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It is the Chinese and S.Koreans who are talking about Okinawan independence.

In fact, Chinese and S.Koreans living in Japan are inciting the demonstrations against the base in Okinawa.

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So if Korea finds traceable amount of plutonium, strontium, and cesium from released contaminated water pipe during periodic sampling, will Japan immediately stop the release of contaminated water?

The IAEA has already checked and confirmed that there is no problem.

Now it is Korea's turn to be checked by the IAEA and prove that there is no problem.

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It is already well known that ALPS doesn't work well and so called "treated" contaminated water still contains heavy radioactive elements.

Japan's treated water has been subjected to ALPS treatment twice to meet WHO standards (drinking water standards), which are stricter than IAEA standards. In short, there is no difference from water that exists in nature.

A few years ago, the Japanese press corps received a sample of the treated water by hand.

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Germany was opposed to Russian inclusion. Germany has absolutely no problem with inclusion of Korea. The only G7 country that opposes Korea's inclusion is Japan.

Even if it is true, a country that does not abide by the treaty between nations would deserve to be opposed.

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Early in May of 1942 Japanese agents arrived in Korea for the purpose of enlisting Korean girls for "comfort service" in newly conquered Japanese territories in Southeast Asia. The nature of this "service" was not specified but it was assumed to be work connected with visiting the wounded in hospitals, rolling bandages, and generally making the soldiers happy.

I think the quote is too partial. It also reads that the report author is ignorant about the word comfort women.

Even today, when recruiting prostitutes, they are not recruited under the profession of prostitute. It is not the same as it actually is, but to make it a little easier to understand in English, for example, it is replaced by words such as delivery health worker. And, most of the general public at least knows what it is.

The same goes for the word "comfort women". In 1942, the word "comfort women" had already been used in newspaper advertisements for more than five years, and there was an unspoken understanding of what the job entailed.

Of course, it says that the girls were ignorant, so it is possible that they did not know about it. On the other hand, it also says that the girls were selfish and had twisted personalities, so they could be lying. The more tragic the position, the more sympathetic these women will be.

Also, due to reports of interrogations of prostitutes and civilians, it is questionable whether "Japanese agents arrived in Korea" is factual or not.

In addition, the overall content of the report is conclusive that these women were mere prostitutes.

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In the first place, it is not true that Korea is the victim. It is no exaggeration to say that all of the claims made by Koreans are lies.

The draft, conscription, and comfort women were all targeted at the Japanese first. Especially in the case of conscription and recruitment, Koreans were only subjected to them for about a year before the end of the war. If we exclude the preparation period, the period was less than half a year.

In 1937, while many young Japanese were dying in the war with China, Koreans were establishing newspapers, film companies, trading companies, record companies, cosmetics companies, and many other companies. This is not surprising, since the percentage of Japanese who occupied the Korean Peninsula was only about 10% at the time.

There is a movie called Spring on the Peninsula (1941). It is not necessary to know the contents of the film, but the fact that the company that shot the film was headed by a Korean shows that many of the claims made by Koreans are false. If you know the background of the cinematographer, you will be even more convinced that the Koreans are lying. He learned filming techniques at a Japanese film company, acquired expensive filming equipment, set up his own filming company, hired actors, and shot this film. Where is the Nazi-like Empire of Japan that the Koreans criticize?

(Reference: "Spring on the Peninsula " )

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They say she's a fake comfort woman.

She's younger than her late 80s by all accounts.

She is also famous for changing her testimony every time.

There is not a single piece of evidence to prove her age.

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One more word.

Drinking water is not the same as drinkable water.

For example, distilled water does not taste good and does not contain the minerals necessary for agriculture.

Japan also has the right to choose water that is suitable for drinking and agricultural use, and to choose water that makes a good impression.

If you say otherwise, then that is exactly what South Korea should do if it uses its own treated water for drinking and agricultural purposes.

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Therefore, it is not to say not to discharge, but to demand transparency about the results of contaminated water purification, management, and discharge, and the Japanese government only needs to show it.

Besides the paper with the numbers on it, they can actually check it in front of them.

Why is it difficult?

What about Japan's treated water, which is so readily available that it is distributed to freelance journalist?

Of course, they'll ask you to prove your identity and what you're using it for.

In addition, Japan has already accepted an IAEA audit. Their experts will have already analyzed it.

On the contrary, I ask you, is it so difficult for Korea to get and analyze treated water that even a freelance journalist can get?

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You just couldn’t resist getting digs in at China and Korea.

In fact, China and Korea are very similar and have serious anti-Japanese brainwashing.

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This is an explanatory document to make it as interesting to all ages as possible. There's nothing wrong with that.

It may look silly cutting out just the characters, but if you look at it as a whole, it's well done.

<Overall view>

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It's full of comments from people who can't even distinguish between drinking water and drinkable water.

You can extract drinkable water from urine in a survival situation, but no one uses it as drinking water in their daily life.

It's the same thing.

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The reason why China and South Korea are extremely anti-Japanese is because these two countries are brainwashing countries by fabricating history.

China has been creating a false history for many years. In the same way Tibet, Uighur and Hong Kong will be turned into a history rewritten by China.

Korea tends to behave similarly to the Chinese due to the influence of Confucianism. Korea's falsification of history is worse than that of China. The fact is that in Japanese rule, Koreans were favored over Taiwanese.

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You can defend South Korea all you want, but the fact remains that the decision handed down by the South Korean Supreme Court is a complete disregard for the 1965 treaty.

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Kiichiro Higuchi

As a major general and the commander of the Japanese-occupied Chinese Harbin Special Branch in 1937-1938, he, with the help of Yosuke Matsuoka, allowed many Jewish refugees who had fled Nazi Germany to cross the border from Otpor, USSR to Manchouli (a city in the Japanese puppet state Manchukuo), in an event which later became known as the Otpor Incident. Higuchi's subordinates were responsible for feeding the refugees, settling them in Harbin or Shanghai, and arranging for exit visas. General Hideki Tojo, then Chief of staff of the Kwantung Army, assented to Higuchi's view that the German policy against the Jews was a serious humanitarian concern. Higuchi's lieutenant Norihiro Yasue advocated for the protection of Jewish refugees to General Seishiro Itagaki, which led to the establishment of the Japanese Jewish Policy Program in 1938.

People who want to undermine Japan and the Japanese military don't talk about him.

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