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This only continues the vicious cycle. Black people don't want to or can't trust the police anymore because of previous acts of violence against them. Because they know, that even though they submit to police, they face the big possibility of being manhandled. Even when Blacks fully comply, there have been so many instances where they were brutalized or killed. Police have only themselves to blame for the distrust Black people have. There has to be a time when both sides come to develop and rebuild that trust. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X protested peacefully, and look at where it got them. I'm not surprised that violence is being met with violence.

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Agreed, but it's going to hurt ratings, unfortunately.

I would have to agree somewhat since Japan, England, Spain, and Italy are pretty much out of the tournament, since games from the J-League, Premiere League, Liga Espaniola, and Serie A are the four biggest leagues watched by the Japanese. Yet, since Germany is still in it, there will be a strong following since I know many Japanese who love the Bundesliga and often talk about their travels to Germany just to go to the games there. Not many people I know who follow the South American soccer leagues, and it seems like those are the only teams who will be left in this tournament. In the end, it'll probably be only Argentina vs. Brazil. But who knows, I know quite a few ladies who love the Latin 'ike'men and watch soccer games just to see close-ups of them on TV.

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he would probably have been unemployable regardless of the state of the economy.

I totally agree with you. And while he may have done it to get money, it surely wasn't because he needed the money for basic needs like food and water. He needed it for weapons and such. He might've been even trying to get money to actually go through with his other dastardly plans.

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He obviously didn't commit his crime to fulfill a basic need. He did it because of pure greed. I'm sure even if the economy was good and he had loads of money, that he would still commit crimes. He's just a lazy NEET who wanted to have it all while doing no work whatsoever.

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I didn't realize crime stopped when the economy was good

I agree. I don't think this creep can blame the economy on his crime. He was young, not homeless, and obviously looks to be in good health (at least physically). I could maybe see if he was very old, or had some kind of serious disability preventing from working. Besides, if he wanted to steal money, did he actually have to kill someone to do it?

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So glad they got him off the street fast. I saw him being taken away on TV and he seems like he has enough money to wear a very nice suit and gold necklace and pay for dyed hair. A profiler on TV was saying that this guy is the classic attention-getter and most likely commited his crime to show off. Usually when people are taken away by the police, they would want to hide their faces and wear a hooded jacket. This guy was different. He took the time to dress himself up and smile for the cameras. He even took of his mask for a bit to shout something to the media. Well, I'm sure everyone knows who is now and hope he gets what's coming for him.

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It must be incredibly alarming for you guys out that way, let's hope they catch this lunatic in the next 24 hours.

Argus Tuft: Yes, it is. On the day after it happened, we could hear a helicopter flying close by. After my wife and I heard about it on the news on the TV, we realized that it must've been a TV crew. Schools around our area had parents walk with their kids and in groups, just to be safe.

I feel relieved now upon hearing that they likely caught the suspect. They say that he lives in an apartment about 20 meters away from where the crime took place. He seemed to be acting very strangely. TV crew interviewed him once and he said that he didn't see it happen. Then he went back into his apartment. Later, he came out again, and then he started telling them all kinds of details (even though other witnesses said that it was too dark for them to be sure of what they had seen).

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Does it happen there often ?

Argus Tuft: No, it doesn't. This is the most horrific killing to come out of Kashiwa in the 15+ years I've been living there. I actually think Matsudo (one rapid stop away towards Tokyo) and Kita Senju (two rapid stops away towards Tokyo) are far more dangerous. Even Tsuchiura (further up the Joban line towards Mito) is more notorious for gangs and bosozoku. Kashiwa has it's robberies, thefts, fist fights, and crazy drivers, but rarely cold-blooded killings.

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but since the Giant's height is pointed out more than once, why not Jack's?

Actually, I only see his height being mentioned once. And in any case, players who have 'big serves' are those that are tall players; such as with Boris Becker, Goran Ivanisievic, Pete Sampras, etc. had, and guys like John Isner (6'9" tall) have.

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I guess this proves the point that gun control won't work in America because you need the majority of a nation's people to actually have a certain amount of decent respect for others' lives, and a natural feeling of selflessness and self-sacrifice. Call it a pipe dream, but the U.S. is beyond repair.

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I wonder why it is that when I go outside, maybe to even visit a Starbucks in Japan, I never fear or think about having to carry around some weapon on me. Yet, when I go back home to the States, I always feel the need to carry some type of protection 'just in case'.

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Unfortunately, gun control in America would not work. For it to work in a country, that country's society must be selfless on the whole, have a decent amount of respect for their fellow citizens, and be willing to change to fulfill a greater good.

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