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Posted in: Djokovic loses cool again; breaks racket See in context

What can you expect from a narcissistic clown who said that professional tennis women doesn't deserve to earn the same money than men???..

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Posted in: Haneda Airport, train stations in Tokyo busy as travelers head out for Silver Week See in context

Good to see people getting back to normal and not believing all the hysteria around Covid.

Bravo !!.. (facepalm)..

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Posted in: Japan's top court sides with tattoo artist in test case See in context

Good, victory for Japan Tattoo comunity, open mind is great !!.

Tissues for the crybbs antitattoo lsrs !!..


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Posted in: Japan's tallest skyscraper, 'Torch Tower,' to be built in Tokyo See in context

Great !!.. Nice building !!.. GO TOKYO !!..

Why the drama queens tears??..


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Posted in: Madonna to direct, co-write biopic about herself See in context


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Posted in: Japanese study shows that persimmon tannin juice may render coronavirus harmless See in context

Why not??, could be..

Many crybbs tears here..

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Posted in: Biden says he trusts vaccines and scientists, not Trump See in context

Biden is right and use the common sense, not like the medieval Trumpy and his silly trumpybelievers..

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Posted in: Nissan unveils prototype of new generation Z sports car See in context

Goku's car..

DragonCar Z..


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Posted in: Lunch lineup See in context

I can't ever imagine lining up to eat something as mundane as ramen or soba. Why do people do it? Stuff tastes the same wherever you eat it, surely?

Typical childish comment, cut your bitterness with the world..

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Posted in: Paris Hilton says she 'feels free' after YouTube documentary See in context


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Posted in: Oxford and AstraZeneca resume coronavirus vaccine trial See in context

Great !!, sorry antivax losers..

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Posted in: Life prison term to be finalized for Peruvian man for killing 6 See in context


I want another murderer to be executed !!!..

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating 71-year-old father to death See in context

So, he beat his father to death. I guess the thought of just moving away never occurred to him.

Did you leave home already??..


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Posted in: Mother and son in Japan arrested for running counterfeit Pokemon operation See in context

Pokefakes from China.. Gotta Catch ‘Em All !!..

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka wins 2nd U.S. Open title See in context

Not a tennis fan, but good for her.. I like when she wins !!..

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japan becoming target of discrimination due to virus See in context

Not only in Japan hate, fear and ignorance happens in all the world..

As an example see when Trumpy and his Trumpybelievers bark all the time "china virus"..

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Posted in: Trump revels at Michigan rally as thousands defy coronavirus safety rules See in context

The great Trumpy Clown's Circus arrived to town !!!..

And the little antimask pseudo-christian trumpy kids got together and laughed and enjoyed and contemplated with adolescent emotion the future and pathetic scenario in which America will become if the great fascist clown is re-elected...

AMEN !!!...

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Posted in: Crown princess wants to respect daughter's wish over delayed marriage See in context

Mako, leave that guy, I love you, marry meeeeeeeee !!!!, arghhh !!!

Keep dreaming loseeeeeeer !!! Baka gaijin !!...



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Posted in: Tokyo highlights LGBTQ rights before Olympics with Pride House See in context

Well done, LGBTQ rights are human rights..

Except for the "machito men" pseudo-christian trumpys and 21th century medieval minded losers..

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Posted in: BTS hit 'Dynamite' worth $1.4 billion to South Korea: gov't See in context


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Posted in: The most visible symbol of COVID-19 around the world is the face mask. Do you agree? See in context

Masks are only the symbol of oppression, silencing and an attempt to erase our identities. If it is indeed the symbol of this 'plandemic' it does not represent a lot of us.

What an ignorant comment !!.. Thanks for being part of the problem !!..

Facelpalm !!..

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Posted in: Sushi chef using shirtless bodybuilders for delivery to buoy virus-hit business See in context

Skinny, all of them.

Not your type??, Oohhh so sorry..


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Posted in: Play misty for me See in context

That mist spreads viruses. Just saying.


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Posted in: 'Batman' filming halted after Pattinson reportedly falls ill with COVID See in context

Premonition of another Batman garbage cinematographic failure..

As always..

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Posted in: Chef at top Tokyo sushi restaurant wins lawsuit after being fired for maybe having a tattoo See in context

Open the mind..

Tattoos are not bad..

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Posted in: U.S. vote-by-mail begins See in context


Take out the garbage from the WH !!

Trumpys are nervous because they will lose !!..

Prepare your tissue boxes, LSRS !!..


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Posted in: Judge OKs extradition to Japan of 2 men accused of aiding Ghosn escape See in context

Great !!, send them to Japan..

Sooner or later, the big fat rat will fall..

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Posted in: War of Resistance sculpture See in context

Ironic that they have now become the biggest oppressor to their own people, and even their technology and ideology promotes almost complete dedication to the communist party.


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Posted in: Are you an anti-vaxxer? See in context

I believe in science, I'm not a fool..

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Posted in: Are you an anti-vaxxer? See in context

I'll take sunlight, healthy food and exercise, thank you very much.

Now I understand why You like Trump..

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