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Ken Kitsune comments

Posted in: Millionaire Mind Intensive: How you can change your financial future See in context

oh yeah! been keeping this mind setting since i had nothing, now i'm getting some of the wants and needs and i tend to not stop until i reach my dreams!!!

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Posted in: Young adults prepare for Coming-of-Age Day on Monday See in context

i saw a lot of girls dressed today, scary thing is the one wrapped around one girl's neck looks like a real cat with feet and head!

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Posted in: Runaway N Korean soldier kills four Chinese See in context

after living a very hard life as a north korean soldier, he is going to have a harder life by the hands of the chinese law. Man i wish the world would just get together and stop NKorea's craziness! It's year 2015 it's the future already and why are we still having this kind of country that's stuck in the past?

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Posted in: Man runs out of gas; steals highway support vehicle that came to his aid See in context

whoah i need to lower my anime consumption soon or i might end up doing this!

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Posted in: Check your Psycho-Pass levels at Shinjuku Station See in context

whoah!!! I love this anime i just finished the whole season 1 and 2 last week! Waiting for the OVA this year!!!

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Posted in: Comfortable earphones for lying down See in context

i even broke a sony MBR while lying! I bought a Jabra Revo Wireless so it wont break but still it's uncomfortable to wear lying down. In Ear is too bulky and iphone earphones sounds so bad. This may change it?

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Posted in: Woman dies after car plummets from rooftop car park See in context

i can't even imagine how... dang!

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Posted in: Aso says wage hikes key to 'Abenomics' success See in context

better if we raise wages of the lowest income workers and those who's getting the high wages can just stay the same. The poor people are the ones suffering more

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Posted in: N Korea proposes joint probe with U.S. over Sony hacking See in context

Is NK using a strategy to make them look innocent by helping in the investigation? OR Is the US using this as an opportunity to put NK to more sanctions?

Let's find out on the next episode of, Sony Z!

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Posted in: 11 deaths reported nationwide from snow-related accidents See in context

some had too much snow, while here it's just snow then melts. I hope the snow will be evenly distributed so no one gets too much snow and accident. Life is so unfair,

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Posted in: How much do Japanese girls expect their boyfriends to spend on Christmas presents? See in context

YEEEEEEEES!!! Thank you for this survey now I can date my crush without fear of bankruptcy!

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Posted in: High-speed visible light communication tech developed for smartphones See in context

like a barcode but light pulse?

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Posted in: If The Avengers could have one Japanese superhero, who would it be? See in context

hahaha i LoL'd at the Abe-ngers so hard!!! gagaga

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Posted in: Ultraminiature action camera goes anywhere you want See in context

where can we buy this? cant see in amazon

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Posted in: Where is N Korea's sense of humor? See in context

i love how nkorea will respond to this!!!

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Posted in: No. of criminal offenses drops below 1.3 million for first time in 35 years See in context

how does it compare to other countries? I want to know... Google is my friend! :D

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Posted in: Hackers threaten Sony staff in new email See in context

tiny work for them? For Sony Pictures to be erased they should be very rich and powerful. If ever they become successful, they will be identified and caught and they are the ones who will be erased.

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Posted in: Ren most popular kanji for baby boys' names in 2014; Rin for girls See in context

i love Kaga Rin! :D just wanna make you happy!

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Posted in: NEX-5T mirrorless camera See in context

i am getting this on saturday for only 39000yen at Yamada! oh yeah!!!

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Posted in: Hatsune Miku inspires transforming race car robot See in context

i love you Hatsune Miku!! :D

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Posted in: 16,000 New Year greeting cards stolen from 26 Lawson stores in Hokkaido See in context

the comments here made me laugh! especially the many friends comment! But seriously, how can this happen to many different store and not be caught, wow

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting elementary schoolgirl See in context

he should be in a mental hospital, not in jail. For some reason this is a psychological problem

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Posted in: New 'Dragon Ball Z' movie bringing back an old villain See in context

of all villain why freeza, he got tons of exposure and air time already, he already did his part and is now outpowered by even picholo gohan or even maybe tenshinhan. Not to mention Bills is also there. I watched and read lots of reviews about this topic and many are disappointed about freeza the one being resurrected by his group. Could've been better if the 3 main boss freeza cell and buu get together or fuse or something that'll be more interesting.

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl survives fall from 9th floor in Oita See in context

Whoah 9th floor?! Take care of your baby from now on she'll grow up to be legendary! I just know it!

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Posted in: Police round up teen gang members, make them form sports team See in context

Japan making Anime thing a reality! I thought this only happens in an anime scene but now it's for real! Wow!!!

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Posted in: Sharp develops night-vision camera that captures color video in total darkness See in context

the advantage of this is with color 0lux cams, it will be easier to trace suspects by determining skin, clothes and hair color.

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Posted in: Motorcyclist killed after crashing into taxi See in context

i can't picture what happened here... Really confusing way to tell a story, am i the only one having trouble picturing how the accident happened? Im no detective or anything but i am interested about what happened so i can avoid this.

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Posted in: Gap expanding quickly in Asia See in context

i thought gap as in distance between asia and something, not gap as in GAP brand. whew

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Posted in: Cheaper tomorrow? BOJ battles entrenched 'deflation mindset' See in context

please don't increase prices, my salary is fixed for until my contract expires! I'm already struggling paying for my rent, groceries and necessities, not until you increase our salary too then inflation is a good thing. Increasing prices but keeping salary the same is just making us poor poorer!

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Posted in: After Fukushima, Japan gets green boom - and glut See in context

i just hope the fusion reactor that is promised to give enormous amount of energy becomes a reality in our lifetime. Solar panels, Wind/Water Turbines, Geothermal and other natural sources are not all the time very efficient and is very space demanding. Considering how they make those materials too. At least we're on the right direction now eliminating dangerous and pollution causing power plants. I wonder when Tesla's dream will come true...

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