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Posted in: New S Korean President Yoon says he hopes to meet with Kishida soon See in context

South Korea's new government has no power. The seats in Congress are still dominated by leftists. There is probably not a single thing he can do on the diplomatic front. As a result, he will also be in the line of fools who only make their own demands to Japan without showing any sincerity to Japan. The only thing he can do is to pursue the left on domestic issues related to Moon Jae-in and comfort women groups.

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Posted in: Yoon tells Japanese lawmakers he opposes politicizing historical issues See in context

The South Korean president recently met with Japan's Hatoyama. He will soon be unmasked. Besides, the National Assembly seats in South Korea are still dominated by the leftists. There is little to be expected in terms of results.

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Posted in: S Korean court orders sale of M'bishi Heavy patent for wartime labor See in context

Recently, a ministerial candidate for the incoming South Korean government apparently claimed that in order to solve this problem, companies that received money from Japan and grew should pay for it.

To be fair, the companies only received the money and delivered goods and products for it, and the SK government was fully responsible for this problem, as it used the money it received from Japan for other things. It seems likely that the new South Korean government will end up being a comedian-level government after all.

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Posted in: Delegation sent by next S Korean leader in Japan for policy talks See in context

To be a little more specific, Korea has identified almost all individuals who were active during the Japanese colonial period as ethnic traitors and has eliminated them from its history.

Those who established universities and cram schools on the Korean peninsula at their own expense or with aid from the Japanese, and those who established financial and other support programs to make it easier for Koreans to study in Japan have been erased from history as ethnic traitors.

In this way, Korea teaches a history that excludes any element of Japanese tolerance toward Koreans. And they cry that Koreans were the victims of the time.

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Posted in: Delegation sent by next S Korean leader in Japan for policy talks See in context

What is Korea going to demand of us after coming to Japan without having done any of our homework?

Also, Korea has so far recorded as criminals all Koreans who became Japanese and devoted their lives for the Korean peninsula during the Japanese colonial period, and has been remembering their false history to this day. Korea and Koreans should start by reflecting on this and correcting their false history.

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Posted in: French prosecutors issue international arrest warrant for Ghosn See in context

He said he fled because he did not believe he would get a fair trial in Japan, where prosecutors have a nearly 99 percent conviction rate in cases that go to trial.

In the first place, those who have committed a crime should be arrested, and those who have not committed a crime should never be arrested. In other words, ideally, the probability of conviction should be 100%. In many countries other than Japan, the probability of conviction is over 90% as well.

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Posted in: Hayashi concerned about human rights abuses against Russians in Japan See in context

The article mentions a string of incidents, but nowhere does it mention a specific time period or the number of incidents. Perhaps the number of incidents is not newsworthy in other countries, and anyone who says that Japan is a discriminatory country based on this level of news is probably not living in Japan and simply hates Japan.

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Posted in: S Korea ruling party presidential candidate ready for talks with Japan See in context

The time for Japan to forgive South Korea's lies is over.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan should pursue cooperation: Moon See in context

In South Korea, Koreans are not taught about the achievements of Koreans who founded universities, hospitals, trading companies, music halls, orchestras, and movie theaters during the Japanese occupation, nor about the Japanese who provided technical and financial support. Rather, they teach them as sinners.

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Posted in: S Korea, Japan should pursue cooperation: Moon See in context

South Korea enshrines as heroes the terrorist who assassinated the Japanese prime minister, and 3,000 innocent Koreans who were active during Japanese rule are buried from history as criminals. You should keep in mind that this is a pretty crazy country.

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Posted in: Japan was top tweet removal requestor in 1st half of 2021: Twitter See in context

Anyone who thinks that the content of this article is negative for Japan should probably re-read the article.

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Posted in: Civic group denounces arson attack on Korean settlement in Japan See in context

In the year following the Great Kanto Earthquake, the number of Koreans who immigrated to Japan increased by 143% over the year of the earthquake. Did you know that this is also true? And if there was a massacre, would the number of immigrants increase that much? But if Japan as a whole was in such a situation, why did the number of Korean immigrants increase? Can someone with the right education answer this question?

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Posted in: Civic group denounces arson attack on Korean settlement in Japan See in context

Product of Japan's education system.

It is said that roughly 105,000 people died or went missing directly from the Great Kanto Earthquake. Perhaps 6,000 is an estimate of the number of people who died in the disaster, if there was such a number. In those days, many Koreans, especially those who came to Tokyo, came to Japan with no means of livelihood. As a result, it was a known fact that they were chronically struggling to make ends meet and were a hotbed of crime. By the way, where is your evidence that 6,000 people were massacred?

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Posted in: Civic group denounces arson attack on Korean settlement in Japan See in context

I think that arson and murder are serious problems. On the other hand, the actual situation is much more complicated, as North Korean organizations are also involved in the activities of civil society groups calling for hate against Koreans.

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Posted in: Civic group denounces arson attack on Korean settlement in Japan See in context

Japanese apologies are worthless as long as Japanese political leaders pay homage to war criminals at Yasakuni. Where is the shrine for the millions that have been victims of Japan’s vicious military attacks? And when will Japanese politicians pray for the millions of souls, victims of Japanese brutality?

We Japanese have the right to repose the souls of those who died in the war.

Also, Koreans were under the protection of the Japanese at the time. Conscription, recruitment, restrictions on the distribution of goods, etc., were all applied to mainland Japan or the Japanese first, and the Japanese government delayed the application of these laws to Koreans as long as possible. In addition, more than 90% of Koreans at that time were cooperating for Japan, and it is a shameful act for them, who were collaborators of Japan, to feign irrelevance and describe Japan as a pawn of evil.

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Posted in: 4 Vietnamese stabbed in apartment in Ibaraki See in context

The Vietnamese population in Japan is the second largest after the Chinese. Therefore, the number of crimes is also high due to the large number of people in the first place.

However, the actual crime rate among Vietnamese is also high. This may have something to do with the fact that many Vietnamese already owe a lot of money when they enter Japan. This should be corrected by the Vietnamese government, and the Japanese government has a responsibility to both the Japanese and Vietnamese people as well as a need to request cooperation from the Vietnamese government.

There is also an analysis that the current situation of accepting foreign workers at low wages is a drag on Japan's ability to overcome deflation. For this reason, some LDP and Restoration Party members are advocating the abolition of the technical internship system, but the number is still small. Interestingly, there are no members of the opposition parties, the Communist Party of Japan or the Constitutional Democratic Party, who are making this argument.

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Posted in: Japan to see if S Korea can meet high standards of TPP: spokesman See in context

Regardless of the field, it is natural that a country that does not keep its promises and international rules is not to be trusted. The promises that Korea has failed to keep so far include the Japan-Korea Fisheries Agreement, trade controls, and many other items. Japan's tightening of export controls on semiconductors was also a result of Korea's failure to keep its promises to Japan, leaving sloppy controls in place and not holding talks to improve them. More than once, Korea has failed to follow the rules.

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Posted in: Japan to see if S Korea can meet high standards of TPP: spokesman See in context

If South Korea joins the TPP, it is unlikely that it will abide by the rules of the TPP, as it has no qualms about disrespecting the Japan-Korea Basic Treaty and the Japan-Korea Agreement, which have already been resolved. Recently, it officially signed the decarbonization statement at COP26 with no intention of abiding by it. Countries other than Korea signed the statement while demanding amendments to the statement in order to take responsibility for the statement. It would be hard to find a country more irresponsible than Korea in recent years.

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Posted in: China marks 84th anniversary of Nanking Massacre See in context

Incidentally, both the Tongzhou Incident and the Jinan Incident were cases of Japanese being massacred by the Chinese, and the bodies of the Japanese in the Tongzhou Incident in particular were severely damaged, with the stomachs of pregnant women ripped open and their babies pulled out by the Chinese, and vital parts cut off. It is said that there is a very high possibility that the damage caused by the Nanking Incident claimed by China is a fiction based on the acts committed by the Chinese against the Japanese in the Tongzhou Incident.

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Posted in: China marks 84th anniversary of Nanking Massacre See in context

China has so far justified its invasions of Mongolia, Tibet, and Xinjiang with lies, and the Nanjing Incident is one of them.

In all the videos and photos that China uses to claim damage in the Nanking Incident, it is the Japanese who are being victimized, not the Chinese. (Tongzhou Incident, Jinan Incident, and other unrelated incidents)

The photos of the Jinan Incident in particular are famous for being used by China as photos of human experimentation by Unit 731. In fact, the photos are of the autopsy of the Jinan incident, and the bodies in the photos were Japanese who were massacred by the Chinese.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea balk at sharing news conference stage after U.S. talks See in context

Japan possesses the earliest form of material that recognizes Takeshima's existence as Takeshima. In addition, all of the materials on the Korean side have nothing to do with Takeshima and most of them are related to Jukdo, a reef located on the lower right side of Ulleungdo Island.

Japan possesses the history of being the first country in the world to declare possession of Takeshima in accordance with international law. Korea does not have this history.

There is no international treaty regarding Takeshima other than the Treaty of San Francisco, which is an international treaty regarding the territorial rights of Takeshima, and the Treaty of San Francisco confirms that Takeshima is still Japanese territory.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea balk at sharing news conference stage after U.S. talks See in context

Japan rarely takes this kind of attitude unless there is something wrong.

South Korea, like China, frequently messes with Japan and is hysterical about it.

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Posted in: Japanese snow crab fetches ¥800,000 at auction See in context

This is the Japanese culture of money offering and congratulation.

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Posted in: Japanese snow crab fetches ¥800,000 at auction See in context

That price was paid only at the first auction to celebrate another successful year of snow crab.

It is true that there is a sense of performance, but it is originally a fishing port tradition to wish for a successful snow crab market for the year.

It is similar to the way the stock market celebrates the first day of the year.

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Posted in: Several nations pledge to phase out climate change culprit coal See in context

The answer is already out there, and it will be solved for the time being by restarting nuclear power plants. Kishida has not expressed any negative opinion about the restart of nuclear power plants either.

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Posted in: Several nations pledge to phase out climate change culprit coal See in context

At a good age, I detest senseless activists who take the liberty of using the characters of private companies for their political activities.

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Posted in: Kishida says ruling bloc's election win shows 'will of the people' See in context

In Japan, many elderly people over the age of 70 support the LDP. And it is noteworthy that from the age of 60 on down, the younger the person, the more supportive of the LDP they are.

The younger the age, the better they are at gathering information, and the more they can see through the biased reporting of the mass media. The illogical and inflammatory appeals of the CDP and the JCP will become increasingly unacceptable in the future. And if the Japanese opposition parties do not try to propose realistic policies and engage in constructive discussions, they will continue to lose supporters. Currently, the only opposition party with any hope is the Japan Innovation Party.


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Posted in: Ex-U.S. envoy Hagerty slams Japan's justice system over Nissan case See in context

Does anyone understand that Nissan is also a defendant in this case and has been fined at the same time as Mr. Kelly? And Mr. Kelly is not in solitary confinement like Mr. Ghosn.

As of 2020, Mr. Kelly, who says he jogs around the Imperial Palace, is currently staying with his wife, Donna, in an apartment near this popular 5-kilometer circuit.

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The fact that Koreans are complaining to Japan about the damage is in itself shameless.

A school was built, and furthermore, if they wished, they could go to school on the Japanese mainland. If a new school building was built, the Koreans could use the new building.

The school also had school trips and high school baseball games, just like in the anime, and you could even become an athlete!

Various industries were also developed. Agriculture, industry, dairy farming such as wool industry, medical services such as pharmacies and midwives, various commercial activities such as cafeterias and car dealers, theaters and cinemas, newspapers, and postal services.

All of these were not available during the reign of the Korean dynasty.

It is completely different from the world where places to live etc. were completely divided between whites and blacks.

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Posted in: Kishida says only LDP capable of protecting Japan from security threats See in context

Given that the Japanese government is still pretty keen on censorship and that such sources were surely preserved by the pre-war and wartime governments I'm sure they make everything sound like it was just absolutely dreamy. Imperial Japan's big pals the Nazis were quite keen on making their concentration camps look and sound fairly pleasant as well.

If you ignore the primary source, then the testimony of the Koreans is also not worth believing at all.

What is the source that proves the hellish life that Koreans claim to have? Was it to spread photos of Japanese in the coal mines after the war as Koreans in New York? Why did the Koreans lie and claim that the photos taken by a Japanese photographer of Japanese people were of Korean conscripts?

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