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This all happened so long ago that the Japanese companies that are being forced to continue paying for these atrocities are not even the same companies that committed them.

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Posted in: Man robbed of ¥80 mil on street near Tokyo's Roppongi See in context

Pretty good racket there. All they have to do is withdraw a large sum of money; go hide it somewhere, fill a suitcase up with confetti and pay someone to rob them. The insurance pays off the full amount that was 'stolen' and they have just doubled their money with zero investment risk. Just make sure that the ;robbers' give you a black eye to make it all look legit.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker under fire for LGBT comment See in context

Whether you like his statement or not, what he said is actually true. If everyone became gay the entire nation would eventually collapse. In fact the entire world would eventually collapse under that scenario. The chances of everyone becoming gay is zero though, so the statement is moot.

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Posted in: 50-year-old son staying at internet cafe arrested for abandoning body of bedridden mother See in context

So much for being a filial son.

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