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On the one hand, the numbers are going down it seems. On the other hand, we know it’s still too high, testing or not. The government have been lackadaisical in their approach and that’s why people are angry, not following the rules and against the Olympics. The numbers haven’t dropped under 100 cases as they had hoped and now they have a decision to make by June 20 in regards to lifting the SOE.

if they can insist on holding a safe and secure games, then let’s lift the SOE and let them make the same efforts to protect the taxpayers and citizens whose lives are way more important than the games.

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Numbers man doing a great job here. Keeping it over 500 just, so it makes the extended SOE seem like a good decision. But on the other hand, it looks like the Japanese model and not eating with foreigners policy is working! Great play lads, great play!!!

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Was running around Kanda today near the palace and they had a massive vaccine centre there. They were already 80 mins behind schedule at lunchtime. Was going awfully slow.....though I guess we have to be grateful the vaccination process for the elderly has started, albeit at a snails pace. Okinawa is really really worrying

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204 deaths from COVID-19 in Japan yesterday, yet the media still insist Japan is doing great. Koike and Suga are blind if they don’t see what’s happening. So many unnecessary deaths.......

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Poor people - please RIP every one of you. The government don’t care but they should. Death on the hands of every politician and Suga-san who aren’t doing enough to provide better medical systems, get the vaccine out, prepare for a surge in cases and who keep banging on about the unwanted Olympics. Show all the victims faces to the IOC and Bach when he comes in June.

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Well this State of emergency is clearly working!!!!

What did simple Suga say yesterday.....he saw a massive reduction in the people out and about and the cases are dropping hahaha

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Every time I read a story about how the government are talking, discussing, planning and proposing, the football chants I used to sing back in England spring to mind.

”you don’t know what you’re doing”

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This is becoming a joke.....nothing will change over Golden week. People are gonna travel everywhere as they followed the rules and did “gaman” last year. This year people will not do “gaman” as the government are not doing it themselves and they are giving no incentive to people to stay home. Such a waste of money this SOE. Either do something properly or do nothing at all Suga-san

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Coming in May to make sure the Olympics are ready so he can get paid!!! He doesn’t care about COVID cases or the health of the people in this country. He and his mates just want the money from the broadcasting rights.

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Hahahahaha thought for a second there they were ACTUALLY gonna do something. What a joke of a headline and a joke of a government

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Lots of good points made here by AG and burning bush.

Tokyo needs to keep the numbers low and any new possible variants quiet as they don’t want countries to get jittery about sending their athletes, coaches and doctors to a city rampant with the virus and a lackadaisical approach to the virus.

is it a pandemic with so few with severe symptoms?

Said it before, but if the situation spreads from Kansai to Kanto then we could be in a slight pickle!!!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 399 coronavirus cases; record-high 719 in Osaka See in context

719 in Osaka today - highest ever there in 1 day. The strains are here in Japan and spreading. I hope Tokyo isn’t next to see major increases due to the new strains but it might be inevitable......

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Posted in: Japan ranks 120th in 2021 gender gap report; worst among G-7 See in context

Are people really surprised? Look at the male dominated cabinet, look at the number of top jobs filled by men, look at politicians like Asp Taro saying that women needed to stay home and reproduce, Mori saying women talk too much.....the list is endless. But as nonu6976 pointed out, there isn’t enough furore or uproar in the media about this issue.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 430 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,073 See in context

Only thing the government and mayors are thinking of right now is

the Olympic torch showcasing Japanese history and culture

April 1st so they can stop paying bars and restaurants the 40,000 yen to close by 9pm.

For everything else, there are excuses, plans and considerations.

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Posted in: 23-year-old man arrested over mother’s murder in Saitama See in context

This story broke my heart. I hope Mrs. Kabasawa can rest in peace. She is in a better place, away from her selfish, worthless, piece of scum son. What is this country coming to these days.....

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Theu just can’t get it under 300.....but they’ll do that next week with lower testing to ensure they can lift the SOE. This whole game of closing bars and restaurants after 8pm is pathetic now. Walk around Yurakucho, Akihabara or Tsukishima Monja Doori on Saturday and you’ll see why it’s never under 300. Look out for the shutters that are down but customers inside. This is rife now as no one is actually checking if people are adhering to the rules.

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Posted in: 3 bogus police officers who robbed family arrested See in context

I cant remember hahahaha

What part of getting dressed up as a police officer with your mates, robbing an elderly couple, tying them up with their son and probably getting paid for this job don't you seem to remember? Good work J-police for getting these scumbags.

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People going about their daily lives and business. Walking down Monja street in Tsukishima now and the restaurants are super busy and the standing bar is packed. It’s the weekend, it’s getting warmer and people have been living like this for a year. Government ain’t helping us anymore so seems people aren’t willing to put their lives on hold anymore. I don’t like it but I totally get it!!!!

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The right call to make - extend it for a month, get the vaccines ready and then see where we are in March.

Wouldn't surprise me if Koike and Suga are thinking, “well, we have reduced the cases from 2,400 to 600 in 6 weeks. 5 more weeks and we can kill the virus, plan for the Olympics - and maybe get in a little trip to the hostess bars in Ginza as a celebration”

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“Limit the number if things they touch or share” - he says. Bloody hard if you are crammed into a small apartment. Ridiculous comment from someone who is meant to be smart!

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Housing prices are still shockingly high, so it makes a blind bit of difference. Still more people moving into these areas than out of them. Are there many more plots of land left in Chuo-ku Tokyo to build these massive apartment blocks??? It’s already a concrete jungle

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Posted in: Suga tells Davos forum Olympics will be symbol of human victory over virus See in context

What utter nonsense by a lame, out of touch old man. Hosting the Olympics doesn’t give me “hope and courage”. When will this glorified “Japanese sports day” saga end?

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If this is true then its the right decision. Japan may be ready but lots of other countries and athletes will not be. Though it does seem strange that the Prime Minister Suga-san was adamant that they would go ahead. A public decision is needed sooner rather than later, to avoid more wasted tax money!!!

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Why don’t the press or people in attendance ask him about what’s happening at the Australian Open, Premier League etc? Cases are popping up all the time and players and staff are getting infected. Why don’t the press really push for answers? I’d love to be sat there in his press conference, heckling him for answers.

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In my opinion they should first start to vaccine medical staff and older people, but now I think it would be clever also to give priority to the younger people.

> I agree with Monty, the younger ones are the ones who need it first. They are gonna be paying for my pension in thirty years so best to keep them all safe and sound.

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Posted in: Last trains in Tokyo area to leave earlier from Wed night to help stem virus surge See in context

i see that JR are ensuring their staff get a good nights sleep. Sleeping at the station with a colleague is “exhausting work”. They can I’ll afford for them to “oversleep”

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Posted in: Suga to declare state of emergency for Tokyo, 3 neighboring prefectures on Thursday night until Feb 7 See in context

How about reducing the public transport system users? Nothing is gonna change when hundreds of thousands are riding packed buses and trains daily. Closing a couple of hours early will do very little. People will just go and drink earlier. People at work taking masks off, busy lunchtime restaurants, jam-packed trains - what’s the point of an SOE. We either go proper lockdown or just live with the virus. It’s so ちゅうとはんば. (Half-arsed)

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Posted in: New coronavirus cases in Tokyo soar to 2,447; nationwide tally 7,570 See in context

New on here but always read everyone’s comments.

have to wonder if these numbers are because of the new year home trips people took or because the government are finally showing us the real severity of the pandemic, maybe a mixture of both?

9 months to prepare for this and they have done nothing. All that money wasted on the Olympics preparation instead of trained doctors, nurses, hospital equipment etc.

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