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Posted in: 3 dead, 1 wounded in crossbow attack; suspect arrested See in context

Family members murdering Each other in japan. Hardly news anymore

Just when you thought Japan was normal. Hang on! I never thought that. So many unusual incidents like this have made me impervious to the goings on and I barely bat an eyelid anymore.

Again, the drama queens.. loooool !!!...

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Posted in: Facebook in turmoil over refusal to police Trump's posts See in context

Comments from Trump supporters looks like...


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Posted in: Man goes on trial for dangerous driving over high-speed crash that killed 4 See in context


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Posted in: 17-year-old boy picks worst woman to randomly ask if she wants to make an adult video See in context

Poor "Taro".. Looooollll !!!!

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Posted in: City's quit-smoking program proving a hit during pandemic See in context

A note to smokers. I’m 58 and quit smoking about 5 years ago. (Smoking since JHS) 5 days ago my baby girl and her BF asked for permission to get married. Of course they have my blessing. 2 days ago I was told that I have COPD. If you know what it is, you know it’s irreversible. My newest goal in life is to be able to hold my grandchild some day. I will fight it, I will continue to, though doc says I need to listen more carefully to my body. Stop Smoking. Life to see your grandchildren. I wish I had listened to my dad who also suffers with emphysema. Champix help me quit.

Keep figthing, still young, jog and exercise is the best, you will see your grandchildren !!..

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Posted in: Biden urged to pick black VP, not Klobuchar as Minneapolis killing stokes racial tensions See in context

Trump represents the worst in the USA, fascism, hatred, ignorance, racism, homophobia, pseudo-christianity, denial science, white supremacism, police brutality, violence against inmigrants, etc.. Biden must choose the best option, unfortunately Michele Obama is not an option otherwise Biden would easily defeat that fascist clown and his horde of fanatic fools...

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Posted in: French carmaker Renault announces 15,000 job cuts worldwide See in context

As always, the working class managed as an exploitable, useless and disposable resource at the convenience of the millionaires who make fortunes by the employees backs..

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Posted in: Frontline health workers in Japan continue to face discrimination over virus See in context

This happens not only in Japan, in all the world is happening, read other countries news, sadly this not about a county culture, it's human behavior fueled by fear, hate and ignorance.

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Posted in: Survey ranks the most desirable neighborhoods to live in Kansai region See in context

Just kidding.. LOOOOOOL !!!!..

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Posted in: Survey ranks the most desirable neighborhoods to live in Kansai region See in context


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Posted in: Trump's pitch to voters: Trust me, economy will soar in 2021 See in context

The fascist clown hypnotizing his horde of blind sheeps...

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Posted in: Tommy Lee Jones gives pandemic advice as coffee-loving alien in Japanese commercial See in context

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Posted in: Tommy Lee Jones gives pandemic advice as coffee-loving alien in Japanese commercial See in context

Suntory time !!..

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Posted in: Blue Impulse jets fly over Tokyo to salute medical workers See in context

Yeah, well, I disagree, small gestures mean a lot to the people who are actually doing the work!

And we all see the waste the "mask" buying has been! Hater's just gonna hate!

Well said Yubaru !!..

People, enjoy the flight, cut the tears !!.. Tissues, tissues everywhere !!!.. LOOOOOOOL !!!!!..

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Posted in: Clean cabin See in context

Thanks for the hard working and keep yourselves safe !!..

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Posted in: Japanese tourist imprisoned in Australia over child porn possession See in context

He got off pretty lightly. Keep that filth in Japan where you can possess it.

Who told you people can posses child pornography in Japan ??.. Stop ignorance..

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Posted in: Masks too dangerous for children under 2, Japan medical group says See in context

Maybe this is the reason Donnie never wear mask..

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Posted in: 'Terrace House' star Kimura likely took her own life using toxic gas See in context

One is not mature if you can't bear criticism.

She was psychologically dependant and should have been followed closely by a doctor.

Really???, tell me more, "Mister strong jugdmental Doctor"..

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Posted in: Japanese reality show 'Terrace House' cast member dies See in context

Physically strong, mentally weak

And you feel so strong writting that..

I am so sorry for this girl, I hope bullies get punished..

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Posted in: 'Avatar' movie sequel to resume production in New Zealand See in context

James cameron is a doofus.

But he makes better movies than you !!!.. looooooool !!!..

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Posted in: 'Mobile Suit Gundam' oil sardines released in Japan See in context

Gundam Sardines, only in Japan !!.. looooooool !!..

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Posted in: Gobble gobble: Pac-Man turns 40 See in context

Happy birthday Pac-Man !!..

Thank you so much, Iwatani San !! ..

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death in Singapore via Zoom call See in context

Drug dealers and narcos must be punished, period !!..

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Posted in: Japan launches new unit to step up defense in outer space See in context

Protect Japan from Space Invaders, Pac-Mac, Donkey Kong and some Japan hater crybabies !!.. LOOOOOOOOL !!!!..

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Posted in: Abenomasks See in context


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Posted in: Japanese teenager plans lawsuit over gaming limit ordinance See in context

"How long children are allowed to play games or use a smartphone should be rules set by each family, not by the government,"

Well said !!..

Human rights, Women rights, Minorities rights, Animal rights, LGBTIQ rights, Children rights, Workers rights, Gamers rights, why not??..

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Posted in: 'Scarface' reboot penned by Coen bros set in Los Angeles See in context

No "lack of originality silly Hollywood reboot" will surpass 1983 Tony Montana... Big failure coming !!..


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Posted in: 72-year-old man arrested for spitting at convenience store employee See in context

Another pathetic sad old man with too much time on his hands the last 20 years. Their lives are so filled with anger and self resentment that they need to take it out on innocents. It’s funny because his age bracket it most at risk too

What a drama, need a tissue??.. Manicure??..


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Posted in: Can clean-up See in context

Sorry to spoil the intent of this photo but it is a photo of a homeless man 

Really???... Ooohhh my God!!!..

There are no intent here..

It's more than evident, is a homeless person..

Cut the drama..

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Posted in: Trump says he doesn't want to talk to Xi right now; could even cut China ties See in context

What a pathetic childish little Hitler...

Make Xi sweat for awhile.

Keep dreaming...

Funny Trump fanatics..

loooool !!!

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