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Posted in: Harris claims most of the delegates she needs for the nomination; sets new fundraising record See in context

Trump is to Old! And a covicted felon..........

We will be sending her Money!!!

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Posted in: Biden drops out of 2024 race; VP Harris gets his nod See in context

"Bravo to President Biden for stepping aside!

Now we get to hear all about how Vice President Harris, the so-called 'biggest disaster ever' at the border according to Trump, has an annoyingly infamous laugh and is a 'nasty, nasty woman.' And let's not forget her biggest flaw: she's not a twice-impeached convicted felon! Plus, those millions of missing emails—wait, wrong scandal. Guess we’ll have to invent something new!"

For the sake of the world, please wake up, You People of the United States!"

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Posted in: Trump says he spoke with Zelenskyy; pledges to 'end the war' See in context

Don't Trust him!

Dont Trust him!

Dont Trust him!

Trump is a liar!


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Posted in: U.S. Air Force officer one of two killed in car crash in Aomori Prefecture See in context

deanzaZZRJuly 16  06:42 pm JST

So many USA servicemen, so many tragedies in Japan of all places. 70+ years of military occupation is a thing.

People die in car accidents everyday, every where in the world.

But because the US militay is involved its Big News???

My US tax dollars pay for the occupation in Japan to protect your part of the world!!

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Posted in: Minutes after Trump shooting, misinformation started flying See in context

Just another act in the Trump Circus.......

This week his mouth will be going in all directions, as usual...

What an embarassment he is.......アメリカの恥!

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Posted in: Ex-SDF member Gonoi settles with 3 sexual assault perpetrators See in context

Why would you post the womans Photo?

Japantoday you have no diginity!

Shame on you!

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Posted in: Judge postpones Trump's New York sentencing to September 18 See in context

Trump has just made a Circus out of the United States...

He is nothing but an embarrassment, Shame on America for allowing this to Happen!!

Every last one of them both Republicans and Democrats are responsible........

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court rules Trump has immunity for official, not private acts See in context

This judgement really shows how corrupt our Supreme Court has become.

Unless president Biden steps aside and allows someone else to try and Beat Trump, this country is in for a real bad future.

The End of the USA as we all know it!

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Posted in: A sometimes halting Biden tries at debate to confront Trump, who responds with falsehoods See in context

Did Trump even answer any questions?

All he talked about was the immigration issue, greatly exaggerated...

Biden sadly looks and acts old, he should step aside so we can save this country from Trump!

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Posted in: Jury finds Donald Trump guilty on all 34 counts at hush money trial See in context

Now he needs to be locked up!

No one is above the law!

Trump has brought nothing but shame and embarrassment to this country.

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

We ran into this in Russia in the 90's, figured it was Russia, so understandable. But Japan?, sorry to see this happening.

I will avoid any place that has a policy like this.

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Posted in: Judge fines Trump $9,000; threatens jail for contempt in hush money trial See in context

He is such an embarrassment to the United States....

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Posted in: Bird flu, weather and inflation combine to keep egg prices near historic highs See in context

Here In Oregon, the normal Eggs go for around $4,00 a dozen

I refuse to pay more then $1.99 a dozen, I just wait for a sale every few weeks.

Like everything else, nothing but price gouging these days from the likes of Kroger's and Safeway's..

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Posted in: Cooking rice has never been easier with One Touch Rice Cooker See in context

One Touch Rice cooker????? What is new about that???

Wash Rice, Add water and press Start....That is what I have been doing to make rice for the past 40 years.

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Posted in: Why Taylor Swift's globe-trotting in private jets is getting scrutinized See in context

let he do what she wants,,,,,,,,,

She may be the only one who can save America from the orange clown.

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Posted in: The checkered history of the poinsettia's namesake and the flower's origins get new attention See in context

Who Cares!!!

It's just a beautiful Christmas plant we have all grown up with..............

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Posted in: Love it or hate it, self-checkout is here to stay, but it's going through a reckoning See in context

I prefer self checkout.

I'm in control, see the price being charged, and can have it corrected immediately.

Who wants to wait in line, then have to make small Talk with a cashier...........

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Posted in: Toshiba shareholders OK stock consolidation; set for December delisting See in context

I worked for Toshiba Ceramics America , 1989-2000 here in Oregon.

They had a factory where we produced Glass Products for the SemiConductor industry.

They Tried to make it work, but it never took off, factory closed in the early 2000's, The Factory/Building is now A Church.

Sad to see how far the company Toshiba has fallen...... from it's Heyday.

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Posted in: Hilton Japan apologizes for 'disrespectful' ad disparaging traditional Japanese inns See in context

People are to sensitive, the ad is perfectly fine!

Japan has lots of rules for everything.

If you don't like them stay away.

unfortunately all the westerners visiting japan are changing the Ryokan experience, lots of places now have beds on the tatami mats vs futons.

I long for the 70's-80's when there were very few Westerners in Japan.

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Posted in: 'Dark patterns' deceiving online consumers in Japan See in context

How are people paying for these things? Bank Transfer?

I know Japan is behind in using credit cards for many things.

Here in the USA, if we have problems with a service or fraud as mentioned in the article , you can just dispute it with your credit card company, and 99% of the time they will find in your favor, especially if it's an obviously fraud.*

I doubt Japan has anything like this??????

Or are Japanese people are just to shy or embarrassed to take it any further?????

*The Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) is a 1974 amendment to the Truth in Lending Act that puts in place consumer protections against inaccurate or fraudulent credit card charges and other billing errors.

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