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I think we can all agree that singing is not and has never been the forte of Arashi (or of any J-idol groups for that matter). There are those that can sing (i.e. Ohno Satoshi), but they all don't share that talent.

What endears them to me (and to many fans) is the sincerity we feel from their actions. I'd be very shocked if, one day, an expose is published telling us that they've been faking their friendship for the past 21 years (cue: royal family).

Above all that, making their fans happy has been at the forefront of their efforts and activities. Profit comes second to that (though I wouldn't blame them anyway if they make it a first priority). Unlike other popular boy bands, I don't feel like they are simply doing things for the sake of money. (I can name a lot of them out there.) And besides, I've been a fan for more than a decade and have spent a total of just USD 120 on them. Imagine that.

Yes, they each have their own solo projects. I would prefer that they keep having solo projects because being in a boy band is not a lifetime career. And yet, they don't fail to incorporate Arashi into their solo works (e.g. mentioning other members, sharing funny anecdotes, etc). They don't try to one-up one another and instead pull each other higher - the hiatus being a very good example of their solidarity. Only Ohno wanted to go on hiatus. Sho and Jun were very averse to it (though they don't mention it publicly). But they were willing to support him in his desire to take some time off - even going so far to say that a group without Ohno is not Arashi.

And yes, if you're not a fan, you wouldn't know their songs. That's normal. I have no idea what Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift's songs are - not a fan and have no plans of listening to them because of my personal preference. But ask any Arashi fan and they will be able to give you a list of their most iconic songs from 1999 to date. :)

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