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Posted in: 6-yr-old girl dies after car plows into schoolchildren in Osaka See in context

I feel the need to defend @valued_customer.

While I feel dashboard TVs are annoying and likely dangerous, there's no evidence that those devices caused any of THESE accidents we're talking about. Do they cause accidents? Probably, much as any other distraction - and "distracted driving" is typically illegal in most places. Texting, eating a Big Mac, applying makeup - those things all take attention from the road.

Passing another law to make people feel better is a waste of time if it does nothing to alleviate the issue we're discussing today. Find the actual problem and pursue it aggressively.

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Posted in: News providers are criticizing the Google News site for linking to their content without sharing advertising revenue. What do you think about the issue? See in context

Henro & Okisurfer are absolutely right. Complaining about free advertising from the world leader in search is plain stupid. If a company complains, Google should simply stop linking to their content and those same companies providers will quickly line up to be included again when incoming links drop.

Too many news providers are stuck in the 20th century and need to adapt or die.

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Posted in: Japanese automakers object to U.S. 'cash-for-clunkers' program See in context

im pretty sure GM invented the electric car far ahead of the Japanese

Electric cars have been around since the 1830s. Scotland, I believe.

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Posted in: Apple's iPhone could find Asia tough to crack See in context

Tsunoda (and several comments here) miss the point of the iPhone. It's not about its features in relation to current Japanese phones. It's about the UI (as Coligny said), ease-of-use, and the cool factor. There will be no problem selling the iPhone here. Consider, also, that the iPhone isn't really marketed as a smart phone, nor is it seen as one by the general public. This will allow people who are afraid of the complexity of some smart phones to get a taste. Remember that the subsidies will make the iPhone the cheapest smart phone for sale in Japan.

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Posted in: Australian police tussle with Chinese Olympic torch escorts See in context

@Zybster: Because they're used to having those rights over people in their own country. Power is corrupting.

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Posted in: Twitter launches in Japan See in context

Actually, about 20% of all Twitter tweets came from Japan before there was a localized version, not 25%. Still, this makes perfect sense.

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Posted in: Young women lax on security at home See in context

I had a laptop computer stolen from a restaurant a few weeks ago - partly due to my own stupidity. But I canvassed the area, spent hours with police, and generally made a very public pain in the ass of myself. The thief returned the computer by mail to me not long ago. Japan may be worse than it once was in terms of crime, but I'm still amazed I got my computer back. Wouldn't have happened in the US.

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