise her children would be foolish considering the fact that she already had one child removed from her care apparently for the very opposite outcome.

This was clearly a failure of the system that is meant to protect children. Hopefully some official AND the mother will have their positions of responsibility eliminated.

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl dies after being hit by car driven by father See in context

Maybe I missed something in the article, but where did it say the father was reversing out of the driveway?

I agree with all the experts on here that say checking your area before reversing out of the driveway is mandatory. Just don't know if that caution applies here. Maybe the guy was coming home from the store or work, (yes, I know it says around 2 p.m., but we all don't work 'normal' shift hours).

I do agree with the comment above asking who was supervising the girl and allowed her to play in the street unattended.

At any rate, it's a very sad story and the father will likely never recover from this.

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Posted in: 31-year-old woman arrested for attempted murder of father See in context

The jails are populated by people denying the charges they were arrested for. It's up to the justice system to figure out the facts. Is a perfect system? Nope! But should those charged with violent crimes be allowed to go home and roam the streets until proven guilty? I'm not in favor of that.

Non-violent crimes......sure, let them out of jail.

But when one is charged with a violent crime, one in this case she admitted to, until the facts are straightened out, the perp needs to be detained.

Now, if the lady was defending herself or her mother from an unwelcome "visit" by daddy, set her free and lock up that scumbag.

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Posted in: 31-year-old woman arrested for attempted murder of father See in context

Kobe White Bar Owner

May 14 06:39 pm JST

Wow Japanese injustice system showing it’s prowess as ever!

Care to explain? How exactly is any injustice evidenced in the story above? Daughter attacks absentee father with a knife, gets arrested. So far that's all we know, (or at least all I know), based on the article.

She admits to slashing her father in the face and neck with a knife, but denies trying to kill him. She gets arrested for the attempted murder. So far all seems reasonable action by the police.

Could we all speculate as to the reason why she attacked him? Sure. But that would be speculation, at best, which certainly would be an injustice until more facts are known.

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Posted in: Man fatally stabbed outside drugstore in Nagasaki Prefecture See in context

Stabbed outside a drugstore and died due to loss of blood???

Are pharmacists in Japan incapable of providing basic first aid?

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Posted in: 99 islands See in context

Kujuku-shima Islands, which means "99 islands" in Japanese, 

Actually Kujuku-shima translates to 99 islands. Adding the English "Islands" is repetitive.

Like Oze-gawa River, or Mount Fuji-san.........

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Posted in: Man arrested over attempted murder of woman See in context

Women always offend men by calling them poor...

Speaking from personal experience??

And is being called poor by a woman an acceptable excuse for trying to murder her?

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Posted in: Woman arrested after ailing mother found dead at home See in context

How sad the mom must have been, knowing her own daughter, whom she most likely looked after for her entire life, decided to let her die in neglect.

Will we be reading about this daughter being found dead in her home after being neglected by her own daughter in 30+ years? Imagine what her last thoughts will be........

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to closely watch currency movement as yen tumbles See in context

I foresse the day the yen will be worthless.

When I came here the first time in 1973, the yen to dollar conversion rate was around ¥360 to $1.00. It wasn't worthless then, and when the dollar fell to ¥89 a couple of decades ago, it was likewise not worthless.

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Posted in: 28-year-old woman who left Japan using dead mother's passport arrested See in context

So, all good points above about the use of her mom's passport, but are we missing the fact that her mother was likely murdered, (bled out from several cuts on the head), and the daughter was in such a rush to get out of the country that she had to use her mom's passport?

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Posted in: Man arrested for stomping mother to death See in context

I've no doubt this was not the first time this scumbag assaulted his own mother. Now the coward will be living on the taxpayers dime, (yen), with 3 hots and a cot for the rest of his miserable life.

"Spare the rod and spoil the child." And the result was this.

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Posted in: Vietnamese man released after being wrongfully arrested for assault in Tokyo See in context

Today 07:24 am JST

Moreover, they did not take the time to check footage from security cameras...

Which would have given the real attacker even more time to leave the area and escape arrest. The cops needed to act fast.

Uhh....the two hours that they held the wrong guy while likely not continuing their search for the real attacker, did in fact give the actual perp plenty of time to escape.

The cops "acting fast" was the reason the actual perp got away.

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Posted in: Russo-Japanese former HKT48 idol Anna Murashige reacts to hurtful online comments See in context

The ignorance of some people would be astounding if I had not experienced it myself from my own American countrymen whom I often receive ignorant comments based on my decision to live in Japan, and by some Japanese people for the same reason.

Stupidity, bigotry and hatefulness knows no borders.

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Posted in: 70 Japanese volunteer to fight for Ukraine against Russia See in context

A more sophisticated way for suicide

Suicide is the ultimate selfish act.

Volunteering to go help defend another nation from an international madman is the ultimate act of selflessness.

There seems to be a lot lower forms of selfishness on display in the comments here.

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Posted in: Man arrested for breaking into vacant house and stealing cash See in context

Police said Morohashi emerged as a suspect after he left a personal item at the scene, without elaborating further.

Let's see, driver's license, health insurance card, business card....??

I know a temp staff company that is hurting for new staff. Pays way better than the paltry chump change this two bit thief got.

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Posted in: Toyota to resume Japan production after cyberattack hits supplier See in context

If it was a cyber attack, it was more likely a test run from one of two major foreign actors.

Stand by for more attacks on public utilities.

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Posted in: Russia-Ukraine conflict raises big risks for global economy See in context

The photo above associated with it's caption is laughable. That damage is not unlike minor damages caused by the recent "celebratory" riots in LA after the Rams won the Super Bowl.

Surely there are photos coming out of Ukraine that show what real devastation from artillery and airborne shelling looks like???

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Posted in: Man found naked in Sapporo laundromat in middle of the night See in context

I usually dread reading the Crime section reports, but this one was a nicely written comical relief. No drama in the facts, just laid out bare for all to see........Lol

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Posted in: COVID-19 restrictions on U.S. forces personnel in Japan to end Monday See in context

Cue the anti US bases comments.......

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Posted in: Neil Young demands Spotify remove his music over Joe Rogan 'disinformation' See in context

Rogan is a fool and a fraud.

Young is the "old man" he once sang about.

I don't listen to Rogan. I do still listen to Young.

Spotify is not an app I use.

End of story.

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Posted in: M6.6 quake hits southwestern Japan; over 10 injured See in context

First my cellphone sounded an alarm, followed immediately by the public address system with a recorded alarm and message.

I was out of bed when the first shudder started. Not strong but certainly noticeable. My 75lb German Shepherd jumped up as soon as I did and came right to my side, as trained.

Line messaged both my sons to make sure they and their families were ok. Eldest replied immediately that they were ok. The youngest took a little longer. Said since he was up anyway, he had a beer before going back to bed. ;-)

Otake-shi, Hiroshima-ken.

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Posted in: A safer gun? 'Smart' pistols headed to U.S. market See in context

Smart phones have already proven they don't make their owners any smarter.

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Posted in: Tesla signs deal to get key battery component outside China See in context

The deal with Syrah is part of a broader effort by automakers to secure relatively scarce raw materials for batteries as demand for electric vehicles is expected to grow,

If the raw materials to produce batteries is already "scarce", how sustainable is the electric vehicle industry? It's not only cars, trucks, buses and other public transportation vehicles that need these batteries, but aviation is recently pumping up it's efforts to develop and produce electric powered flying machines.

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Posted in: Classic rock albums turning 50 See in context

Neil Young's Harvest was one of my favorite albums in 1972. Had it on both vinyl for the house and 8-track for my 1964 Dodge Dart GT convertible. Damn, how I wish I had that car now.

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Posted in: Japan overturns decision to cancel U.S. drone acquisition See in context


Today 07:35 am JST

We can use them to spy on US bases

You do know that every US base in Japan has hundreds, if not thousands, of Japanese citizens working on them, full time, some in command headquarters positions, right? Not to mention that many US bases in Japan are actually jointly operated with SDF units.......

So using a billion yen drone to "spy" on US bases that are normally, (outside current COVID restrictions), open to the Japanese public with very little restriction, seems a bit overkill, (pun intended).

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Posted in: Japan tells U.S. military to enforce virus rules after Okinawa base cluster See in context

Desert TortoiseToday  08:36 am JST

US personnel are, in fact, already subject to the laws of the host nation based on the SOFA, (Status of Forces Agreement), negotiated between the US and host country governments. Whether that agreement comes into play in this situation is still to be seen, but if the US was hosting foreign troops on US soil, would you feel the same way? And, before you answer you should know that that scenario happens all the the time.

As for those that keep pounding the "Yanks Go Home" drum everytime some issue comes up regarding the US military here, while you're free to express your uneducated opinions, it is never going to happen.

I do agree the military command on Okinawa need to get their act together and start enforcing the ROM rules already in place for ALL new arrivals. This is, and has been a primarily Okinawa command problem from the beginning. Other bases on mainland Japan have been quite good at mitigating COVID spread. In fact, MCAS Iwakuni has been far better than most, including the surrounding Japanese prefectural governments.

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Posted in: Japan space agency starts recruiting astronauts for 1st time in 13 years See in context

Sounds like a very interesting and exciting opportunity for those with an adventurous spirit. At 66 I'm probably a bit past the eligibility window, but I'd sign up in a heartbeat if that window opened a little wider.

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