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Kenny Iyekawa comments

Posted in: Japan scrambles jets to intercept plane believed to be Russian See in context

"And no, it's not the same as what happen during the Iran-Iraq War."

I beg to differ, but is was positively the same. The Russians believed KAL007 was an RC-135 reconnaissance plane. It was a case of mistaken identity combined with cold-war jitters. The Americans mistook an Iranian Airbus A300 as an Iranian F4 Phantom AND US ship Vincennes that shot it down was in Iranian waters at the time. Seriously smh at the white-washing of US history

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Posted in: Tokyo International Players to perform 'The Rocky Horror Show' See in context

Seriously, do we need a gaijin version of this overdone, tired-out musical?? NO WAY

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Posted in: Japan announces changes to refugee system See in context

"We will offer you a unique welcome. In Japanese, I can describe it in one unique word: 'omotenashi'. It means a spirit of selfless hospitality, one that dates back to our ancestors, yet is ingrained in Japan's ultra-modern culture. 'Omotenashi' explains why Japanese people take care of each other... and our guests... so well."

You know full well that there's two sides to 'omotenashi'...there's the outer you (kind, respectful, open to strangers) and there is the inner you (gaijin are inferior, wish they would go back where they came from). Unfortunately, Japanese people never talk about the latter to anyone but other Japanese.

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Posted in: Runny curry, no pudding spoons among complaints of Japanese prison inmates See in context

I don't understand why people in the Comments are whining about criminals complaining about prison conditions. It was a survey...they were asked the question...what would you have them answer...'Everything is peaches and cream'?

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Posted in: Documentary looks at why Japanese parents let young kids walk to school by themselves See in context

I grew up in Canada in late 80s and early 90s...I walked to school, but as a group with my older sister and friends. Any one who would let a younger child walk to school alone, even here in Japan, is crazy.

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Posted in: U.N. strongly approves Palestinian proposal to raise flag See in context

"Peace to Israel means being able to build settlements on stolen land "

Please explain exactly which land was 'stolen'?

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Posted in: Hundreds march toward border in Hungary's migrant crisis See in context

What a bloody mess. Set an example and send them back where they came from, period.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber shows vulnerable side as comeback gets under way See in context

And to think this King of the Knuckleheads is a Canadian...that's unbeliebable

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Posted in: China sells Tojo ice cream on war end anniversary See in context

Boy, Chicoms sure have the propaganda machine rolling on high gear...Goebbels would be proud.

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Posted in: Hungary bars migrants from trains; smugglers wait in wings See in context

Makes me glad we're an island nation.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven under pressure in Australia over wage fraud claims See in context

"Australian minimal working rate. that is $24 per hour"

Holy cr*p...what a country!! Beats the 780円 here

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Posted in: Japan’s censorship of PlayStation 4 horror game 'Until Dawn' is spectacularly bad See in context

Who cares...According to Metacritic, the game is decidingly mediocre...plus everyone will be playing Metal Gear 5 anyway...

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Posted in: Man arrested after holding hostage in 7-Eleven See in context

"Police said he had been drinking wine during the standoff"

赤玉スイートワイン?? Cue up G'n'R's 'Nighttrain'...

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Posted in: White House says Mount McKinley to be renamed Denali See in context

"Fair enough. But in turn, he should rename the White House to the McKinley House to pay respect to the rich who have been buying the presidency ever since McKinley."

No, he should rename it 'The Black House' in honour of the millions of African slaves who built America...

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Posted in: Japanese residents in Beijing batten down ahead of parade See in context

"Russian President Vladimir Putin, Sudan President Omar Hassan al-Bashir and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro."

That's quite a rogue's gallery...birds of a feather like to flock together.

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Posted in: Gov't to introduce full-body scanners at Narita, Haneda, Kansai airports See in context

"I've refused them multiple times, though you better not be running late, they will send you to secondary and pat you down, and ask more questions...."

Yes, that is much less instrusive LOL

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Posted in: Yamaguchi-gumi may be disbanding, police say See in context

"Why can't the Yaks be more like the Beatles?"

I prefer jerrycurl to bowlcut.

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Posted in: George W Bush visits New Orleans disaster zone, 10 years after Katrina See in context

"Bush avoided parts of New Orleans that have yet to recover from the devastating storm, such as the Lower 9th Ward, where President Barack Obama mingled with hundreds of residents the day before. Bush did not tour the federally managed levees whose failures flooded 80 percent of the city.

Instead, he visited a school rebuilt with support from former first lady Laura Bush’s foundation, then flew to Gulfport, Mississippi, honoring police and firefighters who saved lives after Katrina’s towering storm surge swamped the coast."

Bush Jr is a totally despicable human being. Let me guess, it must have been a black or white issue for good Ol'Lil'Bush.

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Posted in: Apple schedules new product event for Sept 9 See in context

The iCar, The iToaster, and the iToilet.

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Posted in: Japan hosts women-focused conference See in context

"But a lack of childcare facilities, poor career support and deeply entrenched sexism are blamed for keeping women at home."

Which is why you have to have legislation to back up all your words, Abe-san, cuz talk is cheap.

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Posted in: Satomi Ishihara receives 'Woman of the Year' award from Japan Jewellery Association See in context


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Posted in: Trump dumps insults on questioners; insists on control See in context

Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to the Democrats since the Watergate scandal

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Posted in: Hashimoto, Matsui quit Japan Innovation Party See in context

A couple of right-wing revisionists...good riddance...the sooner the better

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Posted in: Body of naked woman found in Tokyo apartment See in context

"Other residents reported hearing loud noises and a woman crying out on Tuesday night."

Again, we Japanese just don't want to get involved. Pretty pathetic...could have saved the woman's life.

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Posted in: Trump starts new media feud with Spanish-language anchor See in context

"I think people like Trump is his No Bull attitude. America has had a feeble president and USA lost lots of respect in the last 7 years. I think most supporters want the strength Trump seems to project. PC takes a back seat, as it should. We've gone too far."

LMAO! Funniest comment I've read in a long time! Keep up the jokes, Mark!

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Posted in: Fired reporter kills 2 former co-workers on live TV in Virginia See in context

"A box of aspirin only masks the cause of having a headache meanwhile a more concerning issue may be present. Certainly not the solution."

Yes, you are right, MarkG...Americans are mentally sick.

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Posted in: Japanese officials try to woo Australia over submarine contract See in context

Abbott would be crazy to accept the Japanese deal. Which is probably why Australia will choose Japan...

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Posted in: Time for black or gay 007, says Brosnan See in context

Time for a Japanese Bond...I'm available

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Posted in: Osaka junior high schools move up in national academic achievement tests See in context

Squaring the circle in the comments again...

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Posted in: Bush hit from both sides on birthright citizenship See in context

"...and what's worse is that the first African American president had to mess it up for all Blacks"

Oh, bully-bully...you have as much sympathy for African Americans as you do for those nasty Asian anchor birthers or whatever you right-wingnuts have labelled them...cuz Repubes are good at making up labels...

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