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Posted in: Man arrested for stabbing real estate agent while being shown apartment See in context

Social distancing may have prevented this.

Seriously, this guy needs to have his head my size 12 combat boot.

I sincerely pray for the young woman's full physical recovery, but I can't imagine her being psychologically able to resume her job as a lone real estate agent any time soon.

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Posted in: Japan to boost stimulus to ¥117 tril due to cash payouts to ease virus pain See in context

Like many others, when I file my Japanese taxes I include my bank account info for direct deposit of my return. Seems like an easy way for the gov to figure out how to "speedily" get these funds into the hands of those that need it.

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Posted in: 'LIBERATE!': Trump pushes states to lift virus restrictions See in context

The US will LIBERATE ourselves of the moron now in the White House in November this year.

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Posted in: Osaka asks citizens for raincoats amid shortage of protective gear See in context

Were the city and national politicians living under a rock for the past several months when these exact same issues were playing out in virtually every other nation on earth?

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Posted in: Ready for screening See in context

Unfortunately because the Commander, US Forces Japan has not put out clear guidance to all US bases, leaving each base commander to figure it out on their own. While personnel aboard NAS Atsugi are pretty much in total lockdown, with anyone going on or off base must have certification from the command for their trip, just a few miles away, US Army Camp Zama has almost no measures employed.

Seems the generals and admirals are following their CiC's lead. No concise and coordinated leadership, therefore avoiding personal blame later.

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Posted in: 60% in Japan feel gov't handled early stages of virus poorly: poll See in context

Imagine that, the Japanese poll regarding how the government here has responded to the crisis is right in line with a US poll asking Americans how they feel about Trump's administration's handling of the crises there.....hmmmm...

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Posted in: Barbers, 'izakaya,' dept stores, DIY shops to be off Tokyo's closure request list See in context

Izakaya, however, will only be allowed to open until around 8 p.m., according to the source.

Because the virus only infects people after 8 p.m.........

Yeah, that makes total sense. (Heavy sarcasm intended)

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Posted in: Watery welcome See in context

Maybe they will live stream it so people can watch it from their locked down homes...........yeah, probably not.

Come on down folks. See the staff swim in thier Sunday best, shop at our gift stores, crowd into the viewing room to see all the fish.

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Posted in: Trump first foreign leader to call for postponing Tokyo Olympics See in context

Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

Trump needs to focus on the US situation. If he's so interested in the Olympics, why did he not say he would be pulling the US team from the competitions? Because he always wants give himself a way out. All talk, no walk. Private Bone Spur once again playing General.

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Posted in: 5 famous foods you’ll find in Hiroshima See in context

Unlike the conventional dish popularized in Osaka...

I guess it depends on where one was first introduced to this delicious, beer drinking, gaijin favorite. I first came to Hiroshima in the early 70s. Never had the Osaka-soup style until many years later. The difference is equal to New York City vs Chicago style pizza. I prefer the more "conventional" Hiroshima way, thank you.

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Posted in: Canceling Tokyo Olympics would cut Japan GDP growth by 1.4%: estimate See in context

Coronavirus is still spreading out all over the world. Nobody wants virus back home after Olympics is over.

Bit of an oxymoron, isn't it. If the virus is already "spreading out all over the world", the athletes will just be bringing it here from their home countries. No escaping it so let the games begin!

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Posted in: Japan's 1st female paratrooper See in context

Jonathan Prin She looks frail.

If she can carry 60kgs, I can carry 100kgs then.

Good if it is her passion but beyond enemy lines, itwon't be soft for women.

And you base your assessment of her stamina on a photo? Or have you actually gone on training exercises with her?

After 23 years in the US Marines, twice on combat tours, it's my humble opinion there are plenty of women who can do just as well as the average grunt in the field.

And yes, humility is a relative word when talking to a Marine.

Good on you Sgt. May you and your fellow soldiers never have to prove your skills in actual combat and may you succeed with honor if you do.

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Posted in: Virus spreads to more countries as new cases slow in China See in context

Hmmm.......I just watched a live stream of US VP Putz say there are only 43 cases confirmed. Someone is spreading viral BS.

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Posted in: Rocker Neil Young calls Trump 'a disgrace' See in context

The decades of drug abuse have destroyed his brain. In the words of Lynryd Skynyrd, "I hope Neil Young will remember, us Southern men don't need him around anyhow..."

At least he has a brain to have been affected by your false accusation of "decades of drug use". As fot those Southern men, of course that would be the white, racist self-desccribed Evangelical Christians southern men who have completely and absolutely denied their claimed Christian values by supoorting the lying, cheating, draft dodging, multiple failed business mob boss, His Royal Assness, Lord Trump. You may want to try some of those drugs to reopen your mind to reality instead of the reality TV fantasy world Trump wants you to believe in.

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Posted in: U.S. approves plan for Rouhani visit to japan See in context

Trump wants an after action report from Abe. Ok, just as soon as he releases the transcripts from his meetings with Putin, and the Russian Foreign Minister and ambassador in his office.

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Posted in: 71-year-old woman arrested on suspicion of killing parents-in-law See in context

Sad story. Not the first and certainly not the last.

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Posted in: Body of slain doctor returns home to Japan from Afghanistan See in context

Okaerinasai sensei. Rest in peace and may your family be comforted in some small way by the global respect you have earned.

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Posted in: Trump says he asked Abe to pay more to host U.S. troops See in context

Trump's ignorance of strategic forward deployment is astounding. The US military presence in both Japan and S. Korea is not primarily as a defense structure for the host nations, but rather as forward deployed US defense mechanism against Chinese and N. Korean aggression.

For all those on here that think China is not a threat I direct your attention to the frequent violations of Japanese claimed waters by Chinese naval vessels, on a near weekly basis. Does anyone actually beleive the Chinese, and the Russians for that matter, would be less outwardly aggressive if there were no US military presence in the region? Be careful what you hope for.

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Posted in: Year-end jumbo lottery tickets go on sale with ¥1 bil up for grabs See in context

Very high odds that are stacked against the average ticket buyer. But the odds of winning anything without buying a ticket are nil.

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Posted in: Gov't to use ¥710 million from reserves to deal with typhoon damage See in context

Funny we're not hearing much from the naysayers who were commenting on this typhoon when it was just a few hours out from landfall. Remember those that were lamenting the government's "overreaction" and "fear mongering"? Turns out the warnings were valid. Those that disregard weather service warnings will be the first to whine about not being immediately saved when their inaction and lack of preparation leaves them stuck in the mud.

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Posted in: Organizers fear security staff shortage for Tokyo Olympics See in context

It's difficult to recruit people because the job offers relatively low pay despite perceptions that it involves a high level of risk and tough working conditions," an official of the association said.

This "official" has obviously never stood out in the summer heat for an hour or more, trying to stay alert to potential threats, while also dealing with often rude or completely dismissive civilians who the security guard is supposed to not only protect but act as venue guide, babysitter, complaint receiver and PERCIEVED general obstacle to the general public.

On another note, there may be several thousand underemployed former military trained gaijin in Japan that would be willing to move to Tokyo for the job if it involved room and board and free tickets to sport venues for their off shift enjoyment. (No, I'm not one of them, thank you. Currently self employed and mostly retired. Also, not a fan of crowds larger than 3 people).

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Posted in: Anti-NHK party head referred to prosecutors for making threat See in context

If this guy is indicted and, as he promises, steps down from his office in the Diet, he will undoubtedly, and deservedly so, be on a police watch list. His words are terroristic in nature and while he may think that king of language is ok for a politician, (no it's not, not even for the POTUS), he will soon find out words, as well as action s, have consequences.

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Posted in: Parents arrested after 3-year-old daughter found dead at home See in context

How does a parent strangle a 3 year old? And why the Hell do Japanese parents keep killing their own children? Please people, find another way to fight your troubles without hurting your children. Or give up your children to the state, the do what will to yourselves.

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Posted in: Abe says ASDF may evolve into 'Air and Space SDF' See in context

From the article:

"The envisaged unit will be installed amid the intensifying race among major powers such as the United States, Russia and China to develop technologies in the domain."

It is not a race to develop technologies, but rather a race to militarize space that is happening. It has always been, from the beginning of armed conflict, a globally accepted prime military goal to control the high ground. You don't get any higher than space in relation to controlling what's happening on earth.

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Posted in: Abe says he will meet Iran's Rouhani this month in New York See in context

I wonder if they will be having a great slice of chocolate cake together at Trump Tower. Can't wait to see the photos.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't backs Nissan CEO Saikawa's resignation See in context

A lot of comment's about here about why Saikawa wasn't arrested. Maybe, as the article clearly stipulates, that while his arrogant and greedy actions were dispicable they are not illegal. Apparently he has not fully graduated from the Ghosn School of Thievery yet.

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