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Kenny Wopper comments

Posted in: Upper house panel approves contentious defense bills amid chaos See in context

way to go Japan- this bill is good for security!!!!! look at Sweden for example-their considering joining Nato: times have changed.

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Posted in: Obama warns Russia against helping arm Syrian government See in context

usa gets too much credit!! for instance,(1) the deciding factor in winning ww2 was Russia- if not for Russia, Germany would have prevailed. Germany was owning UK, France and USA together. (2)USA had to drop a nuke on Japan to win! (3)Viet Cong whipped us soldiers who were heroin addicts! (4) us beat an overmatched Iraq army(its like Russia beating Georgia) (5) us were getting owned by Taliban. you notice US never declared victory and hurried to get out of Afghanistan. (6) US is smart not to put boots on the ground to fight Isis- Isis will whoop US soldiers without modern weaponry! USA=Decline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Anti-racism protesters, nationalists clash in Australia See in context

This proves my point-Europeans have no business in Australia- whites killed most of the native populations in australia and to this day treat them horribly(understated). wherever white Europeans go to settle! racism, violence and inequality follows. what was it that china said- Australia was nothing more than European mongrels running amok!!!!!

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Posted in: China launches website on disputed islands See in context

New Year not even 24hrs and China starting their crap!

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Posted in: China slams Japan defense spending plan See in context

Please get rid of article 9!

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Posted in: U.S., Japan to deploy new radar, drones in next year See in context

None of this would be necessary if China was a good neighbor----USA has no appetite for war with China right now--- another 10-15yrs when USA economy gets back to normal and Iraq & afghan wars are a distant memory-

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Posted in: Aso compares Senkakus dispute to Falklands See in context

Japan should upgrade its defense on those islands- radars, anti missile defense and continue to train troops-- I don't get why is Japan still paying for its mistakes 70 yrs ago???? Germany does not get this treatment from its Europe neighbors--neither does Italy--- missile defense, warplanes and elite amphibious assault is key-- China is a big bully bastard- Japan-stand your ground--Japan finally has a strong PM-- If I could speak Japan, I would move there and support Japan nationalism-- GO JAPAN!!!!!

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Posted in: Japan puts troops on display; says SDF role to grow See in context

How long does it take to amend the constitution-- this can't be done in a matter of weeks? I'm tired of the hostile aggression towards Japan by its neighbors- its insane-- hurry up and change the constitution please!!!!

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Posted in: Showing what they can do See in context

all these smart comments- japan has a world class military- top 6 in the world for sure--

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Posted in: Constitutional watchdog hints it won't block Abe on military changes See in context

Good!!! I'm tired of hostile aggression towards Japan- China, South Korea and all these other so called tough countries-- nearly 70 years and Asian neighbors are still up in arms--Your blaming current Japan for the past-- Please mister PM Abe, change the constitution- Japan already have a world class military--I wish I was Japanese instead of American-- I would tell all those other countries to get lost-- Japan can honor its fallen---China go to hell--I'm sick of your $1 wage an hour workers and your cheat trade practices---Japan is the only Asian country that could beat China-- I'm tired of South Korea also-- PM Abe, I'm an American and a big fan of Japan and your sir-keep of the great work---

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Posted in: S Korea urges Japan to face history; China summons Japan envoy See in context

This is terrible that Japan's neighbors won't let this go-68yrs for crying out loud- Asians materialistic weird people though so I understand---

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