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@plastic monkey

First, there is clear historical evidence, including documentation by the Japanese government at the time, that women were forced into sexual slavery. There is a broad consensus among historians that this happened.

This is not true. There have never been found any documentation by the Japanese government at the time that women were forced into sexual slavery. THAT have been argued until now. If such clear evidence exists, how could dare Japan protest against all the blame?

What is known with evidence is "comfort women" system was planned and executed by the Japanese military. They even advertised on papers and hired professional prostitutes mostly from Japan. (people who blatantly criticized Japan, do you really know majority of "comfort women" are Japanese? If not, you better study thoroughly preferably in Japanese).

I know some are from Korea or other countries who were not "professionals," and possibly underage. They may have been cheated and brought in. but there is no definite evidence that the Japanese military or government were directly engaged in that kind of activity if any. Kono was considered to admit this matter in his talk before, but he actually told that he or others tried to find any proof related this, but could't find any; he had to express that way as he wanted to construct a good relationship with Korea.

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Kagawa and Honda aren't benchwarmers, Kagawa plays every time he's available for Manchester United recently.

And look how terrible Man U are doing! Just kidding ;)

Man U has never lost games in this season when Kagawa played, just to let you know.

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No offense but japanese mvs in general are only popular in Japan.

Nope. You just don't know how popular she is in the world. Her songs occasionally hits no.1 on itunes charts as electronic music in some countries such as Finland. And she's done a world tour this year. Surely she seems to have attracted some kind of fans internationally. I think she hadn't been that popular in Japan, but now she was "re-discovered" because of the world attention toward her. Off course, they don't include middle aged conservative men as seen here obviously...

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Wow, today must be a great day for Anti-Japanist! Certainly, our little boy, Hashimoto slipped dumb phrase...I guess he doesn't know such enthusiasm over him has gone a long time ago. Poor man..

Regarding "comfort women," yes, there are much confusion and mis-understanding around the subject. But to say sadly, this kind of fuss will never cease unless thorough research is intensively done by an truly reliable international team.

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Sell Sony shares on rebound and go away.

Crazy. Those have already been oversold, With recent push up & nikkei move, buy on dips.

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The yen hit a four-year low against the dollar on Friday, beyond the psychologically important 100 yen mark. It also trades at a three-year low against the euro. The moves were driven in part by Japanese investors shifting into foreign bonds, a move that had been expected since the Bank of Japan unveiled a massive stimulus plan.

From this text, people may think the Japanese investors push the yen above 100yen, which is unlikely. It happend afternoon NY time (very early morning on Japan time), and it was said that was done by the attempt of some institutional investors outside of Japan. Remember the sudden fall of yen last year was said to be triggered by powerful investors like George soros; yes, they were ready to do that. If you have looked at the USD/JPY chart, you would easily know yen's depreciation was due. It had been far, far appreciated already. so selling yen was inevitable. Abe had just ridden on the wave, imo. Japan don't need to manipulate to sell yen. Provided the world economy, especially the USA's would be getting better, the US or any country or even Japan can't stop this move if they could interfere to any degree. I would rather think Japan should start the plan about how to control the speed of the depreciation as currency rate movement tends to go overboard and that becomes risky for Japan as well.

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I see some people complain so aggressively about recent Japan's move, and they present such negative views (or positive views) with their own theory. But what are they? I have often seen any reputed economists or analysts would inevitably fail in the end and had to correct their view in regard with future economy. Economic policy execution is always experiment and nothing else. No human being could predict future event and condition. So stay calm, please.

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She resigned after that. I guess they practically fired her. They just couldn't fire her for some lawful reason...or maybe this is the Japanese way to fire a teacher.

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@ Patric

Abe denies comfort women, nanjing massacre, Bataan death march and the existence of Unit 731. He announces that apologies for wartime atrocities should be rescinded and that Japan should build up its military.

Where did you learn this? I never know Abe is that extremist,

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And I clearly see even this article is so biased. I would say "biased" here because the writer didn't study a bit about the facts.

'Up to 200,000 women from Korea, along with other Asian nations and the Netherlands, are estimated to have been kidnapped and forced to work as so-called “comfort women” in brothels set up around Asia for Japanese soldiers.'

This isn't true. More than half of them were from Japan (japanese professional prostitutes).Most of them were collected by public advertisement or other routes but not "kidnapped and forced." Some were very willing to work because it assured them of stable income.

But according to some soldiers' remarks, It does seem to there were some young women from Korea or other countries who were not professional. And some voiced they were forced to come and work there. What have matters and been argued over by the Japanese government is whether the Japanese army was directly involved with the possible coerce and they wouldn't like to admit it without clear evidence. (It is supposed that the the army entrusted Korean men with collecting women in Korea ). Even in the Kono statement, it was clearly said so but he apologized anyway with intent of ending up all the issue.

But Japan found he was wrong. This issue have dragged around and never seemed to be sorted out. That would explain Abe's move.

Sex slave, Sex slave, Sex slave...sounds odd if you really know what it was. Even "comfort women" are a made up word by a Japanese paper.

I feel very very sorry for women suffering there, though.

But to me, what make this complicated and often misunderstood is the Japanese government' ambiguous attitude and lack of effort for sincere explanation to the world about what really happened.

I know Korean people are so mad about this. But do you guys really know all that fuss began with an article of a Japanese paper which took up a book of a Japanese old guys named Yoshida Seigi who insisted in the book that he observed Korean women are forcefully collected for that purpose? Yes, there were no talk about this subject at all. No move from Korea or other countries. And do you really know the story was totally disproved by Korean people themselves who were living in the island which Yoshida's story were supposed to happen?

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How could only your favorite, Sterilng Seagrave could be right? Anything thought and voiced about any kind of history is to be biased and couldn't help but being subjective.

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Well, Korean brainwashed in their own education seem to be rampant in this thread. So pathetic.

Surely Japan should have done about this long, long time ago. Japanese politicians in the past were not tactful and smart. But it may be burdensome task to get the Korean away. No money should be used (I wish). Japan has already paid huge amount of money to help Korea rebuild the society, It just went in vain.

Mr Abe, be ambitious, but not stay foolish.

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Too sad to read those comment, as they sound so ignorant and biased. Japan is jealous of Korean's success? Some maybe, some not. Japan has no sense of humor or irony to understand this video? Yeah, some may be, but some may not. Think about how many people living in Japan. Some people likes something, others won't. Too much generalization here is itself proof of idiocy. I am a Japanese and personally like the video and watched it three times. But then, I would say how this video could become that international sensation as it does seem to be just a catchy & comical music video. Probably most of Japanese are fed up with this kind as they have watched similar types of gag on TV too many times.

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