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Posted in: Microsoft's newest browser may block ads See in context

This square heads just mess up with everything. Why Microsoft let this happen? They must take care more about improving, not blocking.

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Posted in: Microsoft shakes up online division, deepens Facebook ties See in context

Microsoft just mess up with everything, specially having like 5 mail clients and like 20's OS? what for, can't they do a one good software? I'm having problems in my vista because I have two Microsoft Live Mail, same name but them are different, what is the difference? no idea, and still have the Windows Mail. No mentioning Outlook 2007 and Outlook Express.

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Posted in: 'Pedestrian paradise' to be suspended in Akihabara See in context

This incident could happen in any place at anytime. This case this guy was looking for attention so he did it on middle of Akihabara doing blogs etc. For sure this is never ever going to happen again in that place like that, next time probable it would be in a mall in Hokkaido or Kyuushuu on a weekday. No blog no nothing, just another crazy guy for sure. The suspension of the 'Pedestrian paradise' has only respectful meaning. Anything else is going to change. The freaks taking pictures will just do it on another places but not far away. So it's not solving the problem, just trying to get rid of them.

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Posted in: Tsutaya offers high-definition movie downloads See in context

735 Yen is expensive plus you need to get the fiber-optic internet service, then I guess you'll need to buy a decoder o video player from Tsutaya and who knows what else, probable an annual membership fee? All those Japanese companies are always adding ways to offer service that you can't avoid and get more money from you.

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Posted in: Porn producers look for more daring locations See in context

I need more evidences, please collect them all and send it to me!

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Posted in: Marking the snow See in context


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Posted in: 2-yr-old boy drowns in drain while parents are in comic cafe See in context

Since japanese people don't talk about how to take care of their kids between them I think Japan must find a way to educate people of how to take care of their kids. School, Educational Video, something?

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Posted in: Are young males losing interest in commercial sex? See in context

geeks rarely get sex

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Posted in: Police find human bone in sewage drain in Tokyo after murderer's confession See in context

This kind of news just give more ideas to crazy people. Who would thought about flushing. Now probable another crazy person would like to try this.

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Posted in: Love hotel employees see it all See in context

We need Love Hotels, there isn't enough! Every weekend after midnight all the places are overloaded. Hope one day a rich man make a Akiba Yodobashi size Love hotel in every station of Tokyo! With a reasonable price like 1man a night. Japan need more kids! we need more places to make them!

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Posted in: NASA spacecraft lands on Mars See in context

$420 million threw in to the space. Money that they can use to clean the earth pollution. Money that they can use for education. Money that they can use for helping countries that need help.

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