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Posted in: Defense minister puzzled by abnormal number of flights by Russian military aircraft See in context

These flights are not directed at Japan, their focus is against China.

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Posted in: Addition of Korean name for Sea of Japan becomes law in Virginia See in context

Obviously, our governor has entirely too much time on his hands.

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Posted in: Biden urges Japan, China to lower tensions over air defense zone See in context

Since Obama has no spine, Japan and South Korea are going to have to smack China down like the punks they are. China is nothing and never will be anything on the regional or world stage. They need to be stomped back down into their box and the lid nailed shut.

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Posted in: China media urge action against Japanese planes but not U.S. See in context

China is nothing. If they actually provoke Japan, Japanese pilots should drop every Chinese aircraft in that zone straight into the ocean. China needs to be put back in it's box where they belong.

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Posted in: 10 years on, Iraq war changed int'l opinion toward U.S. See in context

All these anti-American governments don't seem so anti-American when their hands are out for our money. They and that criminal outfit known as the 'United Nations' can all burn in hell.

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