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RIP and thx for "GeGeGe No Kitaro"

Shigeru Mizuki, yokaï's expert

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Posted in: 12-year-old boy jumps to death in Nagoya subway; leaves suicide note See in context

Not only Tokyo but the others city.

Nagoya have some subway line with platform doors but few line (like tsurumai line) dont have this.

But I listen in Nagoya News, they will try to install the platform doors at most stations (it will take one year or more).

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And the teachers dont have some formation about direct the children (they are not psychologists but teachers).

"Do the right thing my child"

A teacher cannot give their own idea (about helping a child) because if there will be an incident, the fault will come from the teacher not the child.

And the law in Japan is not joking about that.

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I know this subway. I'm from Yagoto near the University of Nagoya.

That's problem is not about the security of the subway (look at The Big Apple sub). It's only a question of education. People has to learn from school to not bully the others because if you will be bullied by some kind of people. You will meet the pain.

But if you meet this problem, dont be weak, dont listen them but be strong. But dont use the violence because the violence brought everything (even death or suicid).

This boy knows about the society (even his family) can help him. But it seems he wanted some kind of revenge by using death to make some trouble. In Japan, you can find a lot of manga speaking about death, suicid or revenge.

I think he only want to commit suicid to show something.

"I am weak so death is the last solution"

This boy was sick mentally because he didn't want the help from his family.

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Even if Japan want to apology about this "war criminal", they will keep their calling about this each year (using like a political mean). Not for the history of China but like a mean to deal with Japanese governement (for money ?).

Don't forget the governement at 1937 in China wasn't the same at 1949 (and ... 2014). Tchang Kaï Chek fought the communists ruling by Mao Zedong but lost against him. If my knowledge of China is correct, Tchang Kaï Chek was in war against the Japanese during the world war 2.

Today the same "Communits" (a bit changed) want Japan to apolozige about "War criminal" from 1937.

To be honest, it's funny. Why the Republic of China want to protect the people (who were for TKC) ?

They forgot the politicians and people (killed by Communits) who were against Mao Z.

Even in 2100 and more more, the China will Japan to apology about WW2 war crime (for money ?).

And don't forget that. People mind can change.

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