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Posted in: Afghan fury as U.S. 'massacre' soldier escapes death penalty See in context

mtwildman has my mind gone around the bend or or are you justifiying what that useless waste of oxygen did?

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Posted in: Police sergeant arrested on underage sex charge See in context

sgt takahashi would make a good TSA agnet

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Posted in: U.S. court calls Sea Shepherd modern-day pirates See in context

i say the whalers should hire blackwater usa to provide security

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Posted in: Bored Japanese trucker gets kicks from Syria war tourism See in context

wow just wow who in their right minds would do this?? i have no family no friends no girlfriend either but i'd never do anything like this

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Posted in: Fugitive Watson vows to prevent Japan killing a single whale See in context

@Disillusioned if he's not an eco terrorist as you claimed then explain to me how in 1979 that his group rammed a vessel named the sierra or how in 1986 they caused nearly 1.8 million dollars worth of damage to equipment used by whalers in Iceland OR n 1992, they sabotaged two Japanese ships that were drift-net fishing for squid by cutting their nets and throwing stink bombs on board the boats.those acts i just mentioned are acts of terrorism but i dont expect what i said to have any affect on your diluted brain but id thought id try

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Posted in: Glowing blue objects turning up on Toyama beach See in context

wow ive never seen anything like that before

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