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Kevin Davis comments

Posted in: Tokyo reports 920 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,191 See in context

Clearly bankrupting small businesses with very little regard for their well being is totally the way to go I totally agree with elected officials who will continue to collect a paycheck and are well off to make ill informed decisions based on the olympics being held in this country as a baseline to shut it down hope the rich Koike is doing well from her zoom meetings

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Posted in: Obama: N Korea's isolation means less leverage in talks See in context

this Man has no credibility when it comes to North Korea his big Asian pivot is on par with Abe and his three arrow economic policy

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Posted in: Japanese warships, sub arrive in Philippines amid China tension See in context

@hatsoff your absolutely right most people on here will piss and moan about Japan sending military assets on a visit to their neighbors and they were probably the same ones who tucked tail and ran on 3/11 to their home countries the simple fact is China spat on their neighbors faces when they unilaterally built artificial islands that will never be recognized as legit because the Chinese have zero respect for rule of law as it pertains to their own aspirations in the region they think economic might equals justification for their behavior!

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Posted in: Merging U.S., Japan work cultures a challenge for Beam Suntory See in context

Innovation from a Japanese company haha Jim beam is a global brand and epitomized American branding I can't wait to see how long it takes for suntory to run it into the ground.

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Posted in: Idol group SMAP rumored to be splitting after 28 years See in context

I say shutdown johnnys it's awful how much their garbage is being spoon fed 24/7 to the public. I turn the tv off every time when they are on a music program here just embarrassing

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Posted in: Japan cuts female leadership goal in blow to 'womenomics' See in context

Its a social problem that begins with the way men treat women in this country and the sad thing is it seems women don't have a really vocal figure to speak out about it he'll just watch television here all day all night how many female mc are there.... None that I know of every time you see the females opening the doors for men on television or being served food first and it's the norm how bout women be shown on television in a more strong and independent way and it would do wonders for young adult women and children as well

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Posted in: Abe's wife visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

For me politics aside i wish ordinary citizens would call these people out when they do this but hey this is japan where the revisionists have already won because nobody in this country gives adamn

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Posted in: Abe's wife visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

Who cares yasakuni shrine is a slap in the face to every foreign soldier that fought against Japan And these right wing nutters don't have enough balls to go themselves so they send their wives in their stead typical Japan always talking out of the side of their mouths remember Japan was the victim(major sarcasm)

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Posted in: Education ministry urges all schools to make greater efforts to deal with bullying See in context

The PTA is a joke in Japan all they do is figure who cuts the grass and picks up trash around the school

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Posted in: 2 cabinet ministers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

@katsu78 well said I cannot articulate my point as well as you but you are spot on!

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Posted in: 2 cabinet ministers visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

Yasukuni is NOT Arlington nor will it ever be it is a right wing show paid for by the nationalist nutters.

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Posted in: U.S. says Japan-S Korea tensions distract from N Korea threat See in context

The U.S. is hardly neutral really comfort women statues that's your argument name 5 cities in the United states that have comfort women statues and as far as disputed numbers on the comfort women only Japan seems to have distorted realities about the numbers kazuaki shimizaki and I seem to have a better grasp on ww2 then you and please stop reading me quotes from the only newspaper you read it doesn't help your argument

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Posted in: U.S. says Japan-S Korea tensions distract from N Korea threat See in context

Let's get real about this sk doesn't want this to go away other wise it would have. Japan doesn't want this to go away other wise it would have and what really gets me fired up is Japan and its recent efforts to protest the way American text books were written to tell the actual truth about the brutality of imperial Japan during ww2 is factually correct and the sheeple in this country don't even know their own history other than these tall tales of badass samurai and ninjas maybe if people pulled their head out of their manga books and actually picked up a real book then things would actually change here for the better but don't hold your breath!!!!!

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Posted in: K-pop icons Big Bang announce world tour See in context

I myself can't stand the crap Japan puts out that they call Pop music it's children's music with a bunch of female looking men wearing terrible costumes k-POp is world renowned because unlike there japanese rivals they can actually sing and dance

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Posted in: U.S., Japan have significant gaps on auto market access See in context

The fact is why push hard to sell vehicles in a country with a declining population high consumption tax and declining prices makes no sense hell all the japanese automakers complain they can't sell cars here they make their money overseas because of all the factors mentioned above Chevrolet has the best midsize car rating every year they are very nice cars and there midsize SUVs are fantastic just hard to get your hands on one in Japan

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Posted in: Furniture magnate fails to oust daughter in family feud See in context

I love it a total in your face moment for her and her stupid father can't handle it. I watched the first news conference when the old man and his all male cronies sat there spewing hate for the only intelligent family member that old man has and the fact the board was smart enough to reinstate her says a lot. I had a feeling all along the mans son was pulling his strings to get the job and the I think the shareholders saw through the whole thing. Exclusivity has been outdated for twenty years only Japan hasn't caught on especially in my area all these stupid xiv hotels around here going bankrupt left and right the champagne years ended along time ago. I hope she told the old man and his cronies don't let the door hit you on the arse on the way out

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Posted in: Auditors say billions of yen wasted in Fukushima cleanup See in context

The French haven't built anything worth buying except for my dyson vacuum I love it

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Posted in: 14-year-old apparently jumps from 4th floor of school building See in context

I am raising a young son here in Japan and have experienced first hand the lack of responsibility the principal and teachers have when it comes to bullying in school and how unbelievably the parents could care less that there kids are bullying another student only when it is there kid that is being bullied do they even care. I have asked why kids never receive punishment for doing bad things to another kid I've even had the kids parents say if my son is bullying than punish him and the school here still does nothing about it.

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Posted in: Greek PM accuses Germany of using legal tricks to avoid WW2 reparations See in context

@siniestro you want to call me out for not spending any time in Greece fair enough seems like a beautiful country but let's not confuse facts here fact#1 Denver is not a state it is a city in Colorado fact#2 it is not bankrupt fact #3 Detroit is bankrupt fact#4 Detroit is in Michigan anything else at least I do have my facts right you however are hate spewing and don't have your facts even close to right

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Posted in: Greek PM accuses Germany of using legal tricks to avoid WW2 reparations See in context

@siniestro every news organization From cnn to RT has reported on the tax thing in Greece so unless you live in a bubble you don't have a clue do you even know what the current party that's runs Greece had run on let me give you a clue start actually collecting taxes from the people that owe which isn't a couple of euros its in the tens of billions and I am from America and yes people do pay taxes where I come from because if you don't you go to jail just ask Wesley snipes or Lauren hill.

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Posted in: Greek PM accuses Germany of using legal tricks to avoid WW2 reparations See in context

Really kabukilover Greek debt wasn't created by Greek people are we talking about the same greek people who don't pay taxes and retire at the age of sixty and basically milked their governments social security program dry and then when they joined the European Union got even more emboldened to milk the euro zone for money and then when the eurozone got tired of lending money to a country that had massive corruption at the government level wanted the Greeks to actually make a contribution suddenly they didn't have any money and the tax cheats were leaving that country like a bunch of cockroaches when the light comes on you mean those Greeks

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Posted in: Eurozone warns Greece to stop wasting time on reforms plan See in context

They believe paying taxes is unpatriotic in Greece oh and retiring at 60 is a must while the only jobs in that country used to be government jobs and tourism no wonder why they are 240 bln€ in the hole

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Posted in: Merkel reminds Japan to confront wartime past See in context

Go to yasakuni and that is enough to remind anybody of the so called "deep remorse" the nutters in Japan have what a sham nothing more than twisted tribute and whoa is us victim crap that is the norm here as far as ww2 and Japan's feelings about it

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Posted in: Japanese workers get smaller share of corporate earnings despite record profits See in context

Yes it's the corporations fault because there has been so much political stability in Japan they should just start blowing wads of their cash on their workers when they don't even know if the current prime prime minister will break the 6 month barrier add in the fact that every political party threatens labor reform for the last 20 years yet none have had the coconuts to do anything about the ridiculous system here I don't care much for the right wing nut job Abe but he at least is making headway against a bunch of backwards thinking stuck in the sixties oyagi that don't know anything else

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Posted in: Japanese tourist wanders into queen’s private rooms in Windsor Castle See in context

Damn puzzle and dragon must have had wifi in the palace

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Posted in: Japanese activist wins U.S. Woman of Courage Award See in context

These things happen in this country because from an early age people are taught to be submissive based on age gender and whether or not there social status entitles them to have access to the "good life" life America isn't perfect most places are not but women where I come from expect to be treated equally it's not something they have to ask for

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Posted in: Japanese activist wins U.S. Woman of Courage Award See in context

Really Stephen knight im from America and can tell you most companies do offer paid maternity leave just cause it's not a government program doesn't mean it doesn't exist just because convenient stores and fast food joints in America don't offer paid maternity because they are not considered careers there they are generally part time and reserved for high school kids in America or uneducated adults who lack ambition to strive for anything better

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