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Kenichi Mitomi comments

Posted in: Japan offering more options for vegans See in context

One step that makes it difficult for japan is fish but creative use of kombu and shiitake for umami is good.

Shiso umeboshi tempura anyone?

Taps style small dish Japanese based international cuisine restaurant advertised strategically will attract any vegan.

Great business to start up.

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Posted in: New AeroPress Go coffee brewing gadget released in Japan See in context

Mmmmm. I can almost smell it.

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Posted in: Why did Hayao Miyazaki agree to release Studio Ghibli anime films on Netflix? See in context


this pet project, which he wants to be a legacy he leaves behind for his grandson, is so dear to his heart

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Posted in: Social media is a platform in which users do not attach much value to the accuracy of information. There's a research finding that even suggests that fake news posts have a higher probability of being retweeted than those dealing with correct information. See in context

All information and news when edited from the source will lose accuracy, real or fake.

Social media is for checking and communicating what your friends feels and thinks at the moment of its post.

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Posted in: Indonesia considers 2032 Olympic bid for new capital city with SoftBank's help See in context

I think hosting Olympics in one city is so dated considering all the risk involved as it is happening now.

"smart and green" new capital on the forested island of Borneo to replace the crowded, polluted megacity of Jakarta,

It does not sound so smart and green to me. Search Internet for Borneo and see how beautiful it is now.

With technology available it can be televised from anywhere in the world.

Could it not be hosted by multiple cities by sports disciplines and spread the wealth world over every 4 years?

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Posted in: Cathay Pacific may fly only freight to Japan, and no passengers See in context

Apart from impact it will have on workers, only sensible thing to do is to adjust according to demand I think.

We do not want to see near empty flight burning fuel for the sake of flying them.

It's not time for business competitions when it comes to time like this. Would it be nice if airlines can somehow talk together beyond their 'alliance' and consolidate passengers (and cargo) to destinations?

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Posted in: Hip hop museum to open in its birthplace in the Bronx See in context

.... and I though hip hop was invented by Kanye West and Kim.

Wow, 50 years next year. The museum will be on my list of place to visit when I go to NY.

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Posted in: Man arrested for smuggling 240 kgs of drugs from Canada See in context

Absolutely. Cut out the middle man, end the cartels and - for all the capitalists out there - think of how much money can be made from honest farmers to the govts which will take a huge cut.

Everyone's a winner.

Really? Do you trust your government to control it in a proper way if/when pharmaceutical industry is involved?

Data from many of the countries and states which have legalised cannabis show that cheaper illegal black market dealers continue to supply the majority of demand. I doubt that government regulated meth labs are going to be any more cost competitive.

Exactly. I do not know about stimulant but for look at medial cannabis cost in the UK for example? I've no idea how they are made but BBC reports "Medical cannabis costs family £4,000 a month to help teenager".

Educate and decriminalise according to the view of the society I would say.

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Posted in: Lego's colorful plastic bricks to go green See in context

Build it, use it, break it, buy more and re build?

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Posted in: Man arrested for smuggling 240 kgs of drugs from Canada See in context

Who cares? Drug dealers and smugglers are among the lowest of the low. They profit off of the death and misery that their "product" inflicts on so many people. They literally destroy people's lives for money.

I think society should care when poisons are being distributed illegally as well as above board by drug dealers, smugglers, manufacturer, doctors giving out prescriptions, pharmaceutical companies with clever marketing and the government.

Whether you agree or not providing more information on drugs (including recreational use) should help one decide what's good and bad.

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Posted in: Japan eyes entry ban from virus-hit northern Italy See in context

Italy has just gone into total lockdown across the entire country.

Boom. So Italy has done it.

Brother who works at the Rome Opera House tells its shut for the moment and he's at home on unpaid leave. His son who is a police officer in Milan but like others must remain on duty.

This is what I'm very much afraid of.... I do not know Italy's policy but I hope other countries are planning hard on social welfare including independent/freelance workers as well as giving good guideline/advice in advance to businesses and organisations.

It's due time for world leaders to get together to sort out this mess we will have to live with, internationally.

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Posted in: Japan’s plastic addiction is affecting oceans and burdening marine life See in context

I will be reading this article with interest.

But why Lego bricks as pictorial.... creativity should be encourage and I know Lego does a lot to protect environment in its own way.

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Posted in: California public venues, schools close to stop virus spread See in context

Oh no.... Is the world likely to follow what's happening in California, US and close schools?

I think unlikely in the UK this week but could happen next week....

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Posted in: Sumo tournament begins without spectators for 1st time See in context

Don't worry. I'm sure techs are working to project hologram of yourself as audience to tv paying customers soon, from the conform of your home.

Surely rikishi needs audience to do what they do at their best.

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Posted in: Many schools allowing students to use classrooms after closure See in context

they needed time to ensure young children would be properly looked after and that enough measures would be implemented to prevent infections in classrooms, the survey showed.

I've expected sensible head teachers and municipalities will keep the school open for those who cannot find carer. Well done and god bless.

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Posted in: Japanese model gives tutorial on converting bras to masks See in context

Genius idea.

I would like to have a follow up tutorial on nipple less bras please? XX

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Posted in: JAL, ANA to reduce domestic flights amid coronavirus outbreak See in context

All non essential (air) travel ban should be imposed internationally so inpact of pollution can be mesured more accurately.

NASA and European Space Agency (ESA) pollution monitoring satellites have detected significant decreases in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) over China. There is evidence that the change is at least partly related to the economic slowdown following the outbreak of coronavirus.

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Posted in: Why is there so much disagreement about the effectiveness of wearing face masks to stop the spread of viruses? See in context

It's probably quite effective when trying to hide from Facial Recognition Software connected to cctv.

Only possible way to knows is to wear it and join conversation with room full of infected.

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Posted in: IOC stands firm on Tokyo Games despite coronavirus concerns See in context

Time to make decision quick I think, by end of haruyasumi.

Go ahead or cancel. Three Olympics were cancelled in the past and due to WW and it is still going. World wide spread of this novel virus is war.

I think virus will be still around in August so if athlete is felling unwell due to fever, cough, and shortness of breath on the day, take the day off.

3 months should give good time to plan for end of July. For example corporate seats including international invites can be released and re sold to the public. For nations not possible to travel or participate and celebrate in Tokyo, hotel spaces can be cancelled. Empty air seats can be sold at discounted price to athlete family who always wanted to visit Japan.

TOCOG probably have better deal but if non refundable deposit has been paid to the hotels, may be rooms can be sold to international guests also domestic at reduced price.

Cancellation is unthinkable.

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Posted in: Lawson donates 'onigiri' to daycare centers after school closures See in context

This is real Japan that we know :-)

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Posted in: Air New Zealand tests beds for economy passengers See in context

The volume it will take to install capsules and lounge space needed to have a comfortable stretches, how many capsules would it be possible to fit to 737 ?

It would be my dream for long flights.

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Posted in: Many cherry blossom festivals canceled as virus fears grow See in context

I wonder if flight to Japan will become cheaper....

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Posted in: Abe says gov't will create ¥270 bil fund to fight virus spread; asks for public support See in context

Everyone has at least one board game ボードゲーム somewhere at home. It should be fun to play with kids at home. May be shogi need to be introduced as part of national curriculum at school.

I predict novel virus will spread. The rate and fatality figure will be established by end of school break. Soon doctors will be able to tell you what precautions to make including air travel.

Spending time with family was better in my days but school ceremony will sadly be missed. During holidays, I used to play with neighbouring friends and in parks and had lots of fun.

In regard to Diamond Princess. I have missed a lot of it but please someone confirm a signal flag Lima called the Yellow Jack was flown at the harbour of Yokohama accordance to International Maritime Signal where they are at quarantine ?

I always like toilet jokes. Good to know world leaders shares good sense of humour like president from across the pond walking down AFO with bumbaclot (arsewipe).

Looking at pictures and infographic and reading some articles from other part of the world, 2 weeks or more school out will do lots of good everywhere if carers can take time off. I hope governments can somehow compensate the loss of income to people, including the self employed. For child who's carer cannot take time off, head masters with volunteer teachers and parents with community support should open schools.

Satellite images have shown a dramatic decline in pollution levels over China, which is "at least partly" due to an economic slowdown prompted by the coronavirus, US space agency Nasa says."

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Posted in: Many cherry blossom festivals canceled as virus fears grow See in context

I'd better stay home and watch it on tv.

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Posted in: Sports events held in empty stadiums due to virus outbreak See in context

Are they being televised on tv so we can watch adverts or boil kettle to make tea?

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Posted in: Makers distance themselves from Abe's 600-million mask pledge See in context

I hope that's enough and they are compatible with air pollution in cities produced by cars.

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Posted in: Japan's sports world puts itself on hold in fight against coronavirus See in context

Eyes of joy watching sports. Masks can't hide it. A great picture.

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Posted in: Yusuhara: a showcase of natural wood in Kengo Kuma architecture See in context

Kind of place I want to send myself when I'm older.

Thank you JT for super news

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Posted in: Yusuhara: a showcase of natural wood in Kengo Kuma architecture See in context

Innit the night sky beautiful in Japan?

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Posted in: Woman confirmed as coronavirus case for 2nd time, weeks after initial recovery See in context

The government is also considering scaling back this year's March 11 memorial ceremony for victims of 2011's massive earthquake and tsunami, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters on Thursday.

No respect from government. We will be singing a song Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Byrne did on March 11 for example.

If you see someone with crazy hair

Well that's my grandpa

And if you hear some singing from upstairs

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