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Posted in: Relatives of Sri Lankan detainee who died at immigration center to sue gov't See in context

Im not even surprised. Japanese government so corrupt here. Their more concerned about keeping the roads maintained then rising poverty.

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Posted in: 10,000 Tokyo Olympic volunteers have now pulled out: organizers See in context

crazy how they going ahead with the Olympics despite top health advisors saying it's "not normal" japan will be the next India. India ignores the advice from health advisors and looks at what happens in their country. Japan is next... we need to stop the Olympics before it's too late. The money they spend for this should go towards the people who lost their jobs, people in hospitals, people losing hours, and income from the pandemic....

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Posted in: Advocacy groups ask gov't to rethink harsher anti-cannabis law See in context

Legalize it. If people can smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol which is 100 times worse for you on a health point of view then why can't adult have the rights to smoke a joint after work? Japan needs it the most seeing how high pressure life is here. People working 50-60-70-80 hours weeks needs this. I can garentee the sucide rate will lower dramatically as more will start smoke and relax then get drunk and commit sucide

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Posted in: Saitama welfare official threatened into giving out executive-level salary worth of benefits See in context

Lol typical heartless japanese business. The guy is being threaten for his life and instead of siding with him they fired him In the middle of the pandemic. You know how hard it is to get a job now days??. Two people loses two months worth of pay too as punishment that's ridiculous. The only person that should be punished is the House hold making life threats

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