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Posted in: Lawson now giving customers who bring their own tumblers an even better discount on coffee drinks See in context

Do we want people bringing their own tumblers into conbini during this pandemic?

It's bringing but not sharing, genious..

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Posted in: Man pleads guilty to 4 Asian spa killings; sentenced to life See in context

rot in jail loser..

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Posted in: Blinken decries swastika vandalism in State Dept elevator See in context

What can be expected in a mockery of democracy where a big part of the white population are racists, white supremacists and want to get rid of anyone whose skin is less white than theirs..

That is the legacy of Trumpyclown, having empowered all these sick people and give them a voice and an opportunity to demand their "white privileges".

What a sick country !!..

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Posted in: Japan beats U.S. to win softball gold See in context

More Gold for Japan !!..

What a game !!..

Well deserved !!..

Japan defeat US in its own game !!..

Congratulations Softball Japan !!..





The US players couldn't believe it !!..


I love Japan, the best softball of the world !!!..

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Posted in: What is umami, the mysterious taste of Japanese cooking? See in context

Japan food is the most healty, delicious and tasty in the whole world !!..

What is umami, the mysterious taste of Japanese cooking?

Nothing other than a Japanese word to describe a taste that already existed. No mystery, except the Japanese want to try and make it one.

The typical comment from someone who was raised only with hot dogs, coke and fries .. lol !!

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Posted in: Is setting targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions an effective way to reduce the adverse effects of climate change? See in context

Boomers will take the planet down with them

Boomers, conservative medievals, antiscience losers, trumpylosers etc..

More B.S. from the greed driven psychopaths to allay the fears of the simple minded.

Wrong, the B.S. comes from the of the conservative clowns and their lobby of the hydrocarbon industry and their greed for money over the welfare of the planet. The simple minded are dumb people who do not want to understand science or not want to see the reality of things, all those ignorant people, conservative politics and their dumb followers are ruining the planet..

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Posted in: Victims of mass murder at care home remembered on 5th anniversary See in context

The former employee, care worker Satoshi Uematsu, 31, is on death row with his sentence having been finalized in March last year after he withdrew his appeal. He said during his trial that disabled people who are unable to communicate "create unhappiness in society."

Good old gallows awaits..

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Posted in: Tropical storm nears Japan, disrupting Tokyo Olympics See in context

These Olympics are a complete failure…virus, heat, humidity and telling falsehoods when the deal was signed. The nation will have lost massive amounts of cash…and lost ‘face’…in the olden days the JOC would be ordered to…do you know what!


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Posted in: Bitcoin jumps on speculation that Amazon considering crypto See in context


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Posted in: Bitcoin jumps on speculation that Amazon considering crypto See in context

This is so pathetic ..

Now the other spoiled rich kids of the world want to get involved and invent other phony cryptocurrencies and then fool the naive wannabe millionaires with the false hope that investing in that crypto trash they will be like them some day..

Today bitcoin went down again because I ate a ham sandwich. Fact.

But it will bounce and rise again, if you ate a salad, another fact.

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Posted in: Nagase wins Japan’s fifth gold medal in judo See in context

Congratulations Nagase San !!..


And Japan won gold in softball, waaaahahahahaha!!!..




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Posted in: Japan beats France 74-70 in Olympic women's basketball See in context

GO JAPAN !!!..

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Posted in: Russian men win backstroke gold, silver; Aussie McKeown takes women's gold See in context

For the first time since 1992, the American men have lost a backstroke race at the Olympic pool.

Spoiler alert, China will win these games..

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Posted in: Philippine leader threatens to kill drug dealers See in context


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Posted in: Philippine leader threatens to kill drug dealers See in context

Good, 100% agree, drug deales and narcos are a pest.. Get rid of them !!..

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Posted in: World Rugby hope for Japan tournament news this year - Gilpin See in context

Japan in the Rugby Championship would be great !!..


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Posted in: Astronomers seek evidence of tech built by aliens See in context

Keep participating, you will never find anything..

Do you want to see aliens, see the pathetic movie of E.T.

Eeeeeeetteeeeeee, looool !!

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Posted in: This fall is going to be insane for anime See in context

Amazing !!..

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Posted in: Russia edges Japan, China for gold in men's gymnastics See in context

Check them for... you know...

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Posted in: Man given religiously forbidden food at Nagoya immigration center See in context

Hunger is more powerful than religion..

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Posted in: China calls U.S. policy 'misguided' in high-level talks See in context

Everything that China does seems misguided to the US and everything that the US does seems misguided to China, both are the same kind of self-centered countries trying to take advantage of the rest of the planet.

You are living in the past.

Trumpylosers are the ones who live in the past longing for their pathetic little Duce.. lol..

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics: Pandemic, heat ... and now a typhoon's en route See in context

The extreme weather conditions in Japan make the medals more deserving.

Japan is for the brave, not for those who complain about everything.

GO JAPAN !! ..

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Posted in: Japan upsets China for table tennis mixed doubles gold See in context

Congratulations Mizutani San and Ito San !!..





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Posted in: Woman’s body found in Nara forest identified as missing care worker See in context

This country need more support across the board!

All the countries need more support in many things, cut the dorama..

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Posted in: Israeli judo star perseveres after 2 opponents' withdrawals See in context

This is a good indication on a small scale of how Israel is willing to work with its neighbors, while its neighbors refuse to recognize Israel.

Just as this Sudanese Olympian ended up a loser in this match, so do the countries and peoples who antagonize Israel,

Congratulations !!..

Go to Mar-a-lago knock on the door and receive your collectible stamp from the good trumpykids club !!..

LOOOL !!..

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Posted in: Nishiya, just 13, gives Japan sweep in street skateboarding See in context

Congratulations Nishiya San !!!..





> sorry, but the fact that this is an Olympic sport is ridiculous - just my opinion.

I thought the same, but seeing these competitions and the efforts of these youngsters have changed my thinking, skateboarding has all my respect and these guys have more courage and bravery than the anti-olimpic critics who only exude pettiness.

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Posted in: Ono claims 4th judo gold for Japan See in context

Congratulations Ono San !!!...





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Posted in: Dressel wins U.S. Olympic swimming gold; Aussie Titmus beats Ledecky See in context

That faces in the picture, loooooool !!.

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Posted in: New Zealand to accept alleged Islamic State militant, 2 kids See in context

What a bad move for NZ..

Ardern said the safety and wellbeing of New Zealanders was the government's paramount concern.

If so, then why are they allowing enter an Islamic State militant to the country. ?????...

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