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Kev James comments

Posted in: Truss, Kishida to work on countering China See in context

Two Prime Ministers who probably won’t last that long and who should be concentrating on their own countries mounting domestic problems!!!!

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Posted in: Kishida leaves for New York to deliver speech at U.N. General Assembly See in context

A nice little trip away, no mask and using taxpayers money.

No wonder his approval ratings are dropping here in Japan.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abduction of 15-year-old girl he met online See in context

Michael - that’s a little disrespectful to 15 year old boys and girls. They are not all stupid you know.

Yes, the man could have contacted the parents, let them know he was looking after her and tried to explain to them the situation that their daughter wanted to run away. However, before we go accusing him of this and that and persecuting him without the full details, maybe we should ponder for a moment that there was no sinister motive here and he genuinely wanted to help her.

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Posted in: Bizarre bicycle vandalism reported to mayor of Mie town; he admits doing it See in context

I thought after an incident like this, he would be told to “get on his bike”

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Posted in: Man arrested for abduction of 15-year-old girl he met online See in context

More and more of these stories coming to light. I wonder if the girl had the freedom to leave or she was happy to be there. We need more information before people can judge the situation.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress leave for Queen Elizabeth's funeral See in context

They won’t need to queue for 25 hours to see the Queen lying in state.

Hopefully they’ll have a safe flight and remember to bring me some Turkish delights and Mars bars back!

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Posted in: Kishida to explain decision on Abe state funeral at Wednesday news conference See in context

Release the true figures AFTER the funeral? Why are they scared to give us a rough figure? Scared of a public backlash?

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Posted in: Ministry adds female lecturers to online course after backlash See in context

Why couldn’t they have done this from the outset? So reactive instead of being proactive!!!

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Posted in: Child virus infections in Japan remain high amid low vaccination rates See in context

Putting a massive guilt trip on parents who haven’t made their kids take the vaccine. Seriously, don’t they get it that even with vaccines, people will still get it and spread it. Just ask Kishida-san

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Posted in: Kishida resumes work remotely after contracting COVID-19 See in context

How is this possible? He had 4 vaccine shots and told people that vaccines would stop the spread of the virus……I’m puzzled, bemused and baffled

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Posted in: 9 men sent to prosecutors over alleged orgy with high school girl See in context

This is sick. I hope these men all get proper sentences. I bet this is only the tip of the iceberg though in this country.

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Posted in: Over 100,000 foreign visitors came to Japan in July for 4th month in row See in context

The real figure is the measly 7000 or so tourists for the month. The whole world is letting people travel freely but Japan is still stuck in 2020. Oh but they will let their own citizens come and go freely……..hardly seems fair. Until Japan changes it’s mindset, those figures will remain low.

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Posted in: 2 arrested for stealing ATM from post office in Mie Prefecture See in context

Not exactly of the same caliber of Oceans 11 or 12 or 13!!!

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Posted in: Record high number of ambulances struggling to find hospitals in Japan See in context

Imagine paying all your taxes and health insurance and then getting injured or seriously sick during OBON when a lot of hospitals are closed. I mean, it’s a hospital - how on earth could they be closed?? It’s a frightening thought I may need an ambulance one day and be stuck in the back for hours as they ring dozens of hospitals looking for a bed.

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Posted in: Kishida revamps cabinet to boost public support See in context

One female in the cabinet, Taro still there, and Kono somehow manages to stay on - failing to see a massive fundamental revamp here! I hope things change but I’m pessimistic

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Posted in: Slim majority of Japanese oppose state funeral for ex-PM Shinzo Abe See in context

As with most state funerals, will that date be a national holiday? If they are using my taxes, then I’d like to have the choice to watch the proceedings (which I won’t).

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Posted in: Tokyo June heatwave worst since 1875 as power supply creaks under strain See in context

What a depressing picture…..can’t they work from home? Dark and sweaty room with masks on, little cool air and few lights on. Is this meant to inspire me to follow suit???

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Posted in: Tokyo cancels Sumida River fireworks festival for 3rd straight year See in context

This is just nonsense now.....It isnt like there are 1 million people crammed into one small area. This is just an absurd decision!!!!

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Posted in: Japan to expel 8 Russian diplomats See in context

Kishida and Japan doing something, merely to be seen to be doing something. These sanctions and useless actions have no effect at all. How does expelling 8 diplomats help the victims of the war in Ukraine?

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Posted in: Kishida says no schedule yet for allowing entry of tourists See in context

Koike making no sense - getting the vaccine doesn’t break the COVID chain. I know people who have had 3 shots and still got the virus. Yes, the vaccine helped them recover super fast, but stop spouting nonsense that it “breaks the Covid infection chain.”

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 7,440 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 47,338 See in context

This is dragging on……though it is getting lower and lower, albeit slowly!

Fingers crossed this new variant doesn’t come over as we could be forced to cancel summer and wear masks all summer too. UK figures are really high this week with the new stealth variant.

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Posted in: Japan's action on Ukraine boosts G7 response, but effectiveness unclear See in context

Olaf is super excited to see Kishida. You can just picture him saying “this guy” as he hears the fact Japan is paying Biden even more money to have American soldiers and their bases on Japanese soil!

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Posted in: Japan's top COVID adviser says it is worth discussing shorter isolation period See in context

Why more “discussion”? Is it that difficult to make a decision? Can’t we bypass all the meetings, hanko’s and faxes and just make an instant decision?

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Posted in: Man released from prison for theft in January arrested again for same offense See in context

I am not condoning his actions here, but he was set up to fail and reoffend. Surely the system should be set up better to give support so they don’t reoffend within the first 6 months.

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Posted in: Gov't to help arrange substitute nurseries after COVID closures See in context

How dare teachers and children get sick, as it makes it difficult to continue our social and economic activities! What a joke of a statement - get back working and continue spending money as the economy needs it. Hope families can take time off work without getting penalised for it financially or emotionally.

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Posted in: Public schools in Japan short of over 2,500 teachers last year See in context

Very difficult to sell this job to young people when they know all their overtime is “service” and it’s expected for them to work until late at night, so club activities they don’t know how to do, work weekends with club practice and practice games and dealing with all the other nonsense in a school. It really is one of the toughest jobs here in this country.

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Posted in: Kishida says he is not considering COVID state of emergency for Tokyo See in context

Common sense prevails - this is not what is needed right now. Let’s get any extra money ring-fenced for a pointless SOE out to families and people who actually need it.

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Posted in: Gov't reopens mass vaccination center in Tokyo for COVID booster shots See in context

So let me get this right, Kishida is urging people to be speedy about getting their 3rd shot whilst only ensuring 3,120 shots a day are provided at two centres. Can he care to elaborate on how that works???

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Posted in: Sealed off: Inside the closed loop at the Beijing Winter Olympics See in context

Such a contrast to the summer games in Japan where all the staff came and went by local trains daily, media staff were out and about drinking and eating and athletes were free to roam around outside the village freely. Chiba getting everyone locked down!!!

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Posted in: British PM Johnson cancels planned visit to Japan: gov't sources See in context

He only cancelled as he was told he couldn’t get a wheelie bin full of booze onto the flight as it would be over the weight limit.

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