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Posted in: Services open doors for minorities in Japan looking for housing See in context

As a building owner who rents out, I can say oyattosa is absolutely correct ultimately.

that being said, there is a particular foreigner demographic (not specifically mentioned in this article) that we’ve been burned by time and time again, costing us thousands of dollars each time. We chose not to be burned again.

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Posted in: Netflix live-action 'One Piece' reveals new cast members See in context

I wonder if there’s any correlation between the lack of general critical thinking skills in the last decade and and the lack of originality/creativity in the movie industry in the same period of time.

And both seem to be deteriorating even more quickly in the last couple of years

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Posted in: Pet food makers eating up wild game meat as demand falls at restaurants See in context

If wild game meat were marketed to the general public properly, I would probably buy up and consume the entire stock myself!

it is something that is on my radar

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Posted in: Canada's protests settle down, but could echo in politics See in context


I have nothing more to add. As a Canadian myself, you state perfectly exactly how I feel!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 11,765 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 68,470 See in context

@Ashley Shiba

A sense of false security, unfortunately. Like many others I am dreaming of the day we were can walk out our doors without wearing a mask and fretting about standing on a train and worrying about if I am going to return home sick.

You don’t have to dream about that day as that is entirely up to you.

If don’t want to fret or worry, then don’t.

Like the other “many others”

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Posted in: Japan to cut quarantine days for COVID close contacts to 7 from 10 See in context

@ preformingmonkey

And light years behind in fatalities too

I will argue that they are not. I suspect that the fatalities in other countries you are referring to has been heavily inflated.

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Posted in: New U.S. envoy Rahm Emanuel arrives in Japan See in context

If it were me, I probably would’ve left Chicago off my résumé…

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Posted in: Japan to expand quasi-emergency areas as virus cases surge See in context

I don’t know how true this is but I’m beginning to hear a buzz about the Japanese government actually downgrading the seriousness of omicron itself to the flu and canceling any existing state of emergency.

i’m not sure how serious to take this buzz or not but it is coming from a Japanese national I know, high up the corporate ladder (third from the top) of a decent sized company.

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Posted in: Japan to expand quasi-emergency areas as virus cases surge See in context

although this might be true for some very small ma and pop businesses which barely (or not even) have seating for that many people, the majority of places have many more potential customers than that.

the smallish Irish pub I go to (owner and wife run it with no additional staff) has counter seating for 12 (which are continuously filled) and well as ample table seating (at least 30 to 40 people). And is isn’t until after 9 when he would see the bulk of his customers.

he would make more than ¥30000 in 30 min.

this isn’t something I’m speculating. This is from the horses mouth and why he’s told me he’s deciding to stay open.

he’s got bills to pay and a child in University he is supporting as well.

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Posted in: Japan to expand quasi-emergency areas as virus cases surge See in context

@ Asiaman7

my local establishment’s pints cost at least ¥1000.

If we use myself as an example (I consume about 4 pints per visit, give it take…), he would only require 7.5 customers like me.

I wouldn’t call that a cash grab for most places. At least not for the couple places I frequent.

but the couple of places I frequent have done the math and will not be closing at all. they simply can’t afford to.

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Posted in: Afghan NGO women threatened with shooting for not wearing burqa See in context

I guess in their minds it’s better to shoot a woman then it is to have one of them entice an angel…

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Posted in: How sweeping EU rules would curb tech companies See in context

 As bad as some governments can be the likes of Google and Meta are, to me at least, far worse.

They are two sides of the same coin if you ask me. What/Who controls one, controls the other.

What is coming will be of no surprise to either.

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Posted in: Olympic athletes urged by activists not to criticize China See in context


ALL athletes should criticize China. Will China prosecute ALL the athletes?

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Posted in: Vietnamese trainee in Japan demands apology for 2 years of abuse See in context

A lot is missing from the story posted here

this was a two year long fight for him. he tried to get assistance through this and was rejected in the beginning

no one wanted to help him and he tried to get help

he stuck it out because he had a family to support back in Vietnam. Many of us have trouble imagining what it would like to be in a situation such as this.

don’t always assume that what is posted here is the full story.

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Posted in: Tsunami caused by Tonga volcano eruption stumps Japan weather experts See in context

Well, tsunami‘s are known to be caused by water displacement and if one were to look at the size of the eruption itself, I don’t think it should be surprising that a tsunami was created as a result.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 4,172 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 25,483 See in context

Didn't someone say before if you exercise, if you are not obese, if you have no other underlying conditions you don't have to worry? Doesn't look like it!

worry about getting a cold/flu like sickness with an incredibly low risk of being in ICU, you mean? Is that what really keeps you awake at night? Really?

Well, with only 5 admitted to hospital and zero deaths, it still seems like we don’t have to worry to me…

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Posted in: 3 stabbed at University of Tokyo ahead of entrance exams See in context

As a father of an 18-year-old, I know exactly the kind of pressures put on children to pass these University entrance exams.

depending on the route the family takes, often these pressures begin in elementary school at grade 4 and continues right up to the University entrance exams. This undoubtably takes it’s toll.

it’s no wonder that some will crack under the pressure.

my sympathy for all involved in this case extends to this youngster as well.

anger and frustration expressed to the kid in this case I believe is misplaced and should be directed at the system in general.

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Posted in: Ikea to hike prices by 9% due to supply chain woes See in context

If price increases affect the cost of their oatmeal crisp cookies, there will be hell to pay!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 79 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 535 See in context

In a city of almost 14 million people…

Hospitalized “with” severe symptoms -1

deaths -0

The only numbers we should care about

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 78 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 510 See in context

@rob Nads

it was clearly just a spelling mistake… it happens to me all the time when I type too fast and the auto fill kicks in

he clearly meant to say “Panicked” in reference to those above who are worried


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Posted in: WHO criticizes travel bans on southern African countries See in context

The comment section here just goes to show that people are only interested in following the science that they already believe in and makes sense to them

Nothing is immune to bias NOTHING

no matter what you believe, there will be “experts” to back you up or tear you down.

Its not even worth the discussion

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Posted in: World on alert as more countries report cases of COVID-19 variant See in context

I guess at this point, technically, it could just as easily be called a “potentially” less contagious variant…. but that doesn’t strike as much or enough of the desired amount fear…

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Posted in: Report: Democracy backsliding across the world amid pandemic See in context


yes, but only for the moment though…

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Posted in: 5 dead, 40 injured after SUV plows into Christmas parade in Wisconsin See in context

Other than the proximity of the location, there is no indication that this was politically motivated.

I find it odd and disturbing that there are people here on both sides that seem to be frothing at the mouth to make this political.

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Posted in: World leaders dial up doomsday warning to kick-start climate talks See in context

@Jonathan Prin

The reason why taxes would cut GHG omissions is twofold.

1) It would make the elite richer and give them even more power

2) It would make us poorer and more dependent on the elite

anything that doesn’t include the two reasons above, would never even be considered

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Posted in: World leaders dial up doomsday warning to kick-start climate talks See in context

Well they have us trained to be afraid so it shouldn’t be too difficult

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Posted in: Film crew voiced complaints before fatal on-set shooting See in context

after looking into prop guns and guns that fire blanks, I just learned that they can be just as deadly as real guns, especially at close range.

I also learned that movie production companies have a very strict protocols when dealing with prop guns because of this. Protocols that obviously were not followed in this case

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Posted in: Film crew voiced complaints before fatal on-set shooting See in context


There is no other explanation except maybe some moron with his "right to bear arms" 

or even more likely some moron who is “against” those rights and wanted to beat his activist drum to stir up that sediment.

that is exactly something an activist would do

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Posted in: Film crew voiced complaints before fatal on-set shooting See in context

Yeah, I was a little perplexed at the downloads for people suggesting there shouldn’t be live ammunition on a set…

if one uses their imagination, the only reason I can think is that it was intentional and someone wanted someone to die or sabotage the movie.

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Posted in: Film crew voiced complaints before fatal on-set shooting See in context

How can a prop gun be loaded with real ammunition on a movie set?

really, how is that possible? Why would there ever be real ammunition on a movie set, ever?

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