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Posted in: Tokyo coronavirus cases hit record daily high of 224; 80% in their 20s, 30s See in context

And the shut window pictured at a peak hour shows why. Train conductors should open all windows before starting their rounds. Many closed windows everytime I board the train. It is really annoying. Nothing prevents better than proper aeriation.

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Posted in: Japan on backfoot in global PR war with China See in context

Echoed a Western diplomat in Beijing: “China is being successful at getting its message across while Japan keeps saying stupid things like questioning the existence of ‘comfort women.’ I think (China) has changed opinions.” Very pertinent point and best describes the situation at hand. And for pity's sake Jap politicians should rather find a better stance than refuting the "comfort women" issue.

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Posted in: Which issue do you think will be the most important in the Dec 16 lower house election? See in context

Actually I voted the economy coz in my opinion it "should be" the most important issue. Not sure it will though. Knowing these Japs, they'd probably be focusing on silly minor issues like the island disputes or "bullying" like an except of the news edition I watched yesterday portrayed Abe talking about. Blah!

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Posted in: Club boss caught on camera beating elderly taxi driver See in context

I agree with Alex Einz, most cab drivers are blattantly rude, and especially when one is in a hurry or in need of quick assistance they drag and brag. The man in the video went a lil too far though.

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Posted in: Japan executes two death-row inmates See in context

Hanging a 65-yr-old lady... Wow!! Even in the worst case scenarios, this just never can be right.

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Posted in: Toyota Japan’s sexy new topless ad featuring transgender model shocks viewers See in context

Yeah, that stunned me yesterday! Simply gross. As if it ain't enough to deal with all the dumb ads out there, now Japs just have to make it gruesome. Bravo!

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Posted in: Junior high school English in Japan from the perspective of students See in context

Probably the most pointless readI've had in a while, maybe coz I expected and anticapteda much more interesting one. Plus JT would do well to correct the lil mistakes therein. It's annoying to stumble on mistakes and actually reread coz u try to force meaning of what you've read. Duh!

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Posted in: Kanagawa cop arrested for flashing women in park See in context

Lmao @ Yubaru... I think the same too. Still shocked the SMAP dude (whatever the douche's name is) is back on tv screens despite that act... .

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Posted in: Sumo wrestler crime prevention team patrols streets of Tokyo See in context

This is more than silly, they have a life, and are humans, prone to error or occasional mischief. Setting up a patrol for pro sportsmen is more than silly... it's pathetic!!! Besides what's wrong with getting busted and doing time or being booted from the game in case of crime? Why the extra hassle?!

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Posted in: Man arrested for threatening TEPCO employees after not paying bill See in context

Lmsao! This is ridiculously hilarious... dude just made my night!!!

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Posted in: Hamasaki discreetly returns to Japan See in context

Who cares about stuff like this... discretely or outwardly returned. It don't matter much, does it?

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Posted in: Boy jumps to death after telling teacher, police he was bullied See in context

Wow, this is soo sad. I work with lads his age at Junior High, and best believe the best we can do is interveneon our own. I take upon myself, the "gaijin cloak" of I don't care about tradition, ima gaijin, and do so. Coz to be honest, some teachers openly just don't give a damn about these consistent issues. Btw, girls bullying is really an issue too, no kidding!

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Posted in: 'First lady' Hitomi Noda prefers to stay out of limelight See in context

Well most def is a smart choice. Best and last I checked Japanese first ladies are never positively / actively involved in politics or associations etc. like those of other countries. Last one to have stepped into light was Hatoyama's and tgat was solely to say crap, like she and Tom Cruise were together in another life. . .?!? Please stay outta light.his one seems more decent and submissive a lady, like a comment says above. Oh, gotta love the way the article puts "first lady" in quote. Lol.

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Posted in: Comedian Shimada quits show business over reported ties to yakuza See in context

One down, more to go. Personally dont think simple ties (excluding any dealings) with Yaks is a problem, but certainly am not a fan of douche bags like these, who get away with derogatory and or abusive language, just coz theyve been in the biz for too long. BS to me, and I most def question the intellgence of not only those who like this scum bag, but all who watch shows he is on or runs. True talk!

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Posted in: Starbucks customer, told to stop hitting on girls, assaults worker See in context

is this news? get a life!!

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Posted in: After the latest scandal on match-fixing, can anything save sumo or is it a dying sport? See in context

Hell yeah it is a dying sport? who cares anyway? Effing dod and donts on previous minor issues seemingly bores the wrestlers emselves! Japs get a life on this one!!!

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Posted in: China's Zhang says Bale to star in Nanjing project See in context

"...every Chinese wants everyone to hate Japanese..." well same is true for Japanese, and I guess it will never end. I do know the Japanese have apologised for the atrocities committed back then. But in my opinion, such a movie would shed more (needed) light on what really and actually happened, and pay more tribute to the victims never really recognised. I think the Japanese should know more about such history, so many are ignorant about this, pearl harbor etc... It would change a lot of things especially public opinion!

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Posted in: Fire department official arrested for paying 15-year-old girl for sex See in context

Teen prostitution is more rampant in Japan than in any other society, that's simply coz the kids just get away with everything... no discipline at all levels. Feels like if I were to commit a crime I just need to tip a "kid" to do the job. Sad case... but true.

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Posted in: Osaka man arrested for employing 50 high school girls as prostitutes See in context

wow!!! a pimp in Japan... wonder if he had bling on...LoL!!

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