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Posted in: 45-year-old man arrested over murder of woman he was living with See in context

Michael MachidaToday 09:40 am JST


Sorry, I missed the part in the story where it says the murder was NOT committed in the kitchen, where a knife could have been easily just lying on a countertop within arm's reach in the moment of anger in which he stabbed her.

I did not miss the part where it describes their shared apartment as "municipal", ie; subsidized city apartments. Meaning it was likely 2 or 3 small and cramped rooms with not much space to run to and likely divided by unlockable sliding doors that are easily kicked down.

At any rate, the coward admitted to killing her so that pretty much ends the sad story for both of them. All speculation, including my own above, is useless to her and of no help to him.

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Posted in: Man arrested over fatal stabbing outside Osaka bar on Dec 31 See in context

Another "denied intent to kill" defense.

How is that even a thing? You get in a fight, pull a knife, plunge it into the body of the person you are obviously very angry at, and didn't "intend" to kill them? Yeah, not buying it.

Also, why is this guy carrying a knife into a bar?

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Posted in: Japan says it scrambled jets to monitor Chinese aircraft carrier operations See in context

thepersoniamnowToday 07:15 am JST

They should practice I guess.

> They haven’t ever won any wars

Ok, first point: that's not true. Japan has "won" wars in it's distant past.

2nd point: any war with China will include the US and Russia, and just who do you think will "win" that one?

Let me help you with the answer:


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Posted in: 53-year-old man arrested for beating 82-year-old mother to death with his fists See in context

Denied the intent to kill........

Really? Punching an 82 year old woman in the face several times but didn't "intend" to kill?

So, just what exactly what were your intentions?

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Posted in: 30-year-old man, 18-year-old woman found dead in apartment in apparent suicide See in context

Just too sad to consider on the last day of the year.

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Posted in: Mother, holding 2 children, jumps off platform into path of train; all 3 dead See in context

What the hell is going on in Saitama?

We may never know what this woman was facing in life, and I really want to be empathetic toward her, but to take your children with you in death is absolutely inexcusable.

May they all rest in eternal peace.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 3 family members in Saitama Prefecture See in context

Burn in Hell, Saito! Whatever your beef was with the Bishop family, there is no way it rated killing all three. 40 years old and unemployed is a good first sign of a problem person. (Let the naysayers crying foul to that last sentence begin their rants on 1......2.....3......)

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Posted in: 26-year-old man arrested for dumping mother’s body in mountain forest See in context

The article specifically states cause of death unknown and an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause. So jumping to convicting him of murder is a bit premature.

Still, a sad situation for the family as a whole.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for assaulting wife See in context

BigPToday 07:13 am JST

Mmm, what warranted the slapping?

Likely a serious lack of manhood. A police officer is trained in several forms of martial arts.

Apparently this guy forgot the most important part of any SELF DEFENSE training is to be used only in situations calling for it. "Slapping" one's wife is NOT on of those situations, no matter the reason.

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Posted in: 66-year-old man arrested over murder of wife See in context

Stabbed her repeatedly but didn't intend to kill her????


Bye bye pops.

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Posted in: 2 Americans who helped Ghosn flee Japan sent back to U.S. See in context

The article starts off saying they were released to the US as part of a prisoner swap treaty.

No mention of whom they were swapped for.


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Posted in: 7 injured in Saitama Aeon mall after woman pepper sprays them See in context

So COVID masks are ineffective against mace/bear spray.......? Good to know, although getting a shot of this stuff in the eyes is not a pleasant experience either. Yes, first hand experience, and No, I did not try on myself....;-(. It is mandatory training for military security forces who are armed with these agents to understand the impact they have on potential "targets". As is true with many of the non-lethal tools used to control violent/threatening suspects.

Someone seemed surprised that "pepper spray" could cause one to require hospitalization. Two possible reasons: 1) this is Japan and it is not unusual for first responders to transport victims to a hospital for even the slightest injury, and 2) anyone with preexisting respiratory problems would likely find breathing extremely difficult if they inhaled a dose of whatever this was.

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Posted in: Man gets 15 years in prison for killing woman in 2020 See in context

15 years for murder, no mention of the attempted murder.

This is NOT justice. It's the sign of a weak, mysogynistic prosecutorial system that is ruled but geriatric men.

A woman lost her life, and undoubtedly suffered domestic abuse prior to the murder, and a teenage girl lost her mother and is undoubtedly mentally damaged for life after nearly having it also ended violently.

Life in prison for this scumbag would have been the only appropriate punishment.

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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting high school girl’s skirt, groping her on train See in context

By the way, I've got 4 granddaughters in JHS to College. Any perv that gets caught doing this to one of my girls, better hope he gets a very long prison term, because I've got a very long memory. Just sayin'.

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Posted in: Man arrested for cutting high school girl’s skirt, groping her on train See in context

Why do Japanese guys in Japan do this sort of thing in Japan?

Would you prefer Japanese men(?) do this in other countries, or are you saying it would be more acceptable if non-Japanese men(?) did this here in Japan? Just trying to clarify the focus of your question.......

Also, I agree with Bjornson that this is not just a Japan prob!em. Although, since Japan has such a heavily used public transport system, it seems the pervs are attracted to the target rich environment of trains and buses. Easier to blend in with the crowd once he's got his jollys. Maybe the national Police could start staging some undercover women cops dressed in high school skirts on those train lines known to be problem areas, armed with mace and a baton. Gather up the inevitable YouTube, Instagram and TikTok videos of the takedown and start streaming them on large video screens in and around train stations. It's not quite head-on-spikes effective but it might suffice to deter the freaks a bit.

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Posted in: Dog shows up inside commuter train headed for Tokyo See in context

factcheckerToday 07:38 am JST

Who cares?

Apparently you did. Just enough to read and react.......hmmmm....

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Posted in: Woman pays for 'Russian astronaut' to return to Earth in marriage scam See in context

"Ground Control to MajorTom-skaya."


MarkOct. 9  08:05 pm JST

Only in Japan

No. You only have to look at the US and realize millions of people are falling for this kind of scam every day.

Search "Trump's donation scam", and you'll see millions of dollars pouring into a his fake campaign coffers. Covfefe!

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Posted in: N Korea fires 2 more ballistic missiles toward sea See in context

With all these missiles "falling" in the sea between Japan and NK one has to wonder if they are just aiming at the many boatloads of N. Koreans trying to escape.....

Kim keeps feeding the fish his expensive missiles while starving his people.

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Posted in: Former pro baseball pitcher Murata released after assaulting security inspector at Haneda airport See in context

I'm 67. It's not age that prompts these ignorant events. It's arrogance spawned from a myth that age is wisdom. It is, of course, NOT! Wisdom is developed through a variety of experience, personal failure and success.

Always blaming the "ojisan" specter is nothing more than age bigotry.

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Posted in: Mazda in talks to end car production in Russia See in context

Ken HolcombToday 10:31 am JST

Correction to earlier post:

2nd paragraph: "stand strong and united..."

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Posted in: Mazda in talks to end car production in Russia See in context

Eventually the people of Russia are going to revolt. The current government can't continue throwing people in prison while at the same time forcing mandatory military service, both of which are near certain death sentences.

While it would be a really bad idea for any other country to be overtly involved in Putin's ouster, (there's no doubt many are subvertly encouraging this), it is important that the rest of the world stand string and united in their defiance, in action and rhetoric, against Putin's criminal agression.

Japanese companies joining in that global effort should be applauded.

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Posted in: Japan to launch domestic travel subsidy program on Oct 11 See in context

tokyo_mToday  08:49 am JST

Middle class people getting subsidized holidays, paid for by the taxes of the poor. Awful.

Uhh, sorry, but doesn't the middle class pay taxes too?

It seems to mean lot of the naysaying on here is done just to whine.

Here's a thought: if you don't approve of this campaign, simply don't participate.

I, on the other hand, appreciate and will participate in any such plan in which some of my hard earned taxes are returned, even in a small way.

Osaka in October for a Night Ranger I come!

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Posted in: 64-year-old man arrested over murder of wife in car crash See in context

GobshiteToday 10:02 am

Nothing surprises me any more in this "safety country"

Are you suggesting Japan is not a safer country than many other highly industrialized nations based on the reporting of a dual suicide attempt? This would not even had made the front pages of most local papers in virtually ANY city of most industrialized nations on any given day.

Is there crime and danger in Japan? Yes, of course there is.

Please name a single other major country on earth that does not have the same, and many times over..........

I've been living in Japan for over 40 years. I've traveled to many other nations in that time and before. In my opinion, relatively speaking Japan is still safer than many others.

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Posted in: Man arrested for possessing gunpowder near U.S. Embassy in Tokyo See in context

A potentially highly inflammable, (probably not explosive if it wasn't packed tightly), substance carried in a cloth covered "cup". ??

Ok genius. Stand here in this open field, away from any structure or other people, and let's see how your 'bomb' works.

Fire in the hole!!!

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Posted in: How the strong U.S. dollar can affect everyone See in context

proxyToday 08:25 am JST

The burning question is where is Japan's line in the sand? Is it 150 or 155?

It was 360 when I first came to Japan in the early '70s. I doubt the line is that far away, but it is a reference point.

As a retired US military member who also collects US social security benefits, I'm ok with the current trend. My "day job" pays in yen and equals my other income so rise or fall of the dollar doesn't really impact me, personally.

Both my sons and their wives are paid exclusively in yen. Neither have complained either way, except about fuel and food price increases which have been ongoing for at least a couple of years now.

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Posted in: 'Japan’s Got Talent' coming to screens in 2023 with Japanese comedian as judge See in context

bass4funkToday  08:01 am JST

I’m not sure about this one. It definitely won’t be anything as big as it’s American or British counterparts.

Neither are Australia, Canada, Italy, Poland, Russia, or the more general Asia's Got Talent shows. But that doesn't mean it can't be good for the domestic market.

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Posted in: 'Japan’s Got Talent' coming to screens in 2023 with Japanese comedian as judge See in context

My Japanese wife of 47 years has just recently began watching the Got Talent reruns on YouTube. She absolutely loves them, as do I. While it may take awhile for the show to warm up and settle in, I've no doubt it will become a hit here, as it has in many other countries.

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Posted in: Nurse arrested for vandalism after scribbling kanji for ‘death’ 47 times on car See in context

Work stress or demonic possession?

Either way it's definitely time for this nurse to take an extended vacation.

However, if the victim turns up dead in the future, and the nurse is found to be in no way related to his passing, will she be considered a prophet?

Seems like a plot for a mystery movie.

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Posted in: Yen tumbles to lower 144 range against U.S. dollar See in context

¥360 - $1.00 when I first came to Japan in the early 70s.

¥88 - $1.00 in the 90's

And yet here we are still living our lives. All this "the sky is failing" rhetoric does nothing but cause anxiety and depression amongst those that aren't able to think for themselves. Lighten up, people. For those that can, try putting away some money in dollar/gold based investments. Find a good, well known investment firm and assess your financial risk tolerance conservatively. Then go on about your lives.

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Posted in: 71-year-old woman arrested over attempted murder of son See in context

Considering the high number of reported familia murders going the other way recently, (kids killing parents), maybe she was just being proactively self defensive?????

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