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Not exactly true……although kids might not het heavy symptoms that resemble what adults get, they can still suffer from the effects of Covid. Just yesterday a boy died in Osaka due to Covid-19. Fatalities may be low in kids, but it’s not a given they will just recover.

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Another nutter with serious issues! Hope the parents will be ok. Sounds like an ungrateful little…….

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Aso “two times” Taro!!

“I’m gonna get the papers, get the papers”

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In comparison to the Olympic coverage, it was poor in terms of coverage and hours of coverage. Such a wasted opportunity this was to really show a variety of sports and athletes who have overcome so much adversity to be here.

One good thing though was they actually had presenters who had participated in the Paralympics before and who had great knowledge of the sports and different classifications.

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Putting my personal opinions aside and commenting merely on the numbers provided, it would seem that finally the numbers are going down and decreasing. I still choose to be wary and still choose to live very very carefully even though I’ve been fully vaccinated. Still, if these numbers are true then that would surely mean the 5th wave is coming down and measures, people’s actions are slowly having an effect. End of the SOE then by September 26th if these numbers are really true.

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Posted in: 68-year-old woman, 37-year-old son found stabbed on Kobe street See in context

I hope the police catch whoever is responsible as they were pretty fast to catch the acid attacker.

Hope the mother and son make a recovery too.

More and more stabbings occurring these days, just gotta watch your back - like literally!!!

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Probably need a little more time as they have to fax the hospitals, plan meetings with the hospital chiefs and then consider, plan and urge which all takes time I guess.

Seriousiy, what a joke!!!!

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Numbers are clearly dropping but I can’t see the SOE being lifted until end of September. The government will want to win over as many buyers as they can and declining numbers is their only way now.

Lets see what happens next week when all schools are back on. Hopefully for the students and teachers sake, there won’t be any crazy increases of clusters.

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I hate all this self-praise by politicians and Olympic organisers. It’s your job to make it “safe and secure” so stop praising yourself when all you are doing is your job. Let’s wait until the end before you start patting each other on the back.

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Think having Suga at the helm will help push voters in getting him out or at least damage the party. Having a new leader might persuade voters to give the party ANOTHER chance…..

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I wanna see the number of tests they have done in Tokyo before I can get excited.

Dont want to count my chickens before they hatch but could these numbers really ne falling for good in Tokyo?

But how come Osaka gets a new record high today and Aichi over 2000 for the first time ever? Are these the Obon figures coming into play I wonder…….

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Can’t understand why so many prefectures are hitting new highs but Tokyo is getting lower? Is Obon figures hitting other prefectures now?

I hope this really means Tokyo is slowly getting on top of the virus, but I have doubts. Let’s test 60,000 one day like Koike promised before and see what happens!

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Japan can talk about the Paralympics bringing more people together and creating a better future for disabled people, but unless it’s willing to broadcast it on 3 or 4 channels like they did the Olympics and not just the one channel like today, then it’s very hard to see the point of doing these games. You want people to see these athletes at home and on TV, yet you don’t give people the opportunity. Shame on you Japan…..say one thing but mean another.

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Maybe Suga can set his “go to” travel campaign towards Afghanistan. That will help set up good relations with the Taliban.

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Same old rhetoric - safe and secure, safe and secure. That MIGHT have been the case at the Olympics where more were vaccinated, but how can inviting 130,000 unvaccinated kids to the games “safe and secure?”

On TV, they will be spaced out to try and show social distance, but show us how all those kids get to the stadiums and get home again…..will they all be crammed onto school buses or trains?

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Posted in: Gov't to send SDF planes to Kabul to evacuate Japanese, Afghans See in context

Very typical of the Japanese government this - just slow!

The Taliban started their March towards Kabul and power on August 6th and by the 15th, we’re at the gates of Kabul.

The government have had ample enough time to have plans in place to get these people out. But no…..focus is on getting kids into the Paralympics and Suga seeking re-election.

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Posted in: Suga to seek reelection as party leader despite LDP setback in Yokohama See in context

I was trying to find some female candidates that might challenge Suga as only Fumio Kishida looks to throw his hat in the ring. Then I read this….

A new report issued by the World Bank this week ranked Japan 80th, tied with Vietnam and Colombia, among 190 countries in terms of laws and regulations that affect women’s economic opportunity — lower than the United Arab Emirates and down from 74th place last year.

So that answered my question. We need to stop this old boys club, and head in a different direction.

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Foot traffic is high I’m sure as it’s the weekend, nice weather and no sense of crisis in Japan. With the Paralympics about to start, there will be even more foot traffic I’m sure. Wait till schools and universities start September and there will be even more foot traffic. It’s inevitable - because the government can’t and won’t do anything of real substance to reduce it.

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There is very little control so success will be whatever spin the JGOV, the JOC and the IOC put on it. If they say it’s been a success then it’s been a success, regardless of the numbers of infections, hospitalisation, deaths and struggles outside of the games.

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99% conviction rate???? Innocent or not, he has no chance here. The government will want their pound of flesh to save face after Ghosn done a runner. Someone is gonna have to pay and unfortunately it’s gonna be Kelly.

Could he not press charges of his own - kidnap maybe?

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Posted in: Woman with COVID-19 loses baby after being forced to give birth prematurely at home See in context

The poor woman, what must have been going through her mind to suffer alone and then heartbreakingly lose her baby. The hospital system has clearly crashed and burned if they couldn’t admit a heavily pregnant woman into any hospital. Disgusting this by the government and medical institutions.

I hope she gets the help she needs to overcome this heartbreaking tragedy and as for the little one… in peace.

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Hawaiibadboy and Jim (great responses)

Sorry for my thought process and I’ll make sure to switch my brain off from now on and just take everything the government does and says as gospel. How rude of me to, you know, actually think and use logic.

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Stupid question alert - so no hating please.

If the volunteers are going in and out of the Olympic village daily, catching trains home and then back to the village again daily…… is it a bubble?

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Posted in: Half of Japan's population has received at least 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccine See in context

If they can keep up with the 1 million doses a day, then all those who are eligible will be fully vaccinated by the end of the year for sure.

Its been painfully slow and the government can’t be sitting there praising themselves as it’s been a mess and a struggle to get to this point.

Still, it’s progress and albeit slow, on the right track. Let’s hope for more people to take the vaccine as there is still a lot of hesitancy from people here in Japan.

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During the ceremony at a Tokyo hotel, a limited number of athletes and officials, including Chef de Mission Junichi Kawai, sat apart from each other as a precaution against the virus.

Though in the photo there are no measures in place. Agree with “Blue” - why even bother?

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It’s 7am and I’m on the Chuo-Sobu line in Tokyo and the train is packed with windows down. Yes people have masks on but it’s packed with lots of people standing. This surely has to be one of the problems. It’s like this daily on so many train lines.

How about forcing more companies to have their workers work from home and have schools go online from September. It can’t just be “stop serving alcohol, stop people singing and stop people eating after 8.”

Reducing going out by 50% is nearly impossible if you work or go to school.

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We had 37 new cases in our city yesterday in Chiba - 12 of them under 20 and 9 of them under 10 years old. Scared to think what schools will look like in 2 weeks time.

Is there nothing else the government can think of than more SOE’s that have had no effect at all?

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THe right decision but how did it take so long to come to this? Why the hesitation?

as for crowds not gathering on the roads etc, good luck stopping that!

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I hope this in really vulnerable areas take heed and evacuate for a few days. Better to be prepared, especially as landslides are becoming a little bit more frequent.

I hope everyone can stay safe!

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How much longer can Suga-san ignore what EVERYONE can see except him? The numbers are spiraling nationwide and the number of beds available for patients is nearly full. Stricter measures are needed at least for a short while to bring this mess under some sort of control. What measures he can implement I am not too sure, but surely now, NOW, is the time to man up and take action.

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