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Kent Mcgraw comments

Posted in: Japan's lofty 'hydrogen society' vision hampered by cost See in context

Seamus78, I wonder where you get your numbers as a gallon of feul weighs 8 pounds, How can 8 pounds of feul emit 19.64 pounds of CO2?

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Posted in: What do you think of the custom of taking one's shoes off before coming indoors at home? Would you do it in your country? See in context

One of the things I like least about Japan. Constantly removing your shoes and putting them back on. What is really silly is that when you call an ambulance, even if you are dying, they must take the time to take their shoes off before entering a house. By that time the person could die. If someone has a real emergency forget about taking your shoes off but they always have to take the time to take the shoes off and then put them back on. It is ridiculous.

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Posted in: El Nino likely to emerge by summer, says weather bureau See in context

Just another excuse to raise prices on rice and wheat products.

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Posted in: N Korea wants U.S. evidence of its role in Sony hacking See in context

Most people and most cyber security experts believe it was an inside job and not North Korea. I do not think North Korea has the technology for a successful cyber attack.

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Posted in: Abe to begin 2015 diplomacy with visit to Middle East See in context

I support him in this, which is one of the few things I will support him with. I do not agree with visiting the so called Palestinians. Once again I am not sure about the leaders and there motives.

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Posted in: Gov't designated 382 state secrets last year under new law See in context

I agree with most posts here. Abe is to Japan as Obama is to America. The problem is that people do nothing. One person said at least it is the law. I respond, if they make a law that says you must commit suicide because it is the law, will you obey the law? Laws can be unjust laws with ulterior motives and those who obey unjust laws are guilty of the wrong the unjust law wishes to enforce. When immoral laws are passed is it moral to follow immorality?

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Posted in: Yakuza member arrested for possession of 17 kg of salt See in context

This articles says that they arrested him for 17kg of salt which was planted on him. The planting is a crime in itself. I guess there is a law against importing salt which would not surprise me in Japan. The article says nothing about the man believing he was receiving drugs but he is being booked on a drug charge? Either give more facts or admit that the J cops can frame anyone they wish.

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Posted in: Man revives woman with AED, but branded 'pervert' for removing her clothes to apply electrode pads See in context

fds, is it worth the trouble to save a life? in the US, if you did the CPR and the patient died, you could very well end up being sued by the family for negligence. not worth the trouble imo.

In the United States there is the Good Samaritan law that protects people from law suits when they act to help in the event of an emergency. So there would be no law suit.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally abusing 4-year-old daughter See in context

@Disiilusioned. He kicked her in the leg and she went into cardio-respiratory arrest? Is that even possible? It is not cardio-respiratory arrest. The proper term is pulmonary embolism and yes it is possible if the leg was hit with sufficient force and the person was immobile for a few hours. The blood clots and then goes the the lungs. It is a problem with people who have leg fractures. As an RN I had to watch people carefully who had fractured femures as a blood clot could develop and cause a pulmonary embolism. I was able to save one woman because I knew the signs and a pulmonary embolism must be treated within 10 minutes or the person will die. So Yes it is possible and he must have kicked her very hard.

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Posted in: Denso fined $2.2 million in Canada for violation of competition law See in context

Price fixing is the way of life in Japan.

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Posted in: What suggestions do you have for reducing the amount of garbage that gets thrown out each day? See in context

If they would stop selling the 100g packages and begin selling in larger portions per package so a family of four does not have to buy 4 or 5 packages of ground meat for one dinner it would help. I was amazed when I came here and found how much plastic trash accumulated in one day for a family of 4. It is not just meat that comes in small packages, all products come in one serving packages. The plastic trash just accumulates and you have empty the trash almost daily. Buy in larger quantities and take the portions you need and store the rest in the refrigerator in reusable containers.

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Posted in: Israel, Hamas vow no let up in Gaza fighting See in context

@crush them. The mission statement of Hamas is to destroy Israel. They put their children in front of their bombs and then cry Israel is killing their children when Israel is destroying their bombs. You can not live side by side with someone whose sworn mission is to kill every Jew. Hamas needs to be destroyed. They block the people in Gaza from finding shelter before an Israeli bombing so that they can say Israel is killing civilians. The children are taught to shoot and kill any Israeli they see and yes, the children have weapons. Israel is one of the most humane nations in the world and will rebuild the Gaza strip after the war is ended and there is no more threat from Hamas.

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Posted in: As death toll rises, no end seen to Israeli offensive See in context

Shame on Israel.

Shame on Hamas. Hamas lines civilians up and hides behind them like the cowards they are. Hamas began firing hundreds of missiles after kidnapping and killing 3 Israeli boys, one of which was also an American. They bomb Israel relentlessly and cry when Israel says "Enough is enough" and fights back. Israel send warnings before they fire so that civilians can leave but Hamas forbids the civilians from leaving. Then there is the problem with the children there who are trained to fight and kill at the age of 3 years old. Just because they are not officially in an army does not make them civilians. Israel has the right to protect their land and their people. If Hamas would stop firing, the problem would be solved but how do you deal with a population who has made it clear that they want every living Jew annihilated from the face of the earth?

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Posted in: Man arrested after child's skeletal remains found in apartment See in context

TBS quoted police as saying that the remains were that of a young boy who apparently died about seven years ago when he was five.

In April, when the boy failed to show up at the start of school—where he had been enrolled several years ago—school officials notified a child welfare center which, in turn, contacted police on May 22.

So it took 7 years for the school to notice that the boy did not show up? I won't even comment on a worthless father who allows his son to starve to death.

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Posted in: Man dies while in police custody in Tokyo See in context

The emergency medical personnel in Japan are nothing but taxi drivers. Japan does not allow them to administer medications so basically they are just transporters. I was actually shocked to find out that the EMT's here could do nothing to save a person because they can not have drugs on the ambulance. What good is emergency medical personnel who can not administer medication on the spot to save a life?

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Posted in: Nosebleeds, food, and fear: How a manga became center of a debate on Fukushima See in context

Japan gets upset about a comic book. I do not read comic books but often they tell a story of things that will be. Look at Iron man. The US government is working on creating such a thing and is almost there. Most serious comic books have some truth in them and much imagination but it is the imagination that creates things most people think are impossible. Most comic writers study their subject well so that they can write about it. I never disrespect one who writes comic books and the things they expose should be taken seriously.

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Posted in: China evacuates more than 3,000 nationals from Vietnam after unrest See in context

Why do people always take things out on other people because they are from a country where the government does things that the people do not necessarily support? We need to learn it is not the people of a country but the government and politicians in a country who are the ones doing the bad things. Most people are nice and can not help where they were born. We are not responsible for what our government does, we are responsible for what we do.

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Posted in: Japan's working poor left behind by Abenomics See in context

As Prime Minister Shinzo Abe charges ahead with his “Abenomics” policies to revive economic growth, things look set to get harder, not better, for Japan’s down-and-out. These are policies to reverse growth not revive growth. The rich will get richer, the middle class will slip into poverty and the poor will become poorer. Abe is following the same policies that have ruined the world economy but if you hype it enough the people will believe it. Abenomics are only for the rich that invest their money to make a profit, the people will not see any gain as the prices get higher and the Yen falls to record lows reducing the buying power.

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Posted in: Taxi driver held for drugging women with diuretics See in context

Actually the charge should escalate to dispensing medication without a license, attempted murder due to tha fact the person may have been allergic to the mdication. Diuretics can reduce the potassium level in the blood sending someone into cardiac arrest. What this man did is a serious crime and should be treated as such and not just as another sexual perversion.

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Posted in: Gov't discusses measures to stop crop damage by wild boars, deer See in context

The problem here is that there are few local hunters as the laws about hunting and who can get a hunting license are not only ridiculous but very expensive. There is already a bounty on deer and boar but when you have to go through everything you must go through to get a license and then pay the exorbitant fees and buy the shells to shoot at 1000 yen a shell, few people want to hunt. The police try to discourage people from applying for a hunting license. If they would loosen the laws, there would be more hunters but as it is it costs about 20000 yen a year to have a hunting license and hunt. Sure you can get a license for under that but not the gun and not the cartridges.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for dumping body of baby in toilet in Gunma See in context

As usual, there are many things not reported and everything is left up to question. Was this a miscarriage and she was in shock? I do not trust investigations here nor things reported. Confessions mean nothing in Japan as they are beat out of you. The headline is nothing but sensationalism and it is very sad that a newspaper would resort to a sensational headline to get people to read it. She may be a grieving mother who had a stillborn or a miscarriage. We do not know so do not judge.

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Posted in: Man killed by door of car that suddenly started; driver arrested See in context

What facts do you have to jump to any conclusion that the boy is guilty. He may not have known that he hit the accelerator and being a young man was afraid and tried to run away. No one should judge this young man or his intentions with the no evidence that is reported.

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Posted in: The top overpriced products in Japan See in context

The price of everything in Japan is quite higher than any place in the world. I can still buy everything in America and pay import fees and get things for less for the most part. After import taxes some things in Japan are the same as buying them outside of Japan and importing them. A previous person wrote about the price of gas as being 95 yen a liter. I would like to know where, It is 175 yen liter where I am in Japan. Vegetables are overpriced, meat is overpriced and even though I do not eat much rice, it is extremely over priced. There is nothing in Japan that is priced right.

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Posted in: Prosecutors raid office of former Tokyo Gov Inose See in context

CrickyMar. 23, 2014 - 09:01AM JST

Swooping like a tortuous and low and behold after six months preparation all players are unable to remember or find anything. Looks good though unless you have a monicume of intelligence.

They can be forgiven if they say they were drunk. I was drunk so I was not responsible. Verdict, not guilty by reason of intoxication.

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Posted in: Hashimoto re-elected Osaka mayor; voter turnout 23.59% See in context

Voter turn out is 15.62% that says a lot. No one cares. Perhaps elections have become a joke all over the world as the votes do not count. Perhaps there was no one running that voters could see as being for them so the cronies went out to vote while the people protested that there was no good candidate. This is not just Osaka but people all over are getting tired of elections with no real choices about whom to elect. If no one votes I win by a landslide because I voted for me and my friends voted.

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Posted in: Japan pledges $200 million in aid for Palestinians See in context

Japan is supporting terrorists now. Here is news, Palestine was never a country or a people. Do some history research. Those supporting the war against Israel will fail. Japan is going down under Abe. Japan has chosen to make Israel their enemy. Nothing good will come of this but nothing good comes of anything Abe does.

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Posted in: For some women, husband's death like a breath of fresh air See in context

Perhaps if Japanese men respected women, it would not be this way.

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Posted in: Japanese researchers testing tiny ear computer See in context

I just got used to seeing people talking to themselves and finding out they were using Bluetooth. Now we have get used to strange facial expressions as people are walking down the street.

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Posted in: U.S. warns Russia against Ukraine intervention See in context

Proved my point, People here always vote down the truth. @Techno, America was not an aggressor until Clinton took office. But that is history something people should study without the blinders of the education you receive in indoctrination schools. America has kept Japan safe from enemies and that is a fact. Under Obama do not expect to have any support from the military as it is not in his interest. His interest is advancing the muslim agenda. Sometimes people need to play connect the dots so they can see the picture. By the way being voted down in this place is always a pleasure and shows that I hit a nerve.

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Posted in: U.S. warns Russia against Ukraine intervention See in context

This is sad, It seems that people who speak the truth are voted down. Obama was asleep and then on his way to raise funds for himself after telling Putin that after the election he would have more leeway and then reduced the American military to just bones so they can not fight nor protect any other country. people on this sight love this man who has destroyed the only country that stood for freedom and yes, Japan, America has kept you safe but it can not any longer because of the obama administration. Obama is playing golf and having a beer while Russia is making plans. If Obama says one thing you can count on it being the opposite of what is said. This post will destruct by the moderator and the government.

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