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Posted in: Japanese spacecraft sends capsule with asteroid soil samples on its way to Earth See in context

Well done Japan !!.. Go JAXA Go JAXA Go Japan !!..

Does it gives me something to rejoice ? despite no job, no sales and doubts whether I will be able to eat tomorrow or thrown out into the streets for not paying rents.


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Posted in: Trump campaign spent nearly $9 million on bid to overturn election results See in context

Those sore losers are sooooo pathetic...

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Posted in: 'Demon Slayer' boom continues in Japan as final volume hits bookstores See in context

There’s better manga/animation out there, trust me.

Its an average anime at best, that lacks the heart, and lacks the charm of its predecessors.


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Posted in: Twitter bans content which 'dehumanizes' based on race, ethnicity See in context

In other words, the end of Trumpy's hate tweets..

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Posted in: Postponement costs for Tokyo Games to total ¥294 bil See in context

Hot dog eating contest for the next pathetic olympic games !!..

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Posted in: Warner Bros to stream all 2021 movie releases See in context

Streaming hollywood garbage + Disney garbage??.. Noooooooo thanks !!!..

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Posted in: Trump expected to issue flurry of pardons on way out See in context

A coward criminal pardoning another coward criminals..

Carter even pardoned draft dodgers who fled to Canada!


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Posted in: Make a bold statement with this striking Zero Fighter Model 52 kimono See in context

Lovely !!..

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Posted in: UK authorizes Pfizer coronavirus vaccine for emergency use; 1st in the world See in context

Another sad day for antivaxxer losers..


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Posted in: Russia deploys missiles to Pacific islands claimed by Japan See in context

Ohhh, my dirty, represive, corrupt Russia, please don't change... * !!..

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Posted in: Japan’s new life-size moving Gundam statue unveiled in full dramatic glory See in context

So cool, love Gundam !!..

Sorry haters..

Only in Japan !!!..

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court takes up census case, as other count issues loom See in context

Liberals are the absolute last people to talk about numbers. ROFL


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Posted in: Japanese firm, ex-employee reach rare settlement over LGBT outing See in context

LGBTQI rights are human rights !!..

Sorry medieval pseudo-christian homophobic losers..

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Posted in: Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn and Chris Columbus save Christmas See in context

Another santa movie...


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Posted in: 62-year-old man arrested for assaulting pub drinker on street See in context

This should be part of the offense, not the defense.

Go Gadget go !!..

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Posted in: From the musician's own vault comes documentary 'Zappa' See in context

Great !!.. real music documental !!..

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Posted in: Disney to lay off 32,000 U.S. workers in 2021 See in context

Go woke go broke as the old saying goes . Disney with what you did to Star Wars and recently Mulan you deserve everything you get. It's just a shame the people lowest down suffer first.

Well said !!!!... 1000% agree!!..

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Posted in: The pandemic is changing Hollywood, maybe forever See in context

Real change is start making original and interesting movies, no the eternally reprise, reprise and reprise of the same pathetic commercial garbage..

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally beating mother in 80s with bamboo sword See in context

I'm guessing the "bamboo sword" was a shinai, the kind used in Kendo. Not that it matters, but just to be accurate.

Could be a kendo shinai

Bamboo sword - Shinai

Wooden sword - Bokken

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Posted in: Trump says he will leave White House if Biden wins Electoral College vote See in context

The country sunk in the pandemic by the mediocre Trump administration and the only thing this sore loser is doing is crying and making childish complaints about the election in addition to playing golf, and still there are so naive people who support this losing clown.

The most pathetic president in America's history, the one term eternally impeached loser clown..

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Posted in: Japan fights coronavirus in luxurious style with million-yen masks See in context

Why so many tears here??..

If you don't like luxurious masks, just don't buy it..

If you like a cheaper mask, just buy it..

The important here is to WEAR A MASK !!..

Cheap or luxurious, both save lives..

Dry your tears everybody, live and let live..

Don't forget your cheap mask!!..

Happy Thanksgiving !!..


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Posted in: Argentine soccer great Diego Maradona dies at 60 See in context

Not a soccer fan but he was one of the greatest players, rest in peace..

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Posted in: Second chance: Faded K-pop star competes for comeback See in context


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Posted in: Death penalty sought for serial murder suspect See in context

Well, one psycho garbage less.. Good old gallows will bring justice again !!..

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Posted in: Koike asks Tokyo restaurants serving alcohol to shorten opening hours for 3 weeks See in context

Lucky the vaccins are coming, the only hope now for us here in Japan

For ALL THE WORLD !!.. ;)

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Posted in: Trump planning to pardon ex-aide Flynn: U.S. media See in context

Talking about pardons:

Yesterday, a chicken pardon a turkey in the white house..

Happy thanksgiving !!..

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Posted in: Playful book about The Beatles wins major nonfiction prize See in context


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Posted in: A Grammys 'Savage': Beyonce leads with 9 nominations See in context


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Posted in: Declaring 'America is back,' Biden introduces nominees See in context

The fascist "America first" policy is over, now AMERICA IS BACK !!..

We are the champions my friends, no time for trumpys !!..

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Posted in: Michigan certifies Biden win despite Trump's GOP overtures See in context


And the trumpylosers cry and cry more and more !!.

Democracy won, fascism lose !!..


Happy thanksgiving !!!!


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