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Posted in: Taiwan thanks Japanese lawmakers for supporting bid to join WHO assembly See in context


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Posted in: New Zealand to apologize for 'racist' historic police raids in 1970s See in context

Well done, like a decent country should do..

Hey 'murikkka it's your turn.. World awaits !!..

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Posted in: New Zealand to apologize for 'racist' historic police raids in 1970s See in context

Well done, like a decent country should do..

Hey 'murikkka it's your turn.. World awaits !!..

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Posted in: Microsoft bolsters video game line-up as Xbox turns 20 See in context

No thanks, Playstation for ever !!..

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Posted in: Dentist arrested over possession of 3 modified model guns See in context

Good !!..

no country that considers itself civilized and modern allows the use of firearms by civilians.

Learn that 'murikka..

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Posted in: American father and son plead guilty to helping Ghosn flee Japan See in context

Beautiful !!..

Go Japan justice, jail awaits for criminals !!..

I love Ghosnbeliever's tears with my coffee in the morning..


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Posted in: China cautions G7 that 'small' groups don't rule the world See in context

Better G7 than repressive communist China !!..

There was a chance a few years ago with Trump in office.


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Posted in: Israel swears in new coalition, ending Netanyahu's long rule See in context

Good news for Israel !!..

I've seen Netanyahu on TV almost crying, what a loser.. Bye Trumpylover !!..looool !!..

Bennett, an observant Jew, noted that the ancient Jewish people twice lost their homeland in biblical times due to bitter infighting.

The whole truth !!..

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Posted in: 'Space pups': Mouse sperm stored on space station produces healthy young See in context

Soooo, exposing crown's jewels to cosmic radiation produce healty and better kids ??, hmmmm...

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Posted in: Phelps is gone, but others ready to fill the void See in context


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Posted in: Neglected creator of 'Bambi' celebrated in Vienna show See in context

Everything from Disney is bought or stolen, the only original thing is the stinky rat.

LOL !!..

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Posted in: Woman cyclist killed in hit-and-run with motorbike See in context

Coward. When they get caught cue: I got something but didn’t think it was a person. Typical Japanese excuse

This in not typical Japanese excuse, it's typical excuse for every coward implied in a hit and run crime in the world..

Hit and run happen in all places..

Grow up !!..

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Posted in: Historic Asakusa shopping street in danger as Taito Ward calls for shop evictions See in context

Hey Taito Ward, be nice !!..

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Posted in: American father, son to go on trial for helping Ghosn flee Japan See in context

GREAT !!.. Criminals helping criminals deserve trial and punishment..

Sorry Ghosnbelievers, prepare your tissues boxes.. lol !!..

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Posted in: Schools pull out of Tokyo Olympic spectator program over virus fears See in context

Great !!.. A wise choice !!

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Posted in: ANA begins on-site vaccination; JAL to start on Monday See in context

Vaccines for everybody.. We are the champison, no time for antivaxxer losers !!.. lol !!

If you get Pfizer, get the shot in your left arm, because it will be limited in mobility for several hours after the shot.

I had both Pfizer's already and nothing happens with my arm, no problem..

Results can vary between people..

The thing is, get your vaccine ASAP..

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Posted in: Japan creates its first law requiring permits for crossbow possession See in context

Well done Japan, moving forward..

Learn this, 'murikkka..

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing girlfriend’s 1-year-old son See in context

Coward scumbag, deserves a kick in the head by an Elephant..

I hope the child get recovery soon..

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Posted in: Rash of mass shootings stirs U.S. fears heading into summer See in context

Wake up kidzzzz !!!..

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Posted in: Krejcikova wins 1st Grand Slam title in Paris See in context

Thanks to Naomi Osaka's withdrew..

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Posted in: A minute with Boy George on turning 60, new music and biopic See in context


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Posted in: Mori Building to vaccinate 100,000 employees, tenants at Toranomon Hills, Roppongi Hills and ARK Hills See in context

Very good news !!..

Advertised or not is a very nice event, everything is valid when it is to help others fighting the virus and return to normal life..

Go Japan !!.. Vaccines for everybody !! ..

Why does this vaccination effort have to be like some kind of promotional event? We don't need to know the names of the companies, universities, makers of hats that old men wear, which will be sponsoring vaccinations.




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Posted in: Justice Department, Congress probing Trump seizures of Democrats' data See in context

What can you expect, It's Trumpyclown and his decadent republican circus-museum..

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Posted in: Biden to return diverted border wall money See in context

Again, a true President in charge, fixing all the damage and deterioration that a narcissistic child clown did to America in 4 horrible years..

GO BIDEN !!.. Save the country before the Trumpy-fascism and the Republican Museum destroy the country !!..

A winner is a winner and a loser will always be a loser.

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Posted in: Tug-of-war See in context

They are already donating vaccines, they vaccinated their respective countries first because it is their right and they put the money..

This is how life works, this is how this world works.

Sorry no bonus ..

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Posted in: Biden sells G7 on global tax, but U.S. Congress is a hurdle See in context

“President Biden has managed to do the impossible -- he has made it better to be a foreign company and a foreign worker than an American company and an American worker.”

Great foreign policy.


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Posted in: Have your dream wedding in the skies over Japan See in context

There no such thing as a real wedding. The only real wedding happens at the city office when it's registered. It's all make-believe.

Well said !!..

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Posted in: 2 children found dead, mother wounded in Gunma home See in context

Second one in two days. Japan really needs to wake up to it’s murderous-suicidal mothers.

"second in two days", what a pathetic comment..

Murder suicides happens in all the world and everyday..

Cut the dorama..

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Posted in: Suga arrives in Britain for G7 summit See in context

That 747 looks beautiful with the name 日本国 on it..

Go Suga good luck and do your best !!..

former U.S. President Donald Trump's "America First" agenda.

"Stupidity First agenda"..

Hate this guy.

It's ok to be sad.. lol..

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Posted in: Polls: U.S. image abroad has rebounded since Biden took office See in context

Of course it is more than obvious, a decent President, educated with common sense, honesty and true love for his country will raise the image and in this case the disastrous image that Trumpyclow left by devastating the country..

Dear Trumpybelievers, accept it and stop fighting, your beloved Trumpyclown lost and now someone who has what Trump does not have is in charge: Being a good human being. Get over it kids..

Trump won.

LOL !!..

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