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Posted in: Search efforts continue after U.S. Osprey crashes into sea; one death confirmed See in context

So many aviation engineering experts commenting here........

Have any of these "experts" who are decrying the operational abilities of this aircraft type ever actually worked on aircraft of any type?

I have. 22 years on active duty, 16 years in military aviation, 8 different types.

Maybe reserve your criticism to topics you actually know about.

And how about a little compassion for those still missing, likely dead, and their families, friends and colleagues.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing woman outside apartment in Tokushima Prefecture See in context

Police said Yamashita has admitted stabbing Fujikawa but denied intent to kill.

Really? Stabbing someone in the neck, even with what sounds like a small bladed knife, certainly could easily result in the victim bleeding out quickly, ie death.

Hopefully the victim recovers physically, but it will take far longer to recover mentally and emotionally.

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Posted in: House of Representatives staff member arrested for shoplifting See in context

Likely not the first time for this guy.

Also no "I was hungry and didn't have any money." excuse for this one.

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Posted in: Common-law couple plead not guilty over death of 2-year-old girl See in context

Another innocent angel murdered by pure selfish motives. Imagine the trauma her older brother also suffered finding his little sister dying. I would not be surprised to learn all the children lived in some amount of constant terror from birth.

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Posted in: Man arrested for spitting on woman on Osaka street See in context

According to the warrant, the man, whose name hasn’t been released,

And just why hasn't his name been released? Nor his age? If he's under age, the report would likely say so. Ripe for speculation.

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Posted in: Police investigate report of someone spreading white powder on street in Hyogo See in context

Google Hash House Harriers.

It's a type of running club that uses flour and chalk to mark a running trail.

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Posted in: Malaysia arrests 7 Japanese men suspected of phone scam operation See in context


Today 07:40 am JST

More than likely these 7 will be extradited back to Japan before they face the type of corporal punishment, especially since the Malaysian police were tipped off by the Japanese Embassy.

I'm not saying the Malay and Singaporean criminal justice system isn't draconian, but that's an internal issue having little to do with this report.

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Posted in: Woman gets life in prison for killing woman, tossing her body from bridge into river See in context

Kobune beat Kiyonori to death with a baseball bat inside the car at a parking lot.

How does one swing a baseball bat inside a car?

Also, I hope this story caused the social (?) networking site to be shut down. But probably not, sadly.

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Posted in: Technician arrested for taking voyeuristic images of woman during electrocardiogram See in context


Dude, get a life. Or a girlfriend.

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Posted in: Hilton Japan apologizes for 'disrespectful' ad disparaging traditional Japanese inns See in context

If one is willing to pay the same price for a ryokan stay as the would for a one night stay at a Hilton, the experience may not be that different. I've stayed at several Hilton hotels in Japan at a premium price for executive suites. I've likewise stayed at ryokan at the same price range. These usually include in room onsen baths, excellent amenities, outstanding cultural experiences and great food.

The point: you get what you pay for.

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Posted in: U.S. Marines sets up littoral unit in Okinawa for islands defense See in context

Oh look. The ever present US military bashing has been awakened yet again.

Fine. Send all the US troops back home and let's see how long it takes a Russo-China assault to begin. And then let's see how long it takes all the bathers here to start whining about being left to the wolves........

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Posted in: Ground Self-Defense Force member arrested for breaking into home in Chiba Prefecture See in context

Waiting for the outrage often displayed here when it's an American military member doing exactly the same thing.............................................

Still waiting.....................

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man shot by police after Osaka apartment quarrel See in context

I can't tell if some if the comments are sarcasm, but several are just downright hilarious.

What if it hits a bird, or a plane, or a blimp, or a satellite, or the ISS, or the moon?

It's a .38, not an NK missile.

Someone posted a couple of months ago that it is police policy (in some areas anyway) that the first bullet in the gun is a blank.

Yeah, let's tell all the criminals out there that they have a 2nd chance because the first round is a blank...

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting wife in taxi in Hokkaido See in context

Oh, Japan must be a safe place if this is the only crime today.

Highly unlikely this is the only crime today in Japan, but if it's the top news JT is reporting in it's crime section, it's an indication that more serious crimes are not as prevalent as in many other modern nations in the world.

So does that mean Japan is safe? I guess that depends on what context the question is asked in.

Safer than other peer nations? In my opinion, yes.

Safe for a specific citizenry in reference to Japan only, ie; women, children, foreign workers? Not so much based on reported prosecutorial consequences for such crimes.

Challenge to those who are so quick to call out Japan's "high" crime rate: Google any 5 peer nations' national news outlets' crime sections for a similar time period of your choice and make an accurate comparison.

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Posted in: Man charged with murder of 85-year-old woman in Nagano Prefecture last December See in context

Police believe Hashizume got to know Hara when the company he worked for at the time did some refurbishing work on her home.

I'm not a fan of blaming the company for the criminal actions of a single employee, but if the renovation company she hired is a small family run business, it might be a good thing to let the public know the name so future potential customers can do their due diligence before hiring them. It may also encourage small businesses to better vet their employees.

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Posted in: Quick-thinking Japanese cab driver prevents passenger suicide at dam See in context

A heartfelt salute to this taxi driver who showed true heroism through his empathy and compassion for his fellow human beings. I'd bet my lunch money this isn't the first time he's done such a deed.

May we all learn from him.

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Posted in: Man slashed, robbed on Nagoya street See in context

I suspect if one only reads the Crime section of these news sources, it would seem that crime is on the rise, and it may well be. However, yesterday's big crime story was about a guy breaking into a lady's home and washing her lingerie. Yeah. Huge crime spree..... ;-)

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing at least 50 air conditioner units in Gunma See in context

The crime in this country is skyrocketing it is catching up with N. America minus the gun violence

That's a pretty BIG minus. And one that nearly every modern nation on earth shares with Japan.

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Posted in: Elementary school janitor arrested for using camera to spy on girls in toilet See in context

wait...........since when does a Japanese school pay for a janitor.

> isn't that why they have clean up time for the kids? free labor? It's not free labor to have the kids take part in communal area cleaning in a daily basis. It's an exercise in character building and teamwork. Something many western nations, including my own, could learn from.

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Posted in: 4 children, father found dead in sunken car off Mie coast See in context

Can any of the commenters above provide any link to support your assumptions that this was a suicide/murder?

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of 63-year-old father See in context

28-year-old unemployed man

This pretty much explains the last sentence:

Tabuchi’s mother told them that her son and her husband had not been getting along recently.

Ya think.....?

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Posted in: Naked man arrested after buying underwear and stealing scooter while drunk See in context

“So, where did he keep his money?”

That would have been my 1st question too.

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Posted in: Man arrested over death of woman he shared apartment with in Chiba See in context

Go straight to jail, on your way to Hell, you scumbag punk!

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Posted in: Man arrested for injuring woman by throwing smartphone at her See in context

A 35 year old 'man' with an obvious mommy complex, likely living off his 55 year old nanny.

Seems like the thrown phone should have been flying in the opposite direction.

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Posted in: Man gets 8 years in prison for beating wife to death, keeping corpse at home for 20 months See in context


Today 09:46 am JST

The headline is misleading. She wasn’t beaten to death.

Well let's see. He beat her enough to break her ribs, that caused internal injuries resulting in traumatic shock that eventually killed her, because he didn't take her to the hospital.

If one follows the logic here, if he hadn't beat her to begin with, the resulting internal injuries and further traumatic shock wouldn't have happened, hence the beating is what killed her.

I'm no lawyer either, but if the judicial system here had real prosecutors, I suspect they could have convinced the judge on a more appropriate sentence.

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl arrested for fatally stabbing mother at home See in context

Euro Dude

Today 06:51 pm JST

And your expert opinion is based on what, exactly?

Your assumptions may turn out to be true, but until the full story is told, and it may never be, let's hold off a bit on the blame assignment.

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Posted in: 51-year-old man arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting elementary school girl in Chiba See in context

AlanToday 09:02 am JST

Well, yet another day goes by in Japan with the similar story.

Do you really think this kind of thing happens only in Japan?

Or maybe it's just because it makes the news here. Because there are disgusting freaks like this man everywhere, even in your home country. Maybe it's just so common there that news agencies no longer report it?

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Posted in: 19-year-old on trial for parents’ murder says he retaliated against father’s treatment See in context


Today 03:23 pm JST

I have lived here in Japan for 40+ years. Both my sons, now responsible adults, both married with kids of their own, were both out of my house shortly after graduating high school. Not all parents here are spoiling their offspring.

Stephen Chin

Today 02:21 pm JST

He stabbed his father to death because of harsh treatment he had received. Okay: a reasonable answer.

How, exactly, is stabbing one's father in the neck a "reasonable answer"? Who do you think was paying for this punks college? My guess is daddy. Too harsh? Nah. Too late with the harshness. Discipline at the youngest age appropriate is best.

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Posted in: 19-year-old on trial for parents’ murder says he retaliated against father’s treatment See in context

Having no idea what this guy actually had to endure that he considered "harsh", I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest just leave home and cut your ties until you grow up. Probably a better solution than the one he chose, for everyone involved.

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Posted in: Japan gasoline price hits record ¥185.60 per liter See in context

I think it's hilarious that many comments are aimed at the Japanese government and on the other side if the Pacific Americans are blaming that government for high fuel costs.

How about blaming the oil producing nations? It's their greed that causes client nations to make decisions based on their needs and goals.

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