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Posted in: New coronavirus variant identified in New York See in context

Vaccine everybody as soon as possible..

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Posted in: Brisbane already preparing for 2032 Olympics See in context

Olympic hotdog eating contest now !!...

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Posted in: Apple supplier Foxconn teams up with Fisker to make electric vehicles See in context

Support Taiwan..

Boycot China !!..

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Posted in: TV series 'Frasier' latest '90s hit to get a revival See in context

1990s, was the Best !!..

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Posted in: Turkish pilots, official get 4-year jail over Ghosn escape See in context

Great news !!.. Criminals will pay !!..

Why the Ghosnbelievers still defend Criminals ??..

Mmmm, like the trumpys..

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Posted in: Cherokee Nation asks Jeep to 'retire' name of SUV See in context

The more these Native American names disappears from baseball, football and product names, the more quickly these groups will be forgotten and fade into history. 

Well said !!..

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Posted in: Japanese man freed from Chinese prison to return home See in context

Good for him !!..

Welcome Home !!..

Free from chinese hell !!..

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Posted in: Early blossoms See in context

Hanami !!!....

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Posted in: Man shot dead at used car dealership in Fukushima Prefecture See in context

I salute Japan once again for its sensible gun laws. To me Japan is one of the safest places in the world, in large part because of its gun laws.

Well said !!..

Like It or not..

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Posted in: Man gets out of taxi on Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge; then jumps to his death See in context

Awful, the suicide epidemic amongst young men in Japan is tragic. Over 100% more male suicides in Japan than female, terrible stress this society places on men.

Don't do It, life is beautiful..

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Posted in: New Zealand remembers 185 who died in quake 10 years ago See in context

No masks?

Are they 100% certain no asymptomatic positives in that crowd?

Did every single person get tests?

There is almost no Coronavirus in New Zealand..

NZ goverment did so well in the pandemic, not like You trumpy idol..


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Posted in: Disaster-prone Japan to step up efforts to help evacuees with pets See in context

Japan has 21m pets and 19m children 14yrs or under. Surely pet should have proper rights?

Better Cats than people !!..


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Posted in: Australia administers first COVID-19 vaccines despite anti-vaxxer demonstrations See in context

Australia administers first COVID-19 vaccines despite anti-vaxxer LOSERS demonstrations..

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Posted in: Osaka beats Brady to win her 2nd Australian Open title See in context

Well, Congrats to her, she won it fair and square, but I still prefer Serena.

A box of tissues for this table !!..


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Posted in: 18-year-old suspected in 8 arson incidents See in context

Charge him as adult !!..

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Posted in: New Zealand begins COVID-19 vaccinations program; Australia starts Monday See in context

The whole world are following science and taking vaccines..

Raise your cups and cheers to the antivaxxer losers..

"To the losers" !!..

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Posted in: Facebook has 'tentatively friended' us again, Australia says See in context

Only in Australia !!..

What a pathetic comedy..

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Posted in: Bitcoin hits $1 trillion market cap; surges to fresh all-time peak See in context

Regular bubble ready to explode !!!...

An ocean of tears coming !!..

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Posted in: Kim Kardashian files for divorce from Kanye West See in context

I knew, that farce won't last..

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Posted in: Japan to receive 2nd shipment of Pfizer vaccine on Sunday See in context

Great !!.. Go Japan, Go Japan !!.. Vaccines for all Japan !!..

Sorry antivaxxer losers, cut ignorace, follow science and get your vaccine..

Japan could be receiving salt water for all I care. This is the most useless vaccine ever, usually when you get a normal vaccine, not an experimental like this one, you get it and you forget about the illness it protects you from. With this one, you still have to wear masks and social distance and comply with all the nonsense rules made for the 'rona, so what's the point of getting the jab if it won't bring back normalcy as promised.

How old are You??.. 7, 8??..

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Posted in: NASA rover lands on Mars to look for signs of ancient life See in context

Well done !!..

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Posted in: Mori Building, Aman Resorts conclude partnership for major development in heart of Tokyo See in context

Like It or not...

Tokyo Best city of the world !!..

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Posted in: Mori Building, Aman Resorts conclude partnership for major development in heart of Tokyo See in context

Blind madness

It's ok to be sad..


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Posted in: U.S. signals readiness to resume talks with Iran See in context

As It should be..

Fixing all the damage Trump did..

This will get Iranian oil flowing again


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Posted in: Men charged in Ghosn escape plot ask U.S. State Department to halt extradition See in context

Keep barking criminals, Japan justice awaits.. Waaahahahahaaaaa !!..

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Posted in: Bitcoin soars to new high above $52,000; sustainability concerns rise See in context

Put your hard earned money in that dirty bubble, inflate, inflate and inflate... The dirty bubble will explod and many will lose their money !!..

Next time invest in tangible and real things, things that really DO EXIST !!..

Not in this BUBBLE, BUBBLE, BUBBLE !!..


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Posted in: Blinken to hold virtual 'Quad' meeting with Australia, India, Japan See in context

Great !!..

Stop China menace !!..

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Posted in: Demi Lovato says 2018 overdose led to three strokes and heart attack See in context

Stupid acts lead to stupid deaths, almost in this case..

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Posted in: 3 arrested over smuggling of drugs hidden in Snow White dwarf dolls See in context

Deport them !!..

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Posted in: Olympic minister Hashimoto reported to be top pick to replace Mori See in context

Good for her, She will doing good !!..

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