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Posted in: Roppongi Hills Christmas See in context

Way too early, it’s weeks to Christmas, spoils it to have it rammed down your throat so early and then dragging on until utter boredom sets in long before the event.

Live and let live ..

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Posted in: Doobie Brothers re-unite with Michael McDonald for tour See in context

Good music..

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Posted in: Olympic marathon could start, finish at Sapporo’s Odori Park See in context


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Posted in: ASEAN defense See in context

Good !!, defend together from China demons !!..

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Posted in: Brazilian man sues Japanese gov't for injuries at immigration center See in context

You are detained for being in Japan Illegally.

You resist an order to be transfered to another inmigration facility

You get restrained because not obey the law

If you cooperate with the immigration officers this could not happen

You have a deportation order

Japan is not for everybody, if you break the law you have the consecuences

Sorry no bonus, get back to your country !!..

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Posted in: 4 dead, 6 wounded in shooting at California backyard party See in context

Those crazy Californians.

No, those carzy american gun lovers..

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Posted in: 71-year-old woman arrested for killing husband, parents-in-law See in context

Another day in Japan, another family murder and not one raised eyebrow.

What a nightmare this country is becoming, the govt is ALLOWING this to keep happening at an alarming rate.

Easy, Drama Queens ..

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Posted in: Folau claims Australia's bushfires 'God's judgement' for gay marriage See in context

This is just a pathetic statement from a religious homophobic fanatic hateful rugby player who was banned from RWC2019.. What a loser...

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Posted in: Trump asked Tokyo for $8 bil to keep U.S. troops in Japan: Foreign Policy See in context

Quadruple???... What a shameless rat !!..

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Posted in: People magazine names John Legend as 2019 Sexiest Man Alive See in context


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Posted in: S Korean court holds 1st hearing on 'comfort women' civil suit See in context

Nice try, keep wasting time, Korean opportunistic crybabies !!..

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Posted in: Do you find Japan's rising sun flag offensive? See in context



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Posted in: Do you find Japan's rising sun flag offensive? See in context


BANZAI !!!.. BANZAI !!!.. BANZAI !!!..

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' Christmas See in context

Star garbage pathetic paraphernalia..

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Posted in: K-pop top awards show skips Hong Kong due to protests See in context

Good news for HK

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Posted in: Disney streaming debuts with hit brands See in context

More Disney TVgarbage??...No, thanks...

Let the fans be milked again and again eternally..


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Posted in: Superheroes vs cinema? Debate continues over Scorsese remarks See in context

He is right... Disney - Marvel garbage..

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Posted in: National Police Agency mulls revoking driver's licenses over road rage See in context

Good, don't forget elderly too..

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Posted in: Russia, U.S. go toe-to-toe at anti-doping meeting See in context

Us and Russia talking about antidoping???


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Posted in: Johnson compares Corbyn to Stalin as UK election campaign begins See in context

What a moron, just look the picture.. loooooooolll...

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Posted in: 10 detainees go on hunger strike at Japanese immigration center See in context

Every action brings a consequence.. You came to Japan illegaly you will end in a detention center waiting for your deserved deportation..

Japan doesn't need illegal people who will bring problems to the country and won't contribute positively to the society..

The best can do with these people is deport them ASAP..

Do you want to do blatant hunger strikes after doing things illegaly??, or need asylum??, go to Europe, Canada, Trumpland..

Japan is not for everybody !!..

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Posted in: Single? I'm self-partnered, says British actress Emma Watson See in context

Pathetic girl..

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Posted in: Labor-short construction industry investing in AI and robots See in context

Good !!

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Posted in: U.S. exit from climate accord very disappointing: Japan See in context

More than disappointed, it's a crime again humanity, but i'm pretty sure the next president will join again the climate agreement and have common sense, not like this narcissistic clown US has for president today..

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Posted in: Trump administration notifies U.N. of Paris climate accord exit See in context

After this stupid clown leave the white house, US will join the climate agreement for sure, this is just a temporary nightmare..

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Posted in: Ahead of auction, Olivia Newton-John recalls being stitched into 'Grease' costume See in context

$200000 for worn and used utilery pants and jacket ???..

Stupid world..

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Posted in: 'I'll be back': Schwarzenegger and Hamilton keep promises in new 'Terminator' See in context

Terminator trilogy coming !!..

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Posted in: Japanese retailers to be required to charge for plastic bags from summer 2020 See in context

Very good, this is the beginning..

Single use plastic shopping bags are only a small part of a much bigger problem of plastic addiction and overuse of plastics in Japan. Most supermarkets and many other stores already charge for plastic bags. While it may seem like a step in the right direction it is only a very small and somewhat insignificant step.

You complain for everything, loooooooool..

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Posted in: South Africa beat England 32-12 to win 3rd World Cup See in context

What happened with the team who beat the All Blacks last weekend ????...

The final game must be All Blacks vs Springboks and the result would be completely different..

Well, these are sports and everything could happened..

Happy next WRC France2023

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