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Posted in: 'Minister of Toilets' aims to transform Japan's public loos See in context

Japanese public toilets go from one extreme to the other. Squat toilets are horrible.

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Posted in: New anti-chikan cell phone stickers let you mark train gropers with sign of shame See in context

How ridiculous. A sticker? Japanese girls and women should all carry very sharp hat pins to HURT these sad lowlife chikan jerkoffs.

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Posted in: Australian PM promises jail for returning jihadists See in context

Ban them from coming back. Deport the scumbags on arrival. Simple.

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Posted in: Magazine speculates McDonald's may pull out of Japan if things don't improve See in context

YAY! Get out and do all of Japan a huge favor!

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Posted in: Kameoka See in context

He'll be free again at age 26? Where's the justice in that? This piece of shit should get life behind bars.

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Posted in: A tale of two leaders in China and Japan See in context

Plans to fight again.... for what, exactly? To ascertain who has the biggest dick? Or to confirm who are the biggest dickheads? Give me strength. This is 2014, not 1914.

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Posted in: China sets air defense zone over area containing disputed islands See in context

Are some 'barren, uninhabited' islands really worth fighting over?

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