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Posted in: Belgian soccer match halted after Fukushima taunts See in context

Do you know the three hardest years in a Belgian school? Second Grade.

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Posted in: American consul general in Okinawa doused with coffee See in context

Regardless of military policy and politics, any person who assaults another with coffee, etc., should get the feces forced out of them physically by foot. Kevin is 54, just had an operation and weighs probably half of what the guy who "attacked" him weighs. Despite his position as a diplomat, he deserves to drink a cup of coffee and eat a doughnut in peace, and there is no political/policy justification for having to endure juvenile behavior (especially from a 43 year old man).

I played against Kevin in midget football in the 70's and he is wirey but tough, especially when pissed off. The guy is lucky Kevin didn't revert to his south Georgia-raised roots and make the guy eat the coffee cup. I have no doubt he was able to hold the guy until the Okinawan police came. He loves America and Japan (his wife is Japanese and all his children are fluent in Japanese), so choosing him as a target is not only adolescent, but just stupid. He gets harassed all the time and I have seen him laugh it off, or politely disengage the situation, so he knows his job and does it well.

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