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Posted in: Mexico to trump Japan as No. 2 car exporter to U.S. See in context

StormR it means that the Japanese workers are the losers as these are jobs that could be in Japan. It also shows that it is not profitable to have your company in Japan. Anyway you look at it Japan loses on this one, only the corporate execs wins.

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Posted in: Women threaten sex boycott for any man who votes for Masuzoe See in context

Sorry ,I meant to say that Japanese women need to be respected and NOT be held down . Women need to be respected. This tyrant which is part of the Abe revolution, needs to be put down. I can not tolerate a man who has no respect for women. But not respecting a woman is the Japanese way and I am supposed to accept the Japanese way because I am in Japan. I never respect the repulsive ways of any society. If you want respect, show respect. The Japanese women never have sex because they do not know who their so called man has had sex with. The custom of sex for business is archaic as is the Japanese way. let japan actually enter the civilized world and not think women are slaves. I am not a feminist but think and believe that that women are more than objects and are equal in every respect. What if every Japanese woman decided not to make bento? I have never seen such a society that had such small respect for women. I have lived here for 4 years and concluded that I am in the 15th century from toilets to women's rights. This is a feudal society and I hope they become liberated from this archaic way of life. Have a good day and love your neighbor as your self.

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Posted in: Women threaten sex boycott for any man who votes for Masuzoe See in context

I have to say that what he said is insane but he speaks from the knowledge of Japanese women which makes him not so insane as I find that most Japanese can not turn off their feelings for the moment and actually think about consequences. "They made me angry", "the child would not stop crying" and most Japanese are entirely selfish thinking. I am the center of the world and if it does not please me I need to get rid of it. Never thinking that there are consequences to their actions. I have found that most can not relate to action and consequence. This is a problem with the school system and the teachers and the entire Japanese way of things. The one who says sex is over after marriage needs to look at himself. Sex is only over if you are a jerk and not loving your wife. sex is over if you treat them as the Japanese man treats them. I do not care if I am voted down. Truth is truth and Japanese women need to be respected and held down by a man that thinks they are inferior because they have period. Give me a break. Masuzoe is a tyrant.

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Posted in: Snowden sees no chance for fair trial in U.S. See in context

Holder has little room to talk as he is one who has obstructed justice in many cases. He refuses to prosecute based on color and has been held in contempt of Congress. Snowden was right in exposing this mess and now the American people are fighting hard to regain their freedom from the tyranny being imposed.

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Posted in: North Asian trio look to export, consumption boost in 2014; China lags See in context

If they are counting on the U.S. to recovery, they are horribly mistaken.

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Posted in: Expressway tolls to go up from April 1 See in context

I am sorry but 3% of 500 yen is 15 yen not 14 yen and thus it will round up 10 520 yen. They should learn basic math before trying to say that they will round down.

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Posted in: Abe to attend Sochi Olympics despite boycott calls See in context

It is silly to try to make the Olympic games a statement for homosexuality. Homosexuality has nothing to do with the games except for a small minority trying to force their way on other people. Let the games be just what they are, games.

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Posted in: Bishop burned alive by Japanese troops in 1937 may become patron saint of abuse victims See in context

The original story was that it was Chinese bandits but later it was confirmed by Japanese Authirities that it was indeed the Japanese army. http://archive.thetablet.co.uk/article/2nd-april-1938/12/china

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Posted in: Ecuador gov't offers $200,000 reward for killers of Japanese honeymooner See in context

@couversaka, You should get your facts straight. Although America is the most publicised of murders it has one of the lowest murder rates in the world. The African countries have the highest followed by South American countries. America has one of the lowest homocide rates in the world.

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Posted in: Abe bets U.S. alliance, ratings can weather Yasukuni visit See in context

People err if they think the treaty will remain in effect. There is a clause in the treaty that it may be ended at the request of either party, hence the United States and Japan both have the right to nullify the treaty at any time. If one party decides they want out of the treaty, the treaty becomes null one year after such notice is given.

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Posted in: 65-year-old man arrested for theft says he never worked See in context

Perhaps he should become a politician.

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Posted in: Japan preparing Y5.4 trillion economic stimulus package See in context

Japan will steal from the people in taxes and bolster the economy by giving tax dollars to those who qualify to be recipients of tax dollars. This means those who give to right political party. Where does the government get the money to spend 4 trillion yen? it comes from the taxes they take. Who sees that money? The large corporations and the yakuza under the guise of construction. The people only see tax dollars taken and spent. Government always takes from the poor and gives to rich. Warning this post may be removed by the government run media.

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Posted in: Abe depicted as Charlie Chaplin character in protest over state secret bill See in context

That is not Charlie Chaplin, that is a picture of Hitler and that is what they meant. Charlie Chaplin was a comedian. I don't think they were trying to make him look like a comedian and Charlie Chaplin was playing Hitler in that movie.

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Posted in: Inmate of Fukushima prison near nuclear evacuation zone sues TEPCO for emotional distress See in context

I hear too many saying if you don't want the time don't do the crime. The same people complain about the Japanese judicial system and how the police coerce confessions from people. The fact that Japan has a 99% conviction rate says something is wrong. I would not judge the woman as we do not really know if she convicted a crime, it may be one of those forced confessions.

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Posted in: Japans defends U-turn on greenhouse gas emissions goal See in context

You think nuclear fall out is better than CO2 which plants use to create oxygen that you breathe? Nuclear fallout can not be cleaned up but green plants breathe the CO2 and make O2 from it. Brainwashed people. Believe that nuclear energy is clean while it creates more harm than good and CO2 which you exchale every breath that you brethe and green plants convert to oxygen so you can exhale co2 is bad. You must have gone to a guberment school. mispell intended. this post will be removed because I have intelligence.

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Posted in: Japans defends U-turn on greenhouse gas emissions goal See in context

Brainwashed people think CO2 is a prblem, it goes back to Al Gore and his menacing ways. Global warming has been a joke on all of the world so that governments and big corporations can take money from the private sector and put it into their pockets and the pockets of those who support them. Only one of the biggest hoaxes that people have been brainwashed by government schools. I say yeah japan for making a stand. If global warming was real why is there a global cooling. Wake up people and stop listening to the corporations who wish to control the price of everything and control you through fear of the earth being destroyed. Do you really believe that the earth can be destroyed? The earth has been around longer than you or I have and longer than written history. Excuse me this may be removed.

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Posted in: Problems mount for White House in push for TPP deal See in context

TPP is not about free trade, it is about who controls trade and is slanted toward large corporations. The only barrier to free trade is governments wanting to keep their cut of everything. This agreement will harm everyone except corporations as the corporations will be treated as countries and not companies. It is part of the New World Order.

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Posted in: Cyclist killed in hit-and-run in Kita-Kyushu See in context

I have many concerns about the bicyclists in Japan and more often than not it is the cyclists fault. The laws regarding cyclists are never enforced and if a cyclist hits a parked car it is the car owners fault. Japan has no sense of personal responsibilty as it is always the others fault and the laws are always against a driver. For a country that wants you to buy Japanese cars it is ironoc that if you do buy them and drive you are always at fault. The bicyclists always ride on the sidewalks and I have almost been run over by many a bicyclist. They should never be allowed to ride on the sidewalks as that is for pedestrians and they should obey the laws of the road, they are traveling on the road. Japan is really messed up when it comes to bicyclists.

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Posted in: Kanagawa man found dead in car in apparent suicide See in context

It looks too suspicious to be a suicide. People usually do not stab themselves in the chest to commit suicide. The chest takes a lot of force to puncture. The abdomen just under the xiphoid process is the place someone committing suicide would go. The chest is where someone with much anger would stab. It is too easy to say it is a suicide.

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Posted in: Nuclear watchdog urges TEPCO to take drastic action on Fukushima See in context

It will be under control once they pass the legislation to stop the press from reporting things and stop people from talking to foreigners about what is going on. Control the press and the whole situation is under control.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 2-year-old son shortly after child's release from care See in context

Maybe I am not reading this correct. While Seri was in care, welfare officials said he met with his father 25 times and stayed at his home on 35 separate occasions. How could he only meet with his father 25 times and yet stay with him 35 separate times?

Moderator: The father came to see him at the welfare facility 25 times and he was allowed to go home for short stays with his father on 35 other occasions.

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Posted in: Doctor with TB examined more than 600 patients See in context

Wild west, TB symptoms include coughing up small amounts of blood and might sweats, sometimes associated with weight loss. The tell-tale signs are the coughing up blood and night sweats. I was a Registered Nurse and worked with many TB patients. The masks that people use here are ineffective when it comes to TB. One must wear a special mask that is actually difficult to breathe with and one must be fitted so no air leaks. The symptoms sometimes do not show for up to one year as it is a slow growing myco-bacterium. People in health care are required to have a TB test annually. It takes 6 months for the test to come back positive if you were infected. A person must go through 6 weeks of antibiotics which are specific for the bacteria before they can be considered non-contagious.They must also be in a negative air pressure room for 6 weeks while taking the medication and then remain on the medication for months.

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Posted in: U.S. must grasp global impact of debt crisis: Japan See in context

The prospect of default has been manufactured by the democrats. America will not default but they are trying to scare everyone. Perhaps the world should read our constitution which makes it mandatory to not default. Government spending must decrease before America can default. A decrease in spending is what America needs. I hope the republicans and the tea party can hold the governments feet to the fire to end the debt that Obama is accruing.

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Posted in: 'Fukuppy' firm rethinking mascot after Internet ridicule See in context

This is my laugh for the day. Seriously someone needs to teach them that they pronounce the F like an H and the u like "oo". It would be Hookoopy. As it is written it is not pronounced in a flattering way. The companies should run it past a native speaker when trying to make it in English. This is just funny.

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Posted in: 2 youths killed in car-microbus collision See in context

Dissilusioned, perhaps they should realize that teens are almost adults and need to learn to drive at an earlier age. Perhaps you are older and wiser than me but I think the Japanese laws are archaic and do not let young men learn early enough. 20 years old and suddenly you are a man? My post will be removed for speaking the truth and speaking my mind. They need to be taught responsibility and then maybe they would be not be on a joy ride so to speak. Japanese children have no responsibility and it will hurt them all.

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Posted in: Japan-China dispute clouds APEC focus on trade See in context

@Highball7 You must know that Japan must keep the hatred for China and China must keep the hatred for Japan. I agree with almost everything you said but what I hear in Japan is that we, as a group, the group mentality, hate China and there is no looking at an individual as in Japan there is no individual. They do not even have a word for individual. With that said, I do not think there will be a trade agreement. Apec, trade agreement when Japan has so many enemies in the Pacific? How can they trade? Abe wants to blame everyone else. The Japanese have paid a lot of money to try to make things right but then they come out with statements that the "comfort" women were doing a service, doing a service to war criminals. Perhaps japan should just own up and say it was wrong and then not elect politicians that wish to honor those who were actually war criminals. Japans disgrace will never go away until the people like Abe are not ruling the people.

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Posted in: Japan has emerged from 'crossroads' of economic stagnation: Abe See in context

"I now feel very intensely that we have emerged from this crossroads" I have a very strong feeling as well but rather that Japan will submerge under this leadership. But everyone is supposed to believe his "feeling". Feelings come and go and are usually based on a hope or a circumstance. Feelings tend to change rapidly when the situation changes.

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Posted in: With Obama out, other leaders take APEC main stage See in context

So Obama showed up like he does for all of his briefings, it's called the empty chair.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to discuss strengthening cyber-security See in context

If the USA is involved with internet security it can't be secure.

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Posted in: Abe set to announce sales tax hike with Y5 tril stimulus package See in context

So to get this straight, he wants to raise the taxes to get another 8 trillion yen and then spend another 5 trillion yen on stimulus which will leave 3 trillion yen for discretionary spending and nothing to pay down the debt. Just another tax and spend strategy that has never worked in any part of the world.

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