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Posted in: Japan provides ¥50 bil loan to India to fight coronavirus See in context

This is why people should be very sceptical when their governments claim they can't afford to put more into pensions or health.

Besides, India has its own space program and nukes so they can easily deal with their own problems.

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Posted in: Man arrested for urinating in beer cans and leaving them on side of road See in context

Gaiben would best describe case like this...

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Posted in: Man commits suicide after killing ex-girlfriend See in context

"Verbal warning" pfff.

As if nutters take them seriously...

Why do we even bother with the police.

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Posted in: LDP to exclude rank-and-file members from election to pick new leader See in context

LDP, CCP. They all the same...

Hope they pay the price come next general elections.

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Posted in: Japan's foreign policy likely to continue on path set by Abe See in context

These are very worrying times.

Even the best case scenario looks bleak.

If the Lib Dems want continued support they'll have to choose someone fairly charismatic like Ishiba. Don't know much about Suga, but can you see him dealing with the likes of Trump, Xi and Putin?

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Posted in: Race for new PM starts after Abe's resignation; Aso won't run See in context

At last some good news. I hope he means it!

We need someone serious and competent to get us out of this mess.

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Posted in: Who is next after Abe? Potential successors See in context

@El Rata

I applaud your sense of humour.

Jokes aside, we need someone who'll listen to the public instead of what Abe's been doing...

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Posted in: Abe says decision to resign before accomplishing his goals 'gut-wrenching' See in context

Hard to miss that pun...

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Posted in: Japan, Britain to wrap up trade talks soon; cheese last remaining key issue See in context

Those who keep playing down Britain's strengths seem to forget that each country has something of worth. In the UK's case, pharmaceuticals, food, financial services...

And in Japan's, technology in particular.

Why so much pessimism?

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Posted in: Rule, Britannia! BBC ditches singalong lyrics amid colonial rethink See in context

Whether this article is accurate or not is irrelevant.

And anyone who claims that those songs are somehow racist just proves how little they understand British culture, which often mocks itself.

One of the points of the proms is to enjoy it. People from all over the world attend and wave their own flags.

If the woke and other pathetic losers can't stand people enjoying themselves, no one is forcing them to watch.

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Posted in: Firefighter arrested for assaulting man on Chiba beach See in context

Would've been funnier if he'd said "His face accidentally hit my fist"

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder after strangling girlfriend See in context

Usually, there are signs.

If she suspected he'd react like that, then she should've planned her exit and left quietly...

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Posted in: Too soon to talk about post-Abe era, says Suga See in context

No, let's talk a lot about Abe's potential successors.

It's the least we should be doing after the series of blunders we've had to put up with...

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Posted in: More than 12,000 people taken to hospital nationwide for heatstroke Aug 17-23 See in context

I wonder how many of them were caused by being forced to wear masks...

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Posted in: Prosecutors decide not to indict 21-year-old woman arrested over father’s murder See in context

"Prosecutors gave no reason..."

Does that mean they're not legally bound to justify their decisions, or that journalists aren't doing their jobs properly?

Very dodgy...

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Posted in: #MeToo movement journalist sues lawmaker for liking defaming tweets See in context

Regardless of what happened to Ito, suing someone for expressing an opinion, however despicable it might be, goes against free speech.

This is not a wise move on Ito's part. It'll probably backfire and make her look like an sjw.

If she goes after Sugita just for liking a tweet, then she'll have to sue everyone who liked that tweet. And if she doesn't, Sugita's the one who'll look like the victim in this...

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Posted in: Bicyclist arrested for splashing woman with urine as he rode past her See in context

Pity they can't give him a taste of his own medicine...

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Posted in: SDF to set up electronic warfare capability unit next spring See in context

Next spring? They should've been doing it years ago!

It's frightening how the people who are supposed to be protecting us lag so much behind our enemies...

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Posted in: Pair arrested for blasting adult video audio inside Harajuku train station toilet See in context

Well, at least this story has lifted the mood a bit after all the depressing ones we've been getting lately...

Btw, it's "multi purpose toilet".

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Posted in: China's fishing suspension near disputed islands in East China Sea ends See in context

Some foreign affairs experts, however, said tensions are unlikely to intensify in the waters this year, given that Chinese local authorities have instructed fishermen not to sail within 30 nautical miles, or 56 kilometres, of the uninhabited islets.

How utterly naïve these so-called experts are. Since when does China respect its own rules?

Tokyo has asked Beijing to implement steps to prevent Chinese fishing boats from entering the Japanese territorial waters through a diplomatic channel, sources close to bilateral relations said.

The government never learns does it? The only thing bullies respond to is force. Send in the navy.

Showing weakness will just encourage the CCP even more.

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Posted in: Central Japan residents to seek injunction to stop maglev train work See in context

For god's sake, this water business is obviously just a red herring.

For the moment, the quickest and main way of getting from Tokyo to Nagoya is through Shizuoka.

The proposed line is passing through all the prefectures in between Tokyo and Aichi, but get this, there would be a stop in everyone of those prefectures except for Shizuoka.

So. Not only is Shizuoka gonna potentially lose business by having its usual traffic diverted, to add insult to injury, it'll have to let its competition through its backyard...

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Posted in: Fears pandemic will worsen birth rate, exacerbating Japan's aging crisis See in context

And this "grass is greener on the other side" is all too typical. Other countries have other serious problems, not just Japan.

Yes, Japan's population is shrinking. It'll force the government to either relax immigration rules, wether it'll be good for Japan or not is another matter, or become less wasteful with tax money.

The health service also needs to change. Making people cough up for an exam isn't exactly helping, especially at this time...

I hear lots of people saying that immigration needs to increase, but be careful with that because it's a temporary solution.

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Posted in: Man in police custody dies after hanging himself in Shizuoka See in context

Thank you for not bothering to tell us why he was arrested...

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Posted in: Grounded Japanese try virtual overseas holidays See in context

That sounds like a lot of fun!

You can eat and drink virtual food, meet virtual people, swim in virtual seas...

What's not to like?

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Posted in: Convenience store worker fatally stabbed; suspect then kills himself See in context

I'm surprised the coppers even bothered to keep an eye on her place.

And btw, they can't put every one suspected of stalking or other mental illnesses under surveillance, they just don't have the resources for that.

I agree that they should've at least had a chat with him to judge his mental state.

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Posted in: Japanese show support for Hong Kong activist Agnes Chow See in context

There are a few ways the CCP can be stopped, most of them messy.

She might opt for a DeGaulle style approach...

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Posted in: 3 arrested for tossing woman’s body from bridge into Gunma river See in context

@Cogito Ergo Sum

We don't know if there were three men or not seeing as the article lacks details as usual...

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Posted in: Fireworks surprise See in context

I'm sure no one would've shown up considering how we lack any means of near instantaneous forms of communication in this era...

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Posted in: China imposes sanctions on U.S. lawmakers over Hong Kong See in context

I wonder why Trump hasn't been sanctioned by the CCP...

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for sexually assaulting college student at karaoke parlor See in context


Somehow I don't think she considers herself lucky after being raped...

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