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Ken comments

Posted in: Attacking birth control pills, U.S. influencers push misinformation See in context

Anti-vaxxers are working overtime these days. It is foolish to depend on Tik Tok for news but at the same time the younger generation in their mid 20s and younger may believe everything they hear because they don't want to talk to their friends and family on things that are that personal. But long story short is don't take medical advice from someone who hasn't done 10 years of med school with multiple certifications..

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Posted in: U.S. House votes to force weapons shipments to Israel, rebuking Biden See in context

So they support the war crimes and the genocide? Seizing what hostages? That sounds like a fairy tale with how much use of force is being used but friendly fire hitting the so called "hostages" sounds more realistic if that is true.

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Posted in: Red, yellow, green ... and white? Smarter vehicles could mean big changes for the traffic light See in context

@Wandora I disagree, some of the US bases have roundabouts that go in the opposite direction than how they go in the US and it leads to 70% of people scraping their rims because you can't see the roundabout curves you have to guestimate

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Posted in: Israel says it reopened key Gaza crossing after rocket attack but U.N. says no aid has entered See in context

This whole thing feels very one sided, I'm starting to see it as there is no such thing as hostages but it was just an excuse. In a hostage situation you never use the strongest amount of violent force especially not bombs and airstrikes. They should be making more use of infantry teams with both lethal and nonlethal weapons. But I am honestly thinking there is a lot of BS floating around this

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Posted in: Japan, Germany may hold 1st joint land force exercise next year See in context

NATO seems to be replacing the U.S. as a dominant power of not only this Pacific region but the whole world. The Ukraine war may be considered in this context.

I feel like "replacing" is an inaccurate word to use since the US is in NATO? But the combined power of multiple countries is supposed to be a strong force.

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Posted in: Should married couples in Japan be allowed to have different family names? Survey investigates See in context

Changing your family name can cause problems at work and in your daily life (18 percent)

I need more clarification on what that means? Not to mention I thought the culture looks down on people who are presumed to not be married yet when 30 plus?

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Posted in: White House downplays Biden calling Japan xenophobic country See in context

Pretty much, I don’t think that The xenophobia is without merit. The Japanese see the daily craziness of countries in the west overflowing with migrants and they have (one can argue) justifiable concerns, legitimate and not unfounded.

The reasoning and norms of Japan don't relate in that same manner. It dates back way farther to older traditions and not wanting their culture to get heavily influenced by others.

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Posted in: White House downplays Biden calling Japan xenophobic country See in context

So what would that make an all Black church, HBCU and Black Entertainment Television(BET)?

@Seth Majer

Really irrelevant comment, the dude you replied to made a comment saying it is wrong to state a perception because that is an area known for having people with racial viewpoints

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Posted in: White House downplays Biden calling Japan xenophobic country See in context

As somebody who does their own research on politics, nobody said they 100% believed in all of Biden's viewpoints. He is a much better option than Trump. Whose supporters follow him religiously and pretend like he is never wrong even if he were to say something crazy like drinking disinfectant to stop covid.

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Posted in: Trump's comparison of student protests to Jan 6 part of effort to downplay Capitol attack See in context

Sure. Because they failed. But they did attempt an insurrection.

They failed because that was not the goal, there was no insurrection

Yeah nah, their goal was to do a very violent act to Mike Pence. One of the few Reps that had honor and integrity

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Posted in: Violence flares at UCLA as police end protests at New York's Columbia University See in context

No hate whatsoever, I believe in peace, always, but at the same time, I truly believe in meeting violence when the same is directed towards me or the people that I care about, you want peace, so do I, you attack me, I will respond accordingly, simple.

Believe in peace my arse. Everything you stand for revolves around violence and chaos. Nobody that believes in peace would say anything along the lines of "you need to meet violence with violence that is the only way they will understand" Please stop contradicting and kidding yourself

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Posted in: Families of Japanese abducted by N Korea call for U.S. support See in context

I feel sad when I read stories like this because of how rough it is on the family. North Korea is a brutal country with a dictator in charge but they still hold on to hope that their family members are alive. I hope they get clarification soon, Japan's PM needs to put his foot down and not be afraid of offending North Korea

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Posted in: Aaron Sorkin working on new Facebook movie tied to Jan 6 riots See in context

Not shocking to me, Facebook has an array of offensive or racist posts appearing in everyone's feed. So if you don't want to see that stuff you would think you can avoid it but no there are some groups and posts you can't block. Social media is one of the things that riled people up before Jan 6th I believe it

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Posted in: To fend off tourists, town starts building big screen blocking view of Mount Fuji See in context

Try this. Have several police officers standing in the area. When a tourist jay walks or litters or other thing, just fine them on the spot. Same as no smoking ordinance in many Japanese cities with 2,000 yen fine.

Yeah nah, police have better stuff to do than get paid to babysit tourists

@Patricia Yarrow Google the 1995 Sarin Gas domestic terror attack

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Posted in: To fend off tourists, town starts building big screen blocking view of Mount Fuji See in context

OK, so changing the traffic lanes to pedestrian is not possible. Pedestrian overpasses are too much trouble for visitors to use.

At the very least, the city should provide rubbish bins as they are clearly needed! Lawson's would not have to field all their trash that way. Obvious solution.

My bad! I was thinking "foreign tourists" meant non-Asians, including non-Japanese".

There is a reason why there aren't trash cans in most places in Japan. But the solution revolves around tourists being decent human beings and learning to clean up after themselves. An increased fine for littering and having more security cameras seems like the best solution in my opinion. But whether the mountain is visible, half visible or not visible people would still take pictures.

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Posted in: Elementary school teacher arrested for hugging young boy See in context

I see a lot of comments talking about how it is a problem because the teacher was a male but it is more so that the hug was probably forced and made the child feel uncomfortable. Like "why are you hugging me when you normally don't?" If my child was in that situation I would want them to do the same thing and tell me what happened. There is already too many situations where worse happens and the damage has already been done. Be respectful and respect boundaries especially the boundaries of children

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Posted in: Buddhist nun speaks out over Tendai priest sexual abuse allegations — Part 1 See in context

It's because of stuff like this I don't believe much into religion anymore, it is just brainwashing and used as a way to control someone's mind. There's always someone taking advantage of religion for their own gain and they don't always get caught and punished for it because of the control they have over the victims mind on top of the crazy lies they tell to protect themselves

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court justices in Trump case lean toward some level of immunity See in context

You cannot gaslight that. It was on live tv. I saw it. We ALL saw it. “Hang Mike Pence!”

The flag poles used as weapons. The bear spray. The storming of the lines. Cops beaten.

1,000 convicted criminals for taking part. Another 900+ facing trial.

It was an illegal violent attempt to stop the count of a certified election which was free and fair in order to allow a loser to stay in power.

That is THE definition of an insurrection.

Exactly, if he creeped his way into office again the first thing he would do is pardon all the criminals that followed his orders and he would fire everyone who was against him and his illegal bull. Little by little he is slowly trying to make another Russia.

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Posted in: Kishida deserves credit for passage of Ukraine aid: U.S. diplomat See in context

It‘s only perpetuating that lost cause of a war, when we should be trying to push Ukraine and Russia to the negotiating table.

@Quo Primum I think its time to stop pretending like its possible to negotiate with a country that "executes" political opponents

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Posted in: Musk targets Australian senator, gun laws in deepening dispute over X stabbing content See in context

Same root cause, though - Americans thinking they know what is best for others.

To clarify for people who may not know but Musk isn't American he was born in South Africa but because of his right wing influence he sounds similar to certain people in politics that turn a blind eye to specific issues, people, and morals.

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Posted in: Musk targets Australian senator, gun laws in deepening dispute over X stabbing content See in context

Still waiting for Musk to tweet any criticism of the Chinese Communist Party and their leaders, control of guns, censorship etc.

Exactly! He has a habit of speaking his "non-biased mind" but has yet to say anything negative about the Communist party.

When an unnamed X user posted overnight that it was Lambie who "should be in jail for censoring free speech on X", Musk replied to his 181 million followers, "Absolutely. She is an enemy of the people of Australia".

I'm pretty sure in some way this is illegal, Musk is a dangerous loony bird that uses real life events as his form of amusement.

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Posted in: Trump meets former Japanese PM Aso; criticizes strong dollar against yen See in context

Under Trump, the U.S. and the world were far safer, far more peaceful, and far more prosperous than under Biden.

@Quo Primum did you say safer? How many American's lost their lives to other Americans during that time whether it be hate crimes and or shootings against specific groups of people? And how many people were involved in trying to storm a government facility? Biden hasn't encouraged anyone to do that. But Trump and his mannerism of speaking makes his followers think it's okay to be like that.

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Posted in: Judge tells Trump lawyer in hush money trial he is 'losing all credibility' See in context

"constitutional free speech rights."

That's funny how he is the ONLY former president to say that. Not to mention "free speech" is more so for civilians not government officials. People who run the country and or work for the US government or military don't have the same rights as the citizens. They are supposed to be held to higher standards because of the weight the words they speak.

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Posted in: Trump meets former Japanese PM Aso; criticizes strong dollar against yen See in context

Two proper leaders. This photo gives me hope that Japan can be great again.

Great for who? The rich who are already doing better than okay and not the people who actually need help? Japan is safer than the States for sure but unless he is ending poverty and being a direct cause for decrease in crime or even increasing the birth rate you can't really say he's making anything "great"

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Posted in: Australian PM calls Musk arrogant billionaire; Musk hits back after court orders X to hide church stabbing posts See in context

Sure. Let's hide the truth about Islamic terrorists. They're not bad people; they're just misunderstood.

It is not about hiding a truth, in that case people were posting content from different countries and or video game war cut scenes and labeling it as what happened to Israel. Which led to people from other countries being racist and violent towards anyone who looked as if they were of Muslim decent

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Posted in: Australian PM calls Musk arrogant billionaire; Musk hits back after court orders X to hide church stabbing posts See in context

Possibly fake content. So the government is here to save us from that? Sorry Ken mate, not buying it for a second.

I never said they were heroes but at times where terrorist attacks or tragedies happen it is the government's job to keep peace and have their citizens feel comforted. Had the owner of Twitter be someone with more professionalism and more respectful this wouldn't be a thing.

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Posted in: On first day of Trump hush money trial, prosecutors say he corrupted 2016 election See in context

I'm not surprised if evidence was found that he corrupted the 2016 election, had the truth of his dirt been exposed beforehand he would have never won the 2016 election. As for the 2020 election we already know the story where he claims it as rigged when it was he himself who was trying to rig it. And in 2024 will he be locked up and disqualified or will he try to rig this one too and get disqualified at that point?

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Posted in: Australian PM calls Musk arrogant billionaire; Musk hits back after court orders X to hide church stabbing posts See in context

@Ricky Kaminski13 maybe it's because of Musk being picky and choosey about what he allows on Twitter with a heavy bias, he is similar to the Chinese government where he can't take a punch called criticism and he is meddling/affecting other countries laws and stability with him trying to fight to keep violent content and possibly false content as well. Today Australia and Brazil, tomorrow who knows which country is next?

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Posted in: Australian PM calls X's fight against removal of church stabbing posts 'extraordinary' See in context

Musk should have just focused on making cars, not being a negative catalyst towards other countries. Australian government officials want it removed so he should at least respect that.

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Posted in: Chinese media call Japan 'two-faced' for seeking closer ties while warning of China threat See in context

平和 really? I'm guessing you are US military, America's finest!

Used to be so I understand reasons and logic related to it

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